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Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese by Mountain House

  • Allergens: Milk, Wheat
  • 30 Year Taste Guarantee
  • Just Add Water. Plan Easier. Travel Lighter. Eat Heartier.


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A fan favorite- This easy to make entree features a super cheesy sauce and macaroni noodles.Ingredients: enriched macaroni (durum semolina, niacin, iron [ferrous sulfate], thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), dehydrated cheddar cheese blend (cheddar cheese [milk, milk cuture, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, annatto], cream, salt, sodium phosphate, lactic acid, yellow no. 5 and yellow no. 6), nonfat dry milk, modified corn starch, corn oil, salt, and spice. Allergens: wheat, milk, sulfites

Backpacker's Pantry Hawaiian Style Rice with Chicken, Two Serving Pouch by Backpacker's Pantry

  • Shelf-life of 84 MONTHS
  • Makes two 12oz Servings
  • Just add boiling water to enjoy


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Chicken, brown rice, and veggies in a tangy polynesian teriyaki ginger sauce. Makes two 12oz servings, just add boiling water to enjoy.

Dehydrating Foods for Backcountry Camping Meals

This is the 2nd video in our camping foods series. We demonstrate how to dehydrate ground beef, brown rice, a chili, various vegetables, fruits, and how to make.

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Weston Prago 75-0201-W VegiKiln Food Dehydrator With 10 Drying Trays by (dba Shopping)

Easily make healthy delicious and natural snacks like banana chips fruit roll-ups yogurt and jerky. Retains natural flavor of foods without additives or preservatives Make great take-along snacks for hunting fishing camping or road trips. Easy to use easy to clean. Dehydrated foods easily release from trays. Over 6/8/10 square feet of drying space. Ultra-quiet 5 fan. Each drying tray measures 14 x 10. Rear-mounted drying system circulates air from back to front through each tray tray rotation not necessary. Color-coded thermostat adjusts from 84 to 155 degrees F. Solid ABS thermoplastic construction. Lightweight counter-top design. Includes instructions and recipe book.


humangear Gobites Duo, Gray, One Size HG0410 by

GoBites took over two years to develop, but we think they were worth the wait. We wanted to create eating tools that many different types of people can use in many different situations, and we wanted to make them simple, extremely durable, and a joy to use. Were confident that weve achieved all of that and more with GoBites. Duo is a decidedly clever two-piece fork and spoon set. A unique interlock mechanism allows the tools to nest in an extremely compact form for transport and storage. Each tool has been carefully sized to be comfortable when used separately and to fit together end-to-end making a single tool (for rehydrated meal bags, deep containers, etc.). As a single tool, Duo is longer than any comparable "long reach" utensil. The Duo is made from a special BPA-free nylon material that is amazingly strong - so strong we back it with a lifetime warranty. Nests for compact storage In storage mode, the Duos fork and spoon snap together for an ultra-portable utensil set. Connects end-to-end for extra length Deep containers and dehydrated meal bags can lead to a nasty case of "sauce hand." Duo to the rescue - the fork and spoon snap end-to-end to form a single utensil thats longer than most "extra-long" utensils. Backpackers best friend Use the extra-long Duo to reach the bottom of dehydrated meal bags and other camping food containers. Dont forget the pasta The Duo forks tines twirl pasta like a champ while still being compact enough for easy portability. Cook up a storm The Duos material is heat-resistant and wont scratch your cookware. And thanks to the added length, you can use just about any pot. A real fork. A real spoon. Why sacrifice function for portability when you can have both? We improved both the fork and spoon on the Duo, so you can eat soup, twirl noodles, cut up softer food with the forks "splitter tines," and scrape the sides of containers with the spoons specially designed edges. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words.


Day 3 - 'Flying' Through the Andes

Although I'd had two 6+ hour days of running, I woke up on day three feeling fantastic. And apart from one bruised toenail which is par for the course for me (I managed to lose eight toenails after the Sahara Race. ), I felt in absolutely tip-top shape, and certainly didn't feel like I'd covered 56 miles over trickty terrain in the previous two days. The terrain and rolling hills suited me to a tee, also as you're losing about 0. 5kg a day from your rucksack in food eaten, my rucksack already felt much lighter, especially as I'd been doing most of my training with the full 8kg. I wasn't... We were running at a similar pace with the same runners everyday, which reiterated to my that I was being consistent, which is a key factor in multi-day racing, and we forever seemed to be playing tag team with Ash from Australia, Paul from Canada... One of the nicest things for me is that I'm the first to admit I don't look like a 'proper' runner - my hair goes wild when I run so I have to tame it into pigtails and I wear silly pink flowery gaitors (because they look nice. ), yet all these strong male runners would pass me and run with me for a while and tell me I was doing a great job. There were a couple of absolutely brutal shorter climbs on day three, where I was literally crawling on my hands and knees, but for the most part, the terrain and slightly lower elevation made for a fantastic day of running. Between checkpoints two and three, Tom even remarked that running with me today felt like he was pacing Geoff Roes in Unbreakable (again I blatantly wasn't running like that, but that's how it felt in my own little world as the miles absolutely... I knew Mat had been training hard for this race and I fully expected him to finish in the top five, but he was another one struck down, this time with kidney problems. Again it was another sobering reminder of what a fine, precarious line it is between racing well and your race being over. As we'd come to expect with RTP, there was always a final sting in the tail before you arrived back at camp, and day three was no different with a gradualy 2 mile climb into camp. I'd run day three really hard and was starting to flag a bit in these final 2 miles, nothing sinister, just lacking a bit in energy and feeling a bit dehydrated. Just before we reached the finish line, Alex caught us up (we'd spent the last three days running at similar paces - on the first day we finished ahead of hin, then he ahead of us the previous day, so there was always lots of banter between us),... Although it was only day three of the race, I felt dirtier and stinkier than I had on the final day of the Sahara Race, where although it was much hotter, it was a much drier heat. There was a river behind camp three so we headed down there to lay in it which felt like the most luxurious spa in the world - I still stank but I was slightly less dirty. Two of my favourite things are travelling and running. Favourite race distance is marathon and above, but I race everything from 5k to 100 miles. Current road PBs are: 5k - 21:12 (July 2015) 10k - 44:15 (July 2015) Half Marathon - 1:38:28 (Feb 2015) Marathon - 3:38:34 (Apr 2015) Source: She Travels. She Runs

