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Long Term Dehydrated Food Storage - 120 Large Entree Servings - 29 Lbs- Disaster Prepper Freeze Dried Supply Kit - Individual Emergency Survival Meals by Legacy Premium Food Storage

  • 100% Certified GMO Free - 25-year shelf life - Meals come in...
  • 40,880 Calories - 29 Lbs - 120 Large Servings of of Delicious 19...
  • Largest Serving Size in the Industry: Serving Sizes 1.5 to 2 times...



Product Description

Regardless of the circumstances, the 120 Serving Entrée Bucket is a convenient emergency food bucket designed by Legacy Premium to help you maintain the energy and nutrition you need to get through your day. It is one of the most basic options offered by Legacy Premium, providing hearty lunches and dinners for 1 person for 60 days.

Entrees: -
Italian Pasta with Marinara- 8 Servings
Pasta Alfredo - 8 Servings
Pasta Primavera - 8 Servings
Enchilada, Beans, and Rice - 8 Servings
Stroganoff - 8 Servings
Loaded Baked Potato - 8 Servings
Hawaiian Style Sweet 'n Sour - 4 Servings
Creamy A La King - 8 Servings
Vegetable and Rotini Pasta - 4 Servings
Chili Mac - 4 Servings
Macaroni and Cheese - 8 Servings
Cheese and Broccoli Soup -4 Servings
Cheesy Potato Soup - 8 Servings
Creamy Potato Soup - 8 Servings
Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup - 4 Servings
Spicy Corn Chowder Soup - 4 Servings
Southwestern Soup - 4 Servings
Classic Chili - 8 Servings
White Bean Chili - 4 Servings

Package Features -
19 lunch/dinner entrees included
120 total servings
Average of 340 calories per serving
GMO Free
25 year shelf life
Made in the USA
Lowest Cost per Serving and Calorie in the Food Storage Industry
Meals come packaged in 4-serving Mylar pouches with Oxygen Absorber & Nitrogen Flush
Simple to prepare - Just add water!

Storage Info -
Weight - 28 lbs
Total Number of Buckets - 1(16.25"x13.25"x12.75")

500cc Oxygen Absorbers for Dehydrated Food and Emergency Long Term Food Storage - 100 with PackFreshUSA LTFS Guide by PackFreshUSA

  • Long-term Food Storage Guide included
  • Absorb at least 180% of their rating
  • 100 500cc Oxygen Absorbers with Oxygen Indicator to insure freshness


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Product Description


• 500cc Oxygen Absorbers
• Oxygen Indicator
• Long-Term Food Storage Guide

PackFresh Oxygen Absorbers

PackFresh Oxygen Absorbers are guaranteed to absorb at least 180% of their rating, giving you a buffer of safety. Each package contains an oxygen indicator to guarantee freshness and we include our Long-Term Food Storage Guide with every purchase containing a chart to help you know how many absorbers you should be using for your project. You are always welcome to send us your questions as well!

Easy OAP Guide
These sizes will work for ALL food types:
100cc for a pint
300cc for a quart
500cc for a gallon
2500cc for a 5 gallon
(All of our Mylar sets now include these amounts)

PackFresh Long-Term Food Storage Guide

This guide is your gift from the food science professionals here at PackFresh and contains knowledge you will not find anywhere else. This 3rd edition contains directions, more information and tips, plus a new section on a special process to avoid freezer-burn.

The PackFresh Promise

We guarantee than you will receive your order through rain, sleet, or gloom of night and you will be completely confident in the security of food stored with our products or we will give you a complete refund - always!