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Gourmia GCH9290 Chopper & Grater Set All-in-One Pull String Food Processor & Mandoline Slicer With 2-Sided Container & Interchangeable Attachments, Durable BPA free food safe material by Gourmia

  • MANUAL DESIGN FOR SAFETY - Controlled Operation Minimizes Risk vs....
  • MULTIPURPOSE FOOD PREP TOOL - Manual Food Slicer & Processor is...
  • DUAL CHAMBER CONTAINER - Removable Divider Lets You Chop, Mince,...


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Need a food prep powerhouse? Chop, chop!

Discover utmost flexibility and convenience for all your cooking tasks with the Chopper and Grater Set by Gourmia. This versatile food prep gadget works as a commercial quality slicer, chopper, crusher, mixer, and mincer in one compact, convertible package. The unit's large container features two chambers for dicing or blending separate ingredients at once. Remove the mixing attachments, pop on the mandoline lid, and you've got a handheld slicer that cuts and catches vegetables, meat, cheese, and other food directly in the bowl. From steady shreds of lettuce to a perfectly whisked egg, this culinary companion handles everything like a pro.

All-in-One Appliance

As your go-to kitchen essential, this versatile utensil saves you precious time and energy with its various versatile functions. Make homemade salsa, hummus, salad, cole slaw, and other cuisine staples without the headache.

Double Duty Chopper

Dual chamber design lets users chop, mince, crush, and blend two different ingredients at once. Control your desired consistency with an easy pull string handle that activates the rotating mixers.

Mandoline Slicing Board

A separate lid locks onto the container so you can hand slice, grate, or julienne cucumber, onion, ginger, meat, cheese, and other ingredients. A handy guard protects your fingers as you slide food back and forth.

Easily Interchangeable

Your dicing and grating system comes ready with an attachment for everything. Easy clean accessories include 2 mixing blades, 2 chopping blades, 1 julienne slicer, 1 grater, 1 shredder & 1 traditional slicer.

Gourmia-Quality Construction

Portable, lightweight unit is comprised of resilient BPA-free plastics and heavy-duty blades for many years of safe, dependable use. Mighty yet compact, the base and parts stow easily in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a cabinet.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1 with Food Processor Attachment and XL Personal Blending Cup by Oster

  • Legendary All metal drive system for lasting durability Includes:...
  • Includes 5-cup BPA-free food processing bowl, stainless steel...
  • Dimensions: 14.25" x 7.25" x 8", Cord length:16"



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Product Description

You can make everything fresh and delicious with the OsterPro 1200 Plus versatility and performance. The Food Processor attachment can really get things chopping in the kitchen with slicing and dicing ability too! Versatile attachments make food prep and smoothie creation simple! Includes 5-cup BPA-free food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disk and chopping blade. The powerful motor impresses any chef as it blends through ice, greens, frozen ingredients and more. Starting up with an extra boost at 1200 power watts, it works with blending force to smoothly and continuously create the consistency you need. Smart settings are conveniently programmed to blend the perfect smoothies, salsas and milkshakes in just one touch so you never have to guess how long or what speed to blend your ingredients. The wide base allows foods to flow freely down to the blade and dual direction technology spins the extra wide blade design in forward and reverse motion, optimizing the blade's power to blend all types of foods.



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Avent Natural All-In-One Gift Set by (dba Shopping)

Philips Avent SCD297/01 BPA Free Natural All In One Set provides everything a new parent needs for natural, safe, easy feeding and sterilizing. The 3 BPA-free Natural bottles included in this kit feature wide breast-shaped nipples with unique comfort petals promoting natural latch on and making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The bottles also have an advanced anti-colic system for less air in baby's tummy and a more comfortable feeding experience. The set includes 1 Natural 9 ounce/260 milliliter bottle with 1 Natural slow flow nipple, 2 Natural 4 ounce/125 milliliter bottles with 2 Natural newborn nipples, Microwave Sterilizer, Natural Bottle and Baby Food Warmer, Bottle Brush, and 2 Newborn Silicone Pacifiers (0-6 meter). The ultra-fast and easy to use Microwave Sterilizer kills 99.9% of harmful germs and sterilizes 4 bottles in just 2 minutes. The Natural Bottle and Baby Food Warmer heats up milk and baby food gently and evenly making it safe for baby. The Bottle Brush's curved brush head and molded tip cleans hard to reach areas. The Newborn Silicone Pacifiers have soft, long-lasting silicone nipples and the orthodontic, flat, symmetrical shape respects the natural development of palate, teeth and gums. The Avent Natural All-In-One Gift Set Features: Provides everything a new parent needs for easier cleaning, sterilizing, warming and bottle feeding The most natural way to bottle feed. Natural nipple shape makes it easy for baby to combine with breastfeeding Advanced anti-colic twin-valve design reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby's tummy Microwave Sterilizer eliminates harmful bacteria in just 2 minutes Fast Bottle Warmer heats gently and evenly, and the sleek design takes up minimal counter space


KitchenAid 13-cup Food Processor White by (dba Shopping)

The KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor with the exclusive ExactSlice system, slices from thickto thin with one slide of the lever. The multipleoptimized speeds and distinctly designed stainless steel blades help in prepping food. Slice, shred, knead, puree and chop food quickly and easily. Features: KitchenAid ExactSlice System Thefirst ever externally adjustable slicing, KitchenAid ExactSlice System gives you precise slicing and accuracy for all kinds of food hard or soft, large or small. And it does it all using less energy than previous model. Adjustable Slicing Disc Adjustable Slicing Disc from thin (1mm) to thick (6mm) The Ultra Wide Mouth Feed Tube accommodates tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes with minimal prep work required.


