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Oster Kitchen Center Salad Maker Attachment 957-16F by John.Oster Co.

  • Genuine Oster Kitchen Center Accessory

Product Description

This is the salad maker attachment for the Oster Regency Kitchen Center. The two piece pusher is included. No blades and no slinger are included.

Small Kitchen Appliances NEW Parts for Oster Osterizer Blender Blade & Replacement Base Bottom Cap by Blenders

  • Small Kitchen Appliances NEW Parts for Oster Osterizer Blender...


Product Description

Brand New - Unused Parts Top Quality, Generic Aftermarket Part - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Includes One (1) Blade, One (1) Sealing Gasket, and One (1) Bottom Base as pictured Item Specifications: This assembly will fit multiple different Oster models Blade Specifications: Stainless Steel Blade Ice Crushing Power Fits glass, plastic, and stainless steel jars Durable Refresh and revive, add years to the life of your Oster blender Keep your Oster blender functioning as flawlessly as the day you brought it home Gasket Specifications: Mounts between the blender blade assembly and the glass lip of the jar Do NOT install beneath the blender blade assembly or between the blade and the plastic base cap - this will result in a leaky jar and poor fit. Depending on how frequently the blender is used, the sealing ring can become brittle and cracked or compressed so that it will not create sufficient seal to keep the contents of the jar from leaking out of the bottom. Bottom Base Specifications: The purpose of this item is to hold the blade and seal in place at the bottom of the blender jar. Because it has plastic threads they will wear at times and the jar will leak. Over tightening may crack this part, dropping it may break it and excessive heat may warp it Once you have this part off, this is a good time to check the sealing ring to see if it is not cracked or if it has been compressed too much.


Oster Designed for Life Food Processor

This in-house full service production product video was created for Jarden Consumer Solutions, parent company for Oster. It's an ideal way in showing the.

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Oster Pro 1200 PLUS Blend-N-Go Smoothie Cup & Food Processor Attachment - Brushed Nickel - Glass Jar BLSTMB-CBF-000 by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

You can make everything fresh and delicious with the Oster Pro 1200 Plus' versatility and performance. The powerful motor starts up with 1200 watts of power that consistently crushes ice, pulverizes greens and turns frozen fruit into a smooth sorbet. Seven speeds including 3 pre-programmed Smart Settings™ take the guess work out of blending and food prep, providing simple one-touch controls for salsas, milkshakes and smoothies at the touch of a button. Featuring a 50% larger blade system (compared to previous Oster blender models) and patented Dual Direction Blade Technology™ that blends in forward and reverse motion, optimizing blade power and allowing ingredients to move down into the jar for faster, easier blending. 5-cup BPA-free food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disk and chopping blade & 24 ounce Blend-N-Go cup included. Better Blending Tip: Cut up fresh fruit ingredients and freeze in individual portions, then just grab out of the freezer and blend up a smoothie in no time!


NEW! Oster Oskar 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor, Black FPSTFP4050 by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

The Oster Oskar 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor slices, shreds, chops and purees with precision and ease. You can prep everything from appetizers to desserts with speed and power. Its Continuous Flow attachment and reversible stainless steel slice-shred blade is designed for fast salad making and ingredient prep with an endless capacity, so you can fill bowl after bowl of freshly sliced and shredded veggies, cheeses and more, plus exclusive, patent pending half-to-full pusher slides apart to easily guide the processing of thin or thick veggies. Switch to the 4-cup capacity chopper attachment with stainless steel chopper blade to create delicious sauces, puree homemade baby food, prepare tasty dips or to chop up ingredients for baking and cooking, plus a convenient drizzle hole on the top, making it easy to add liquids without removing the lid. The compact, yet powerful, Oster Oskar 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor with 400-watt motor helps prep work go faster, to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable, more inspiring and more delicious.


Latest News

  • Free Range on Food: Christmas casseroles, the year's best cookbooks and more

    12/10/14 ,via Washington Post

    try to attach itself. (I don't think it's a big deal when it does hit bottom; the blades still don't touch the surface of the pan.) It takes a steady hand and you have to pay more attention than you do when dumping ingredients into a stand mixer or

  • From smoothies to pesto to almond butter: 13 blenders reviewed

    11/05/13 ,via CNET (blog)

    With a food processor attachment, a grinder blade, and travel cups as well as 1100 watts of power, the Versa has what it takes to be an all-in-one machine and complete just about any task you throw at it. It just makes doing any of those tasks a pain

  • UPDATED: AR's Mother's Day 2015 Gift Guide for Small Appliances

    04/21/15 ,via Appliance Retailer

    All three appliances come with a five-year product warranty and the motor of the Masterpiece Collection Food Processor is covered by a 25-year warranty. This one pot wonder, the Kenwood kCook (CCC201WH RRP $699), can chop, blend, cook, steam and 



  • Consumer Reports Books guide to appliances

    Consumers Union U.S.. 1986. ISBN: 0890430357,9780890430354. 372 pages.
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  • This clumsy underdog can blend like a champ:

    08/14/14 ,via CNet

    [MUSIC] Hi I'm Andrew Gubheart for CNet. I'm here today with the Oster Versa blender. For $150 you get this 64 ounce, BPA free, plastic jar with lid that seals, a feeder cap. The bottom blade detaches. You also get a food processor attachment with its own lid.

  • But does it make mayo?

    04/04/07 ,via Los Angeles Times

    Bosch processor attachments were competent with each of the tasks tested; the 5-cup capacity was larger than that of the Oster, Cuisinart and Hamilton ... The Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor has a fairly sturdy chrome base and big flat ...

  • But does it make mayo?

    04/04/07 ,via Los Angeles Times

    YOUR stand mixer lives on the counter; your food processor is stashed on a low ... include a mixer function and other possible attachments. (The Bosch machines are more expensive.) The upshot? Although the Oster Fusion was a bust -- performing neither ...

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OsterĀ® Blender Food processor attachment 116432-100-090 ...

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Oster Osterizer Food Processor Attachment from Sears.com

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Oster 6749 Osterizer Combination 12-speed Blender and Food Processor ...
Oster 6749 Osterizer Combination 12-speed Blender and Food Processor ...
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