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Mountain House Just in Case.Classic Bucket by Mountain House

  • Twenty-Nine Servings
  • Great for emergency preparation, camping trips, and RV expeditions
  • 30 Year Taste Guarantee. Packaging May Vary



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Mountain House serves up an easily portable, great tasting combo of their "classic" entrees including a breakfast, in a super lightweight reusable bucket that can be efficiently stored and organized for your emergency food supply, camping kit or long-term food storage.

Frontier Deluxe Vegetables Soup Blend, 16 Ounce Bag by Frontier

  • 1 Pound Bulk Bag
  • Frontier is a member owned co-op, responsible to people and planet
  • A convenient blend of veggies for making soups and other dishes...


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These blends offer different combinations of mixed dried vegetables such as carrots, dehydrated onion, potatoes, peas, tomatoes, celery flakes, bell peppers, parsley and green beans and can be used in soups, stews and other dishes calling for cooked vegetables.

Bulk Dehydrated Survival Food Storage: 720 Large Servings - 185 Lbs - Emergency Freeze Dried

Click here to buy Bulk Dehydrated Survival Food Storage: 720 Large Servings - 185 Lbs - Emergency Freeze Dried : http://amzn. to/1rLjEyc 267360 Total.

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Excalibur Deluxe Series ED-3900 Nine-Tray Food Dehydrator, Black by Meat Processing Products

Manufacturer #: ED-3900 LIMITED TIME OFFER! Order the Excalibur ED-3900 Food Dehydrator today and receive the Excalibur dehydrating book "Preserve It Naturally" FREE - a $29.95 value! The Excalibur ED-3900 Nine-Tray Food Dehydrator is the Large Model in Excalibur's Deluxe 3000 Series with upgraded heavy duty components and 10-year warranty! With its extra large capacity, the Excalibur ED3900 Food Dehydrator is the ideal size for large families, large gardens, craftspeople, and sportsmen. With 35 years of manufacturing excellence, the Excalibur Food Dehydrator sets the industry standard for design, quality, and dependability. The Parallexx™ design, with a temperature controlled, fan forced, horizontal drying system mounted in the rear is the same features found in Excalibur's NSF Commercial Dehydrators. in an affordable home unit. Excalibur, the first name in food dehydration presents the Economy 2000 Series, featuring the exclusive turbo charged Parallexx™ Drying System. The 2000 Series offers the same versatility, and quality construction as Excalibur's Top of the Line units?at an affordable price. Features The Ultimate in Versatility - Removable door and trays? This is a MUST- in order to use every other tray or no trays at all, allowing you to dry large items, make yogurt, raise breads, dry crafts, bloom rice, dry sprouted breads, dry pie crust and more. You do not have to be taken apart to check drying or add more food. Almost unbreakable - FDA approved for Food Contact trays. Inserts make cleaning a snap. Controlled environment for a wide variety of uses. 24 page recipe book included with each unit Adjustable Thermostat 85 - 155 degrees CE Safety Certified Excalibur Parallexx™ System Advantages Complete drying system in rear (includes thermostat and fan). Easy to clean. Spills fall on seamless bottom. Horizontal drying provides even drying, eliminating tray rotations. Fast drying. Adjustable thermostat allows perfect drying every time....


Frontier Herb Broth Powder - Vegetable Flavored - Bulk - 1 Lb by

Corn syrup solids, tomato, salt, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, autolyzed yeast extract, carrot, basil, celery seed, kelp, parsley, spinach, turmeric, bay. Enhance your soups, dips or gravies with this savory blend. Product Notes: A convenient, vegan broth powder for creating flavorful, veggie-flavored broth in minutes. Ingredients: Serving Size 2 tbsp (16.0g) Amount Per Serving Calories 50 Calories from Fat 0 % Daily Value* Total Fat 0g 0% Saturated Fat 0g 0% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 800mg 33% Total Carbohydrate 12g 4% Dietary Fiber less than 1 gram 3% Sugars 3g Protein 1g Vitamin A 15% Vitamin C 4% Calcium 2% Iron 2% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Ingredients: Corn Syrup Solids, Tomato, Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Yeast Extract, Carrot, Basil, Celery Seed, Parsley, Spinach, Turmeric, Bay. Size: LB Pack of: 1 Product Selling Unit: each


Weight specialist Giordano says UFC's IV ban means 'fighters fighting at 100%' - Bloody Elbow

At UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Romero , back on June 27th, Eddie Gordon entered the Octagon looking shredded. Well, he got on the scales looking shredded too, but it was a more stark contrast on fight night, where Gordon looked ever bit the lean fighter he had on the scales the day before. While Gordon was technically outmatched against Antonio Carlos Jr. , for the first time in the UFC he didn't look like he was constantly sucking air and tiring badly. The UFC commentary team even talked about the change, saying Gordon had hooked up with weight management specialist Lou Giordano. The owner of Nüe-Trition Supplements, Giordano sat down with Bloody Elbow to talk not only about his work with Gordon, but about a major shift in the MMA landscape that he and others in his field are in a unique position to comment on, IV bans. The USADA in partnership with the UFC recently made known its plans (in accordance with WADA guidelines) to ban IV use for UFC fighters as a method of re-hydrating after their weight cuts. The intent of the ban has been targeted at the use of IVs as a masking/diluting agent that makes it more difficult to detect PEDs in the blood stream. Many, however, feel that the ban will have a more dramatic effect on weight classes and fighters' weight cutting procedures. Some have even gone as far as to lambaste the decision as one that has a high potential to harm fighters for relatively little effect on PED use. That's not Giordano's stance however, as he explained to me:. At what point did you start to see that IV use had become as prevalent as it appears to be now. Obviously, I've been talking to Eddie [Gordon] for quite some time and he had mentioned that, yeah, one of his friends was cutting weight and they had to use some IV and I was like, "Really, IV. " I was kind of taken aback by it a little bit. Because I've never, you know, I don't agree with cutting weight. I don't cut weight, I manage it. I was kind of taken aback by it. And then once it started getting all the publicity that it's getting now, I started to do some research and realized that, hey, a lot of people have been using this for quite some... It sounds like you're very much against IV use for re-hydrating, why. I'm against it for many reasons, and a few of the important ones are: It actually promotes weight cutting. I'm against weight cutting. I've done it, I've been wrestling since I'm 10. I've cut weight, I've spit in cups, and I've done all the crazy things. So, I'm totally against weight cutting. So, on one hand it promotes weight cutting, it promotes fighters to say, "Hey, it doesn't matter how dehydrated you are. All that matters is, you step on that scale, you make that weight, and then don't worry about it, we're going to put a needle in your arm and we're going to fuel you right back up. " And it promotes that. I'm strongly against that, number 1. And number 2, in some ways I don't think it levels the playing ground. There was a time when I was going through some medical issues a few years back and one of the things I needed to do was actually IV treatment. And I could tell you that when I would go and I would get all these vitamins, injected directly into my blood stream, I legitimately felt like I could run through walls. So listen, I'm not calling them steroids, I'm not saying it's steroids. But, on one hand, when you're so depleted and you're putting all that into your body, in my opinion I think it's kind of an unfair advantage, actually. Do you think that stopping fighters from using IVs will change the landscape of the UFC's divisions. I don't think it will change the divisions. I think, actually, it will help them. Because again, with Eddie specifically, we didn't cut weight. We didn't cut a pound. We actually, we had a meal at 11:30 PM the night before weigh ins, we had a full breakfast, we had a full lunch, and then a shake before he stepped on the scale. He was actually holding more water than I was, because we have a scale that was checking how hydrated he was. And it was kind of comical that he was more hydrated than me, being that he's been training and supposed to be cutting all this weight. So, what I think it'll end up doing is, I think you'll start to see fighters fighting at 100% of their potential. And what I mean by that is, if you don't cut weight, if you adjust and manage it and you don't cut weight, you. Source:

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  • Weight specialist Giordano says UFC's IV ban means 'fighters fighting at 100%'

    07/31/15 ,via Bloody Elbow

    So, on one hand it promotes weight cutting, it promotes fighters to say, "Hey, it doesn't matter how dehydrated you are. It doesn't matter how weak and . And then when they cut all that weight and then they're going to eat all that food and gain all

  • EnWave Signs Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement With Maple ...

    07/31/15 ,via MarketWatch

    EnWave currently has three commercial REV(TM) platforms: nutraREV® is used in the food industry to dry food products quickly and at low-cost, while maintaining high levels of nutrition, taste, texture and colour; powderREV® is used for the bulk

  • Nestle: FSSAI gave false statement on product application of Maggi

    07/30/15 ,via The Indian Express

    “The tastemaker would be under the category of “Dehydrated onions, dry herb spices and flavoring”, which has an MSG limit of 10 ppm,” said the counsel for Nestle. “All reports are below 5 ppm,” Chagla added. Nestle India also denied accusations by the


RT @CAmericaSuffolk: What i really want to know is where i can buy astronaut food in bulk. This once a week dehydrated ice cream sandwhich … 07/30/15, @DannyMerrick
What i really want to know is where i can buy astronaut food in bulk. This once a week dehydrated ice cream sandwhich isnt enough. @nasa 07/30/15, @CAmericaSuffolk


  • Strawberry Glazed Angel Food Tunnel Cake Recipe

    flour, cream of tartar, sugar, vanilla extract, heavy cream, angel food cake, egg whites, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, angel food cake, strawberries, sugar, sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch, sugar, water, salt, vanilla extract, water


  • The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide

    John Wiley & Sons. 2009. ISBN: 047057979X,9780470579794. 352 pages.
  • Thomas Food Industry Register


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  • Dehydrated food in recipes for fruit leather, breakfast crumble, beef chili

    07/31/15 ,via Fort Frances Times

    Here are some recipes from the book to try. If you don’t have a dehydrator, many dried items can be purchased from bulk stores. WATERMELON MANGO LIME LEATHER Preparation: In a food processor, puree 375 ml (1 1/2 cups) chopped mango, 250 ml (1 cup ...

  • N.H. food bank to launch food processing plant

    07/29/15 ,via The Boston Globe

    which will be frozen or freeze-dried. The processing plant will serve two markets, said Bruce N. Wilson, director of operations. It will use ingredients such as rice, cereals, and pasta donated in bulk by national food manufacturers to make packaged meals ...

  • Nestle: FSSAI gave false statement on product application of Maggi

    07/30/15 ,via The Indian Express

    “The tastemaker would be under the category of “Dehydrated onions ... denied accusations by the Maharashtra Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of destroying evidence by burning the Maggi products in bulk. Nestle India said it had legally destroyed ...

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vegetable barley soup
vegetable barley soup made with veggies I dehydrated last year and bulk goods
Photo by vigilant20 on Flickr
dehydrated bulk food ...
dehydrated bulk food ...
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Pre-packaged dehydrated food is a good survival food.
Pre-packaged dehydrated food is a good survival food.