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The Food Dehydrating Bible: Grow it. Dry it. Enjoy it!

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Product Description

Bestselling author of the Mini Farm series, self-sufficiency expert Brett Markham turns his attention to the timeless art of food dehydrating.

An avid food dryer for years, Brett walks you through the simple steps for dehydrating everything from traditional classics like apples and jerky to more unusual fare. Whether you’re following a raw food lifestyle or looking for new ways to make the most of your garden’s produce, this is an inside look at all aspects of dehydrating.

The Food Dehydrating Bible includes:

Straightforward, easy easy-to to-follow instructions
Dozens of recipes
One hundred color photographs
And more!

This is a must-have manual for beginners and dehydrating gurus alike!

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Product Description

Dehydrating is not just the oldest form of food preservation known to man, it is a great way to have healthy food on your table in season and out of season.

The New Food Dehydrator Cookbook contains 187 step by step recipes for creating dehydrated fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, snacks and other foods with intense flavor. You can make the most of your garden harvest, take advantage of sales and cut down the cost of making meals for your family. And most of all, you will know that you are eating healthy food preserved without chemicals.

Your kids will love the healthy snacks and meals will be more interesting with the variety of dried ingredients at your disposal. Dehydrating your own potatoes, carrots, onions and other staples means no more last minute runs to the grocery store.

Part 1 of The New Food Dehydrator Cookbook provides 137 recipes for dehydrating all types of food including:
Dehydrating Fruits And Nuts
Dehydrating Vegetables And Mushrooms
Dehydrating Meats, Poultry, Seafoods (Jerkies)
Dehydrating Grains And Seeds
Dehydrating Herbs, Flowers And Making Tea Blends
Powders (Spices) And Leathers
Dehydrating Herbs, Flowers And Making Tea Blends
Dehydrated Tofu, Eggs And Dairy

Part 2 has 50 recipes for cooking with dehydrated ingredients including:
Breakfast And Brunch
Soups, Stews And Chili
Meat, Poultry And Seafood Entries
Vegetarian And Vegan Entries
Sides, Sauces, Stuffings, Pickles & Salsas

Additional information includes Success Tips For Dehydrating, Pretreating Food Before Dehydrating, How To Pack And Store Dried Food, Rehydrating Food and Choosing A Good Dehydrator.

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