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  • Utah business owner creates multi-functional camping utensils

    08/12/15 ,via

    He then added a longer handle, adding to the functionality of the Sprongs, which can reach to the bottom of dehydrated meals without getting food on your hands, mesh together for storage and have a lanyard hook attached so they can be hung up. "Utah

  • WATCH: Michelle Rodriguez eats mouse boiled in her own urine while hiking with ...

    08/11/15 ,via New York Daily News

    and Furious" star Michelle Rodriguez ate a mouse stewed in her own urine while trekking across the Nevada desert with survival expert Bear Grylls. On Monday's episode of the NBC reality show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," Rodriguez and Grylls

  • Dried dinner: Think home-cooking to avoid backpacking blahs

    07/22/15 ,via The Missoulian

    Griping about dehydrated, freeze-dried, expensive backpacking food is common fodder for many a campfire conversation each summer. It seems the lightweight-food industry depends on exhaustion to disguise bland taste and cardboard textures. So the 


Product Code: B0032MXYQU Rating: 4.5/5 stars List Price: $ 4.95 Discount: Save $ -20.86… 08/11/15, @campingtentusa
10 Dehydrated Food Recipes for Camping & Backpacking, Plus 3 Rules of Dehydrating [ ] 08/05/15, @HolmanMotorsRV


  • Camping Steak Marinade

    cider vinegar, mustard powder, parsley, black pepper, cloves, lemon juice, salt, soy sauce, vegetable oil, worcestershire sauce


  • Camping Recipes

    106 pages.

    Simple, authentic camping recipes for delicious camp chili, camp pasta, blackened fish, camping food ideas, campfire recipes and much more.

  • The Leave-No-Crumbs Camping Cookbook

    Rick Greenspan and Hal Kahn. 2015. ISBN: 1580175007,9781580175005. 240 pages.

    Imagine this: You're at a campsite 10,000 feet up in the Third Mono Creek Recess of the high Sierras. You have no refrigerator, no food processor, no non-stick cookware, no measuring spoons, no pepper mill, no sea salt. How are you going to cook a meal that is imaginative, delightful, and delicious? That's what The Leave-No-Crumbs Camping Cookbook is all about.Rick Greenspan and Hal Kahn show anyone who loves the outdoors how to make homemade pizza, braid challah, wrap poached trout in a sushi roll, and even make dumplings for Chinese dim sum at their campsite. Campers who have never cooked anything more complicated than s'mores might feel uncertain about tackling chocolate mousse in the wild, but Greenspan and Kahn have three decades of experience teaching camp-out cooking. "We've...

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  • Local business owner creates multi-functional camping utensils

    08/12/15 ,via KSL

    which can reach to the bottom of dehydrated meals without getting food on your hands, mesh together for storage and have a lanyard hook attached so they can be hung up. "Utah, we have a huge outdoor heritage, you know, camping and outdoor activities is ...

  • WATCH: Michelle Rodriguez eats mouse boiled in her own urine while hiking with Bear Grylls (VIDEO)

    08/11/15 ,via New York Daily News

    On Monday's episode of the NBC reality show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," Rodriguez and Grylls opted for the stomach-turning snack after running low on food and water while ... the actress into peeing into a camping mug so they'd have enough liquid ...

  • Preserving summer’s bounty

    07/30/15 ,via The Record

    there are more than 250 recipes that use the dehydrated foods as ingredients, whether at home, camping or in a dorm room. Dried items can be used in relishes, chutneys, soups, stews and baked goods. "I always get enthusiastic. I buy that big bag of apples ...

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10 Dehydrated Food Recipes for Camping & Backpacking, Plus 3 Rules of ...
10 Dehydrated Food Recipes for Camping & Backpacking, Plus 3 Rules of ...
dehydrated camping food recipes – cooking camping foods by marcus ...
dehydrated camping food recipes – cooking camping foods by marcus ...