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EnglishTeaStore Brand 2 Cup Teapot - Lime Gloss Finish by Online Stores, Inc.

  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Not for use on the stove
  • High Quality & Affordable
  • Other colors availabe


Product Description

These English Tea Store brand teapots are affordable, high quality teapots. These fine ceramic teapots are suitable for everyday household use, tea rooms and restaurants. Each teapot's capacity is approximately 16 ounces and are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Not for use on the stove.

Brown Betty 2 Cup Teapot by Brown Betty Teapot

  • Ceramic and round shape produces exquisite tea infusion
  • Hand made
  • Makes a perfect pot of tea


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Product Description

These are the authentic English Brown Betty teapots found in kitchens throughout Britain. The familiar round shape infuses the tea properly producing an excellent flavor. Made from real English red clay, baked to a rich brown color and finished with a transparent glaze, these are the original Brown Betty teapots hand made in England using methods dating back to the 1700s.


I'm A Little Teapot | Nursery Rhymes | Popular Nursery Rhymes | HooplaKidz

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Assam Glass Teapot by Bodum, 2-cup by Starbucks Store Online

A 2-cup glass teapot and innovative tea press system that gives you control over the brewing process.


Farberware Classic Cookware - 2.5 quart Teapot, Lid - Stainless Steel - Dishwasher Safe by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

The classic, trusted quality of Farberware pairs nicely with this durable stainless steel teakettle. It provides timeless beauty when accessorizing your kitchen. Gelatin, hot chocolate, or a cup of soup - the uses for a teakettle don't stop at tea.


Review from a Kitty-phile: World's first Hello Kitty dim sum restaurant - CNN

Hello Kitty bandage (wearing it). There's even a Hello Kitty panini maker where you can burn her face into your sandwich (I want one). So who would've thought such a genius idea like Hello Kitty dim sum would take until today to happen. The entrance The new restaurant, Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, offers about 40 choices ranging from HK$42 to HK$238 (US$5 to $30), half of which are Hello Kitty-inspired dishes. The cuteness starts outside: Hello Kitty signs in red and gold -- two lucky colors in Chinese tradition -- adorn the front of the restaurant, along with Chinese-style latticed windows that feature the shape of her bow. Chinese-style decor and Hello Kitty explosions continue on the inside -- in the best possible way. She's on chopsticks, chopsticks holders, plates, bowls, spoons, teapots, ceiling lanterns, wall decor, wine glasses, wine bottles, and chairs. Hello Kitty is even etched into the dining tables -- a Kitty-phile-friendly feature that allows diners to gaze at Hello Kitty while eating Hello Kitty food. More hits than misses My first Hello Kitty dim sum experience starts with a soft, delicious custard bun (HK$42 for a basket), followed by shrimp dumplings (HK$48), and a traditional Cantonese sponge cake (HK$48). It's so cute, I almost can't eat... The custard bun and shrimp dumplings are my favorites -- as tasty as any other dim sum spot in town. In the past, Hello Kitty food hasn't proven as great as Hello Kitty (Remember this. Hello Kitty restaurant is terribly cute and its food is just terrible ). As any Hello Kitty fan knows, her favorite food is her mom's homemade apple pie, she magically weighs the equivalent of three apples, and is the height of about five apples. The sweet and sour pork (HK$98) uses apple instead of the more traditional pineapple. And there's the Hello Kitty apple chicken rice (HK$108), which I find light and healthy. The rice comes molded in the shape of her head, with black beans for her eyes, green Chinese leeks tied together for her bow, red pepper for her nose, and then eggplant skin for her whiskers. It's paired with strips of chicken and vegetables placed in an apple cup. For dessert, I have a traditional Chinese almond dessert soup (HK$38), which is a little thinner than I personally would have liked. But I feel less bummed when I spot one piece of red gelatin in the shape of Hello Kitty floating in my soup. And while I've known this since I was six, I am again reminded: food just tastes better when you eat it with Hello Kitty chopsticks out of a Hello Kitty bowl. Not like any ordinary Hello Kitty dining concept As I am chewing, I think to myself that the concept of Hello Kitty dim sum couldn't possibly get any better. But not only does it have an adorable gimmick, the restaurant uses locally-grown, organic ingredients for some of the dishes. Man Kwong, the restaurant owner and a Hong Kong entrepreneur whose businesses promote clean living, is using the Hello Kitty restaurant as a platform to encourage healthier lifestyles in Hong Kong. But for now, he's using organic whenever possible, natural dyes, less salt and less oil. For example, for the custard bun and shrimp dumpling, Hello Kitty's bow is dyed pink with beetroot, her nose is turned light orange with carrot, and her whiskers and eyes are colored black with squid ink. The immense effort to open a Hello Kitty restaurant The attention to detail at this place is staggering. The restaurant has been in the works for a year and a half, and everything -- from the decor to the food -- had to be approved by Sanrio, the Japanese company that owns the Hello Kitty brand, Man says. Hello Kitty's creator Sanrio even "provided us with a kind of character training -- told us about Hello Kitty, her preferences, her family tree," he adds. "The hardest part was getting the proportion of Hello Kitty's features right," says Chan Kwok-Tung, a dim sum chef for over three decades. Because of all the steps involved, it takes twice as long to make Hello Kitty dim sum compared to regular dim sum. So is Chan a Hello Kitty fan. "Before I joined the company -- I knew nothing about Hello Kitty," he says. Source: www.cnn.com

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    06/05/15 ,via Smithsonian

    shirred egg dishes, custard cups, loaf pans, oval baking dishes, cut-glass teapots and engraved dishes. In 1925, the Pyrex liquid measuring cup was introduced, though it didn't look like the one commonly used today (it had two spouts on opposite

  • Review from a Kitty-phile: World's first Hello Kitty dim sum restaurant

    05/08/15 ,via CNN

    The cuteness starts outside: Hello Kitty signs in red and gold -- two lucky colors in Chinese tradition -- adorn the front of the restaurant, along with Chinese-style latticed windows that feature the shape of her bow. Chinese-style decor and Hello

  • Do we really need to warm the teapot?

    03/04/15 ,via The Guardian

    So I used to warm the cup, warm the pot, and cover with cosy while the tea brewed. Then I tried I warm the pot, warm the cup and use a tea cosy and when I don't do these things the only time it doesn't make a difference is on a hot summer's day


@VictoriaEBanks @BekkyAshmore The term '2 cup bags' comes from a time when teapots were more popular and cups were smaller. It's still... 07/18/15, @YorkshireTea
RT @ThirstTeaOnline: Our Diana 2 cup teapots are now available!! http://t.co/BQYLjDtuGS 07/17/15, @leanneparker3
Our Diana 2 cup teapots are now available!! http://t.co/BQYLjDtuGS 07/17/15, @ThirstTeaOnline


  • Coffee Cup Muffins (Diabetic)

    flour, flour, baking powder, baking soda, vegetable oil, carrot, cinnamon, egg substitute, nonstick cooking spray, raisins, sugar substitute, applesauce, vanilla extract


  • If Teapots Could Talk

    Blue Sage Press. 2007. ISBN: 9780979061820,0979061822. 100 pages.

    More than 60 recipes for making all the delectable treats you'll need for an afternoon tea party, including scrumptious scones, dainty tea sandwiches, savory appetizers, tea time sweets and the perfect pot of tea. Fifteen creative theme party ideas with suggestions for: invitations, games and activities, decorations, menu choices and party favors. Get out those teapots and create fond memories of lively conversation and laughter and fun.

  • Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide

    F+W Media, Inc. 2007. ISBN: 0896895319,9780896895317. 1008 pages.

    Lists more than ten thousand items, providing descriptions, values, and identification tips for a broad spectrum of popular collectibles.

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  • Is U.S. Women’s Soccer Getting Shortchanged?

    07/07/15 ,via CATO Institute

    It seems that the women’s team will split $2 million for their victory whereas the winner of last year’s Men’s World Cup team, Germany ... If you think this a tempest in a teapot, think again. It’s a microcosm, with a thousand and one more complex ...

  • Teapot racing comes to Christchurch at steampunk festival

    07/07/15 ,via Stuff

    Racers modify radio-controlled cars, replacing the bodywork with tea-related paraphernalia such as teapots, cups, or even one miniature tea-service ... from 1pm to about 2.30pm, while a market is going on there in the Matheson room. Entry is free.

  • Penn & Teller aim to work their brand of magic on Broadway

    07/07/15 ,via KIMT

    For their Broadway show, Penn and Teller are presenting one trick whose gestation — 6 1/2 years — is ... song and I play the teapot,” says Teller, “and he picks me up by my elbow — my ‘handle’ — and he pours a cup of tea out of me.

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Sadler Teapot
Sadler Teapot
Modern Sadler teapot made in England with 2 Coloroll mugs. Thrift store score. June 2012. Explore #296 June 30. 2012
Photo by dog.happy.art on Flickr
Tea Pot
Tea Pot
A still of my tea pot and tea cups. I hadn't shot anything lit for a while and just needed to shoot something so I grabbed this. Shot on a D700 with 70-200 f/2.8. Beautiful lens and camera. 45 degree backlit with tungsten heavily diffused. Fill light is a tungsten bounced straight up off a white cieling.
Photo by akatchen on Flickr
Alice's teapot
Alice's teapot
A find from the cat protection opshop up in Enmore rd on Saturday - it reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland teapot. The guy gave me spiel on how Royal Dalton's fortunes have plummeted recently. I didn't know they had, but they did get together with the shouting chef - Gordon Ramsay .. about the same time as the media decided he was a cheating bastard. That probably didn't help. I was going to take it to work but have decided it's a home teapot. It actually doesn't leak from the spout - which is a major improvement over my very attractive, but not very practical square teapot.
Photo by deepwarren on Flickr
Chatsford Teapot with Infuser - 2-Cup Duchess Rosebud
Chatsford Teapot with Infuser - 2-Cup Duchess Rosebud
Teapots 2 Cup
Teapots 2 Cup
Andra köpte även
Andra köpte även