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Weston 6 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator by Weston

  • Includes 1 drying netting sheet and fruit rollup making solid sheet
  • Suitable for banana chips, fruit rollups, dried herbs, jerky and more
  • BPA-free; 5 sq. ft. of drying space


Product Description

The ideal solution for a long-term preservation and snacking is the Weston 6 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator. Its tough ABS thermoplastic construction offers long-term usage and has a countertop design that is absolutely lightweight. With a persistent airflow, it offers even drying and finally the dehydrated foods can be removed without any hassle. Adding to its features, the Weston 6 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator is equipped with a digital display, an adjustable thermostat (100-160° F) and a 48-hour timer with auto shut off.

Weston 28-0501-W Food Dehydrator, 21.5" x 16", Silver by Weston

  • Up to 156 square feet of drying space
  • Comes with four detachable wheels for effortless transport
  • 5-Year manufacturer's warranty


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Product Description

Our commercial style Digital 24 Tray Food Dehydrator makes creating delicious and healthy snacks easy right at home! Use your favorite seasonings to make jerky from the meats your family likes best, make fruit roll-ups, and dry fruits, veggies and herbs - all with no preservatives. This unit features a 1600 watt heating element with a digital temperature control for a maximum of 160 degrees F. The digital timer lets you set the drying time for up to 12 hours. The LED lighted cabinet and glass door let you monitor the drying process without letting heat escape when opening the door. There is a built in drain reservoir for collecting excess liquids (like jerky marinade). Included are 24 nonstick metal racks for drying. Also includes four detachable wheels for effortless moving.


Using a Weston Dehydrator to Make Homemade Beef Jerky

com/ review the 6 tray and the 10 tray beef jerky dehydrators from the Weston Supply Company. Countertop dehydrators.

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Weston 6 Tray Food Dehydrator by Meat Processing Products

Manufacturer #: 75-0301-W Save thousands over the years and get the priceless health benefits while making tasty, healthy snacks with Weston's 6 tray food dehydrator. You can easily make healthy, delicious and natural snacks like trail mix, banana chips, fruit roll-ups, jerky and even doggie treats with this outstanding dehydrator. Each tray measures 14-1/4" x 10-3/4" and has a fast drying 600 watt heating element. The color-coded thermostat adjusts from 84 to 155° F to retain the natural flavor of foods. It is very simple to use and perfect for drying anything from herbs to your favorite raw treats. Don't let foods like fruit go bad, save money and drop them in the dehydrator and make great take-along snacks for hunting, fishing, camping or road trips. The rear mounted drying system circulates air from back to front through each tray eliminating the need to rotate trays. Its lightweight and incorporates over 6 square feet of drying space, making it a great value for the money. Features Ultra-quiet fan Rear-mounted drying system Color-coded thermostat Solid ABS thermoplastic construction Lightweight, counter-top design 600 Watt heating element Specifications Power: 500 W Tray Size: 14-1/4" x 10-3/4" Number of Trays: 6 Temperature: 84 to 155° F Color: White/Grey


Weston 10-Tray Square Food Dehydrator by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Easily make healthy, delicious and natural snacks like banana chips, fruit roll-ups, yogurt and jerky. Retains natural flavor of foods without additives or preservatives. Make great take-along snacks for hunting, fishing, camping or road trips.


Latest News

  • Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Weston Products

    Weston's appliances include meat grinders, vacuum sealers, food dehydrators, meat slicers among many others. Hamilton Beach Brands acquired substantially all of the assets and assumed certain liabilities of Weston Products for cash consideration based 

  • A Visit to the Home Kitchen of Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer

    01/23/15 ,via Wall Street Journal

    One appliance I couldn't live without is: my Weston countertop dehydrator. Sometimes at home we don't get through everything as fast as we'd like A food I could eat every day is: Ohio apples. There's something special about those things. I don't

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    the vascular organ into a course of capsules lasting several weeks. The process of turning placenta into pills is perhaps more familiar to cooks than scientists: she cleans it, presses the blood from it and steams it before placing it in a


Dehydrators For Sale Weston 4 Tray Round Food Dehydrator 75-0601-W http://t.co/PLxXRmfcGZ << 07/20/15, @_SmallAppliance



  • Better food for A Better You

    Lulu.com. 2012. ISBN: 9781300065517,1300065516. 250 pages.

    Better Food For A Better You is a resource of over 70 whole-food, plant-based, gluten-free, deliciously satisfying, affordable and easy-to-prepare, health-promoting recipes that are designed to help you transition to making better food choices, make steady progress toward your health and nutrition goals, and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life. Whether you are interested in preparing more homemade meals using fresh ingredients, trying recipes that use better food substitutions, just enjoy cooking for yourself or loved ones, or want to spice-up your love life, this recipe guide can be a fun and practical way to discover or re-discover your enthusiasm for great food.

  • The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home

    Atlantic Publishing Company. 2011. ISBN: 9781601386021,1601386028. 288 pages.

    Food dehydration is not just for prunes and raisins any more; a recent U.S. study revealed that the dried and dehydrated food industry made more than $6 billion in revenue in one year alone. Thanks to advances in technology, dehydrating foods at home has become easier than ever, allowing you to lock in food's nutritional value while eliminating the water content that causes foods to grow bacteria and mold. Drying foods also gives you a source of raw, nutrient-rich food that is easily available and requires no additional preparation. The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home provides you with all the information necessary for drying fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, grains, and even dairy products. This book will provide you with instructions on how to dry foods using a food dehydrator...

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  • Hamilton Beach Buys Weston

    12/17/14 ,via The Gourmet Retailer

    markets and distributes housewares and small kitchen electrics under the Weston brand and private label brands. Products include meat grinders, vacuum sealers, food dehydrators and meat slicers. Hunting for Growth According to a company statement ...

  • Hamilton Beach Brands acquires Ohio-based Weston Products

    12/16/14 ,via Virginia Business

    Weston Products, based in Strongsville, Ohio, makes specialty food processing products, including meat grinders, vacuum sealers, food dehydrators and meat slicers. Weston Products will become Weston Brands under Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach acquired ...

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Weston Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

Stainless steel, 10-tray dehydrator with temperature control and 10 hour timer. Built tough for the constant harvester, jerky lover, or survivalist.

Weston Food Dehydrators - Weston Supply | Wild Game ...

6- and 10-Tray plastic food dehydrators with adjustable temperature control. Perfect for snackers who want to make their own jerky, fruit snacks, and more.


FOOD DEHYDRATOR 6 TRAY MODEL NO. 75-0301-W ... contact Weston Products LLC Phone: 1-800-814-4895 (Outside the U.S. 440-638-3131) 20365 Progress Drive, ...

Weston 4 Tier Food Dehydrator
Weston 4 Tier Food Dehydrator
Weston 75-0301-W 6-Tray Food Dehydrator
Weston 75-0301-W 6-Tray Food Dehydrator
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... Preservation Food Dehydrators Weston Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator