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Usha Food processor FP 2663 DVD demo

Usha Food Processor Fp- 2663 original DVD demo 2 May 2015.

Kitchen Appliance Review: The Best Hand Blender for All Your Cooking Needs - NDTV

You’ve got an expensive food processor, a mixer and maybe a regular blender in the kitchen but if you’ve watched even a single episode of MasterChef Australia then you’ll know that there’s another appliance that’s a must in the kitchen. A hand blender, also known as an immersion blender or the stick blender, adds a certain ease and swiftness to your cooking. It also helps you avoid the process where you pull out your heavy food processor from the cupboard for small, every day jobs. ( Kitchen Appliances Review: The Best Toaster In India ). The right kind of blender is supposed to be sleek, tall, and light, with a long shaft and should be easy to mount on your wall. It should fit into different kinds of pots and pans so you don’t have to keep transferring what you’re cooking. It should help you whip up thick and gorgeous smoothies, the quintessential lassi and buttermilk, ketchup, pesto, mayonnaise, salsa, chutneys and other everyday foods that you need on your dinner table. ( Kitchen Appliance Review: The Best Refrigerator In India ). Hand blenders can be fairly difficult to buy, as they range from Rs. 650 to Rs. 6500 and 200 Watts to 800 Watts, and a lot of brands offer multiple models with little or almost no... The basic model is just a stick blender with low wattage, no accessories and is used purely for mixing. It usually has a stainless steel shaft and a plastic upper body, where the two can be detached and cleaned easily. If you’re looking for just that then Usha, Orpat, Insala and Oster are some good bands to consider. The next lot includes better quality blenders, which could have a stainless steel shaft or a plastic one, but is of higher wattage and comes with a few accessories. Then it can just escalate to products as expensive as Rs. 10,000 but those are usually recommended for professional chefs or for those who work in restaurants. ( Kitchen Appliance Review: Our Pick for The Best Single-Door Budget Refrigerator ). The kind of blender we’ve decided to review is the kind that ranges from Rs. 1500 to around Rs. 4500, is more than 300 Watts, comes with a beaker and chopper, and... So how exactly can you assess a good blender. After speaking with retailers and doing our share of due diligence, we listed down the parameters that a good hand blender must be tested on. 1. Weight – How heavy is the blender. For soups and purees, or for times when you’re using a chopper, a heavy blender can be a real put off. So that was an important criteria for us before we could shortlist the blender. Wattage – Wattage is an indicator of how powerful the motor of the product will be. So common sense suggests that the higher the wattage, the stronger or more efficient the product. But when we tested the products we didn’t find much difference in the performance of the blenders, at least none that could account for the difference in wattage. But for the purpose of classification, we’ve included models that have a bare minimum 300 Watts motor. Body/Materials Used - Some of the blenders have a steel shaft whereas some have a plastic one. The steel ones could be put in a hot pan or boiling soup without fearing that it would melt but the plastic ones don’t provide that option. But in some cases where the shafts were longer, they could be immersed in a deeper dish which was great, especially when you’re cooking in larger quantities. Power button - On reading customer reviews on online forums, I found that the power button on the blender was a constant pain point. Blade - The blade is made of stainless steel but it could be either a regular one or a tri-blade. Attachments/Accessories – Some of the brands had only basic blenders with no attachments while other brands delivered a chopper, whisker and more within the same range. On the basis of customer and retailer reviews and the parameters mentioned above, we picked the following brands and models. Panasonic MX- SS1 600-Watt Hand Blender. Cleaning - The shaft can be separated and both parts can be cleaned. Body material - Plastic, wand is made of stainless steel. Accessories - Beaker, chopper, whisker and fixture for wall mounting the blender. Source:

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Usha Food Processor 2663 Food Processor : Food Pr
Usha Food Processor 2663 Food Processor : Food Pr
... Extra Off on Usha, Bajaj, Philips Food Processors – eZone Online
... Extra Off on Usha, Bajaj, Philips Food Processors – eZone Online
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