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Tefal Actifry GH-8000, GH8070 FZ7070 Health Fryer Lid SS-993603 White ...

T-FAL (Tefal) Handy Chopper K09304 by T-fal

  • T-FAL (500 ml) food processor "handy chopper" K09304 Japan used...


Product Description

Characteristic of product
Multi-cutting fine device to only pull steering wheel, and to finish "we carve and smash and mix" in simple speedy.

*"We carve and smash and mix just to pull steering wheel," but are possible
It is high power in one which is power supply-free, and is compact. Besides, "carving" "mixes "smashing" by simple operation that only attracts handle," but is finished just as wanted in no time. Because we do not choose place to use, it is available easily anywhere anytime.

*& speedy simple with two pieces of blades working separately
As two pieces of blades begin to work separately, ingredients are hard to be caught on blade and can cut steering wheel smoothly because it closes lightly. Upper blade which is not fixed cuts ingredients in turning structure speedily earlier than lower blade. In addition, many ingredients are put at a time when we prepare blade of top and bottom and can cut in a mass effectively.

*To menu to make; and as for the size of ingredients just as wanted
By simple operation that only attracts handle, we can regulate finish size freely. It is usable in various uses to cutting into chunks, cooking including close cutting fine.

*We make an outstanding performance in wide recipe!
We play an active part usefully "to mix" "smashing" let alone "we carve". It is usable to various ingredients and is available for the making of source from preliminary arrangements widely. In addition, it is convenient for the making of baby food which we put together to the age of the month as the finish of cut is changed freely.