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Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator by Waring

  • Great for beef jerky, dried fruits and herbs
  • 5 stackable, interlocking trays
  • Fruit roll-up sheet included



Product Description

Make your own dried fruits, herbs, vegetables – even beef jerky and fruit roll-ups! Waring Pro makes it easy with a big 5-tiered, 620-watt Professional Dehydrator. An adjustable thermostat includes Fan Only, Low, Medium and High settings for more options, and a top-venting system efficiently draws moisture up and out for excellent results. Make snacks or preserve naturally nutritious homegrown foods to use in recipes all year long. Dried foods are expensive, and fresher is always better!

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Metal Ware FD-37 400W Food Dehydrator by Rakuten.com

This unit features Nesco/American Harvest's innovative Top Mounted Powerhead that dries food quickly and evenly with superior results. Detaches to make dehydrator dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Fan-Flow Technology means faster, more even drying with no tray rotation necessary. Make great tasting beef jerky or venison jerky!


The Metal Ware Corporation FD-60 Snackmaster Express 4 Tray Dehydrator With Fr by Rakuten.com

Dehydrator Contemporary design Generates maximum speed and quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, and venison jerky Helps dry food in hours, not days like ordinary food dehydrators Top mounted fan eliminates the worry of liquids dripping into the heating chamber 500 watts 13.50" x 9.75" x 13.75" Length: 13.5 Width: 13.5 Height: 9.5