Ginger Cantaloupe Lassi with Raspberry Cream...and we got an electric car!

Put the raspberries in a fine sieve over a bowl. First crush with a fork and then squash around with a rubber spatula, making sure you use a clean spatula to scrape the outside bottom of the sieve. Blend a heaping tablespoon of yogurt and one of cream with the raspberry coulis. Put in the freezer. The last car The Calm One and I owned was when we lived in America about a quarter of a century ago. That's because combustion-engine cars are hot, noisy, stinky, drip oil at the latest provocation, eat up gasoline more quickly than I a meal, and depreciate faster than paper currency. Since then we made do with company/rental cars, public transportation, and our feet, and in the case of grocery shopping, The Calm One's back. Though our sweet dreams are made of Tesla, we settled for a Renault Zoe. We both love how it accelerates, briskly that is, like all electric vehicles, and quietly, so much so, we are constantly surprising pedestrians who first are startled and then break into contagious smiling. Expect a lot of tootling about from us. Beaujolais Nouveau season is around the corner. then there is Toulouse. and we can't forget Aubeterre sur Dronne or Bouteville or Charmant. Source: Souped-up Garden

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How All-in-one Food Processors Work - HowStuffWorks

All-in-one food processor can save time and space in your kitchen because they're so versatile. Read more in this guide to all-in-one-food processors. Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing ...

Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station. by Breville. 55 customer reviews | 32 answered questions List ... (and inexpensive) food processor.

ALL-IN-ONE JUICER / FOOD PROCESSOR - Shower Filter Store ...

quiet - the all-in one juicer / food processor's slow turning gear and motor make juicing a delicious and peaceful experience. quick clean up - ...

Homemade black bean and chickpea hummus I
Homemade black bean and chickpea hummus I
The hummus is homemade, my first attempt at making it. I took two different recipes I found and combined bits of each of them to come up with my own. The only thing I would do differently next time is I would probably blend it for longer to make it really smooth. Recipe for Black Bean and Chickpea (Garbanzo Bean) Hummus 1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans,) drained and rinsed 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed 1 1/2 Tbs. tahini (sesame paste) 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/4 cup water 1 tsp. toasted sesame oil 1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt 15 grinds of black pepper 1 tsp. allspice 2 cloves of garlic (fairly large cloves) 2 1/2 Tbs. flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped (no stems) juice from 1/2 a lemon juice from 1 lime Put all the ingredients in the food processor, and mix until smooth. A blender would work as well, it will just take a bit longer, and you'll have to stir the ingredients a bit to get it all blended properly.
Photo by newwavegurly on Flickr
Chosen for EXPLORE, September 3, 2011! (Disclaimer: I am not a scientist or engineer, as the following description makes obvious!) The pan and its top, seen here, is the device we use for simple "hot-water-bath" canning (fruits, rhubarb and tomatoes and some pickles)--the high acid foods. The USDA and the home extension office in the USA do not officially approve this device, stating that 'not enough research has yet been carried out to know if it is safe'. [Do not confuse this device with a "pressure canner" which is a large pressure cooker that locks tight and raises pressure within, subjecting the food to temperatures well above boiling (and which is NECESSARY for preserving all foods other than those named above--most vegetables, meats, soups, etc.). ] ALWAYS FOLLOW THE ADVICE GIVEN BY YOUR RECIPE FOR USING THE CORRECT PROCESSOR, simple water-bath (as here) or locking pressure canner. The device seen here uses simple steam to "boil" the cans and...
Photo by mystuart (on and off) on Flickr
316/365 - Maple-Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
316/365 - Maple-Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
As we do at least once or twice every football season, we had my grandmother over today, to watch this afternoon's nail-biter of a Patriots game and to have dinner. Nothing terribly fancy, just a meatloaf, mashed potato, veg, and dessert. Yes, meatloaf. I like meatloaf. And they served it in the cafeteria at the office this week, but with rice on the side and not mashed potatoes (which is just wrong), so I had a craving. Thing Two, my usual "sous chef", decided that we should make a pumpkin pie for dessert, so this is what I came up with. It's a basic pumpkin pie, but with some of the sugar swapped out for maple syrup and vanilla traded for some bourbon. Topped it with some brown sugar whipped cream, and got a few shots in (under some lights I had set up in advance for the purpose) before setting it on the table. I like composition here, but something throws me a bit about it. I think it might be the runner not completely covering the butcher block in the upper corners,...
Photo by djwtwo on Flickr
Tommee Tippee All-In-One Food Processor
Tommee Tippee All-In-One Food Processor
Petit Terraillon All-in-one food processor
Petit Terraillon All-in-one food processor
Breville the All in One Food Processor
Breville the All in One Food Processor