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Adagio Teas 16 oz. ingenuiTEA Bottom-Dispensing Teapot by Adagio Teas

  • It holds up to 16 ounces and has an easy-grip handle
  • Dishwasher safe, the teapot is made in Taiwan of food-grade plastic
  • When tea is ready, simply place over cup and tea will drain from...



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IngenuiTEA is a brilliant - arguably the simplest - device for preparing loose tea. Unlike the 'French Press' teapots which crush and bruise the leaves, our teapot's ingenious design uses gravity, not force, to strain the leaves. The result is great taste with less effort. To filter, simply place the ingenuiTEA atop your cup. A valve at the bottom will open, allowing crystal-clear tea to flow, while a mesh filter retains the leaves and sediment. The clean-up is equally as easy as the teapot is dishwasher safe. Made in Taiwan using food-grade plastic. Available in 16 oz. as well as 32 oz. size that's ideal for brewing a pitcher of iced tea. Perfect for foodservice, restaurant and other professional industrial uses. Bulk pricing available through Adagio Wholesale.

Adagio Teas 30 oz. utiliTEA Variable Temperature Electric Kettle by Adagio Teas

  • Perfect for heating water to the right temperature for green and...
  • Measures approximately 8-1/5 by 6-4/5 by 9-1/5 inches
  • Cordless carafe; water-level gauge; power indicator light; flip-top...


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Product Description

Green tea lovers no longer have to struggle to achieve the optimal steeping temperature, while darker tea drinkers can still expect impeccably boiling water. With an innovative temperature control system, this versatile device can heat to your preference. At last, an all-inclusive kettle for heating water for the perfect pot of tea. This durable stainless steel kettle is a must-have for tea lovers of all kinds. Perfect for foodservice, restaurant and other professional industrial uses. Bulk pricing available through Adagio Wholesale. Made in China. 30 oz (1L).

ingenuiTEA teapot / tea maker by Adagio Teas

naturalplus. uk - now selling ingenuiTEA teaware.


English Bulldog "Adagio" Teapot

Adagio is an adorable English Bulldog. This custom portrait was created by K9 artist, Jen Geraghty @ pet portraits.


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  • The best car trash can

    04/30/15 ,via Coos Bay World

    What an amazing opportunity to learn the ins and outs of herbs and teas. To brew tea properly, you need a steeper. The Adagio ingenuiTEA Bottom-Dispending Teapot infuser/steeper is just the best ever. If you're into tea, this is the steeper you're

  • Music for Good Friday

    04/03/15 ,via Patheos (blog)

    Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings seems appropriate today. For me, the haunting strains create the perfect backdrop while contemplating Christ on the cross. I invite you to start the video, then gaze upon the image, and meditate upon the scripture

  • IngenuiTEA Is the Most Satisfying Way to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea

    06/15/12 ,via Lifehacker

    The IngenuiTEA teapot from Adagio Teas makes brewing tea not only easy but incredibly fun. After steeping loose tea leaves in hot water, place the teapot atop a mug and watch as the clear brew automagically pours into your cup. The brewer gives tea 


Elegant glass teapot & sample tea set make for a great gift for all tea lovers >> 08/30/15, @SoccerPartners
Adagio Teas 16 Oz IngenuiTEA Bottom Dispensing Teapot 08/29/15, @obduliocaso
Easy-to-use ingenuiTEA teapot whose ingenious design has been featured in The New York Times Time Magazine & HGTV >> 08/28/15, @SoccerPartners


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • If Teapots Could Talk

    Blue Sage Press. 2007. ISBN: 9780979061820,0979061822. 100 pages.

    More than 60 recipes for making all the delectable treats you'll need for an afternoon tea party, including scrumptious scones, dainty tea sandwiches, savory appetizers, tea time sweets and the perfect pot of tea. Fifteen creative theme party ideas with suggestions for: invitations, games and activities, decorations, menu choices and party favors. Get out those teapots and create fond memories of lively conversation and laughter and fun.

  • Gifted

    Penguin. 2006. ISBN: 9781440649431,144064943X. 304 pages.

    1,000 gift ideas for everyone in your life--no matter what their type! From a self-proclaimed shopaholic, Gifted identifies more than 20 different personalities-from The Curious Kid and The Sporty Adventurer to The Big Boss, The Quirky Pal, and The Sweet 16-and provides specific and original ideas for each one. The first gift guide to organize gift recipients according to personality type, Gifted: - Provides essential shopping info, such as where to buy each gift online and how much they cost - Inspires out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to gift ideas - Presents unique services, stores, and products - Introduces new and creative occasions for giftgiving, such as the Nouveau Divorcé, The Mommy-Any-Minute, and the Gay Hooray

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  • Online tea store switches to Eastman's “Tritan” copolyester for its new “ingenuiTEA” teapot

    07/18/15 ,via Plast Europe is a business information platform for the European plastics industry. It is part of KI Kunststoff Information and PIE Plastics Information Europe, one of the leading content providers for the European plastics industry. We offer daily ...

  • Adagio Fandom Tea Sets – Harry Potter + caffeine = I want a cuppa

    04/19/13 ,via The Gadgeteer

    If you are bored with your daily cup of Darjeeling and are looking to add new flavors to your morning tea routine, check out these fun Fandoms Sampler Sets from Adagio Teas. $39 will get you 10 one-ounce metal tins filled with themed signature blends of teas.

  • IngenuiTEA Is The Most Satisfying Way To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Tea

    06/16/12 ,via Life Hacker

    Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. The IngenuiTEA teapot from Adagio Teas makes brewing tea not only easy but incredibly fun. After steeping loose tea leaves in hot water, place the teapot atop a mug and watch as the clear brew automagically ...

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IngenuiTEA Teapot from Adagio Teas

ingenuiTEA The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere - we guarantee it. When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the ...

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Tea Time
Tea Time
Some blood orange tea from Adagio accompanies some freelance work I'm doing. In the back is my post-bloom grape hyacinth. The mug and teapot are both Goodwill finds. I love my teapot particularly
Photo by - luz - on Flickr
My New Teapot from Adagio
My New Teapot from Adagio
PersonaliTEA Teaware Review:
Photo by A Girl With Tea on Flickr
New teapot in the house means excellent opportunity to practice photographing transparent and reflective items. This shot uses one flash w/umbrella off to the left, a reflector to the right, and one flash bouncing off the ceiling in the back.
Photo by Zicon on Flickr
PersonaliTEA Teapot
PersonaliTEA Teapot
Adagio Teapot Warmer
Adagio Teapot Warmer
Image by