Best 4 Cup Food Processor

Home and Garden, Kitchen & Dining, The K39-037 hand blender has simple speed control mechanism which enables you to prepare your food with one hand for maximum convenience. Let you blend, crush, chop, puree and whisk. It can be easily changed with no tools required; Simply twist off and on to switch from one bell blade assembly to another. The blender is small enough to fit anywhere, but powerful enough for the toughest blending tasks, it has an attachment for any need. 4-in-1 blender takes you on the way of being healthy! Enjoy the drinks at home is not a dream anymore. With this Homeleader multipurpose blender, you can enjoy blending and blending. All you need to do is to put the ingredients in the mixer bowl. Try another kind of lifestyle by CLICKING the ADD TO CART button NOW, and Homeleader provides you with the best option. Specifications: -Model: K39-037 -Voltage: 120V - Power: 400W - Warranty period: 1 year - Attachments: whisk x 1; beater x 1; mixer bowl with blade with lid x1; measuring cup x 1 Caution: -The blender is not intended for blending hot liquids and frozen solid ingredients. -For liquid ingredients, please do NOT fill the containers to their maximum capacity. Overfilling the Cups could result in spillage, causing burns and/or property/product damage. -It is recommended to chop ingredients into smaller portions before freezing, and then allow the ingredients to defrost slightly before mixing.