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Guangxi Chinese Teapot with Wood Handle Mottled Glaze Teapots Clay Taiwanese Teaware (light blue, dark blue) by Pacific Tea

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  • Volume 6.76 oz / 200 ml. Weight 18.37 oz. In our ceramic teaware we...
  • This clay teapot is covered with glaze. The side handle evokes the...


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The history of teaware is ripe with interesting trivia. Did you know that in the nineteenth century there was a fad for the moustache cups with a semicircular ledge inside which served as a guard to keep moustaches dry? Well, some trends come and go but love for China ceramic teaware is timeless. And our glazed teapot will perfectly complement any tea set. The shape of this teapot provides even distribution of heat and allows tea leaves to unfold fully while steeping. The thick clay walls keep tea hot for a long time. The wide opening of the oblong slightly narrowing spout facilitates quick pouring.

Use, cleaning and storage tips

  • Unless you start to see mold, it is best not to wash the ceramic teaware regularly but to simply rinse it after use.
  • Clay is porous and fragrant elements of a tea stay inside the pores and come out for the next brewings. That's why you should reserve your ceramic teaware for one family of tea only. The exceptions to this rule is the ceramic teaware that is glazed inside.
  • Clay teaware is traditionally used only for oolong and pu-erh teas, and some Chinese black ones.
  • When displaying ceramics in cabinets, make sure they are not too crowded and aren't touching each other.

"Pacific tea" is based in Hong Kong and strictly follows old traditions of tea culture. Our company has been wholesaling tea and teaware for about 130 years all over the world. Among our customers there are Chinese communities and restaurants, tea clubs and embassies. We are proud of the tea tradition in China, and eager to show people the difference between ordinary tea drinking and savoring each drop of the lovely tea in the best Asian style.

XDOBO High End Fat White Matt Handmade Kung Fu Tea Set Vintage China Style Porcelain Zen Wisdom Tea Set- Value Pack, Free to Choose (1* Celadon Teapot) by xdobo

  • Great for everyday use. Hand wash only.
  • A tea set converged with traditional tea culture and ancient...
  • Comes in a nice gift box. Suitable as a gift or a souvenir for...


Product Description

A Tea Set, A Zen Wisdom- A Healthy Lifestyle, A Peaceful Inner.

Since the Buddhism was introduced into China from the Qin Dynasty, and the Chinese people, jointly created the splendid Chinese civilization. The Buddhist view for world and life, influenced generations of people ever since. So far, the Buddhist classic ChanYu remains the beliefs for the searching of the otherworldly and the pursuit of quiet inside.

China is the hometown of tea. As to Chinese tea, it is said that discovered in the era of Shen Nong, at least 4700 years. Chinese tea culture reflects the long civilization and manners of the Chinese nation. Nowadays, More than one hundred countries and regions of the world's people like tea. Every National tea culture is different, each has his own features.

As we all know, tea is actually benefit for the health. For example, energizing, eliminating fatigue, preventing dental caries, prolonging life, maintaining your beauties and keeping young, preventing heatstroke, and so on.

Now, scroll to the top of this page, choose some teaware you like, click "Add to Cart", and make a new friend with Chinese splendid culture. The new but "ancient" friend is waiting to lead you into a healthy lifestyle and a peaceful inner.

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Fluttering Leaf Teapot and Cups With Phoenix Oolong Tea Set by The New York Times Company Store

Blue and white porcelain is arguably China's most well-known, easily recognized, and popular design. Tranquil Tuesdays Blue and White Fluttering Leaf Collection re-imagines this distinctly Chinese and iconic pattern with a contemporary, chic touch. The Tranquil Tuesdays Fluttering Leaf set with Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong Tea is exclusive to The New York Times Store and arrives in