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From InfoNOTmercial, the Magic Bullet review. See our full magic bullet test at http://www. infonotmercial. com/magic-bullet-review.

Vitamix Blender Vs. Cuisinart Food Processor: Which Kitchen Appliance Can’t I Live Without?

Preparing healthy, homemade meals for your family is a lot of work. I wish I could tell you that there was some secret to making it as easy as getting take-out, but there really isn’t. Thankfully, there are kitchen appliances that can make the hard work much, much easier. The two kitchen appliances that I can’t imagine trying to live this clean-eating life without are my Vitamix blender and Cuisinart food processor. I use one of them everyday, and some days I use them both. They are both powerful, amazing kitchen tools that can do so much. I get this question a lot from people who are just starting out on their healthy, clean-eating journey. They want to start cooking more meals at home, eating more healthy, whole foods, but they are overwhelmed by the amount of time and work it takes. They also feel limited when they see recipes that call for a “powerful blender” or a food processor. If you don’t have at least one of these appliances, you are either limiting the foods you can make, or really adding to the amount of work it takes to prepare the foods you want to eat. Most people who are starting out on a clean-eating journey are ready to make an investment in their health, but buying both of these appliances at one time is not realistic for most people. (I got both my Vitamix blender and Cuisinart food processor at separate times, as gifts, by the way. So if I had to choose JUST ONE, my Vita-Mix blender or my Cuisinart Food Processor, which would it be. Before I answer that, let me give you a quick review on both my Vitamix blender and Cuisinart food processor. I’ll let you know what I like about each, what I use them for, and then at the end I’ll tell you which one I’d pick if I could only pick one. What I Love About My Vitamix Blender. There are two main blenders on the market that compete at the same price level ($400+), the Vitamix and the Blendtec. Before I tell you what I love about my Vitamix, let me tell you why I chose it over the Blendtec. Both are powerful, professional blenders and everyone I know who owns one or the other is happy. For me, it came down to one basic thing: the analog control dial and a basic on/off switch. I have heard of Vitamixes that have lasted 20+ years and have been passed down from grandparents to grandchildren. I wanted a blender that would last forever, and that’s why I chose Vitamix. So what do I use it for and why do I love it so much. The Vitamix is truly a professional grade blender. If you go into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, you’ll likely find a Vitamix blender making that smooth puree you keep going back for. This machine will pulverize just about anything you put into it. I also love how easy it is to clean. I put a little dish soap and water inside, turn it on, and it cleans itself. Here are the main things I use my Vitamix blender for:. If you don’t have a professional blender, imagine a smoothie with no pulp, no seeds, no fiber, just perfectly smooth. It completely breaks down the greens you put into it, which means more nutrients are being released. Smoothies are what I use the Vitamix for on a daily basis. I blend sauces, dips, and dressings in my Vitamix. Blender Muffins. Now imagine putting them into the Vitamix, turning it on, and blending those vegetables until they are hot and your soup is ready. Yes, you can blend soup and the blender actually will heat the soup for you so you don’t even have to put it on the stove. I have the dry container, which I use to grind whole coffee beans. Make baby food. Okay, I’m not doing this one anymore. But when I was making baby food, I loved the smooth results from the Vitamix best. What I Love About my Cuisinart Food Processor I registered for my food processor when I was getting married without knowing just how valuable of a kitchen tool it was. I’m so glad I did because my Cuisinart food processor makes my life in the kitchen much easier. I have the big guy, the 14-cup version, and I use it all the time. Here are the main things I use my Cuisinart food processor for:. Making homemade energy. Source: Happy Healthy Mama

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Magic Bullet Vs Any Blender Vs Cuisinart Elite Collection ...

Best Answer: The Cuisinart appears to be a small "food processor" and food processors are somewhat different from "blenders" (including the Magic Bullet ...

Food Processor Vs Magic Bullet | Blender Mixer

Retrieve Full SourceThe Orinal Magic Bullet Food Processor Vidalia Onion Chopper or Slice Wizard Zarafina Tea Maker w/ Pot, 2 Cups & Serving Tray

Magic Bullet vs Blender vs Food Processor

I was given a Magic Bullet as a gift a few Christmases back and I practiced making shakes pre DS. I also had a food processor and a blender. But I hated them all when ...

that the blender is ideal for some jobs while the food processor ...
that the blender is ideal for some jobs while the food processor ...
food nirvana if you are smart use the food processor with a disc for ...
food nirvana if you are smart use the food processor with a disc for ...
Magic bullet (Ab-toxin conjugate) Catalyst (enzyme) Tissues. An ...
Magic bullet (Ab-toxin conjugate) Catalyst (enzyme) Tissues. An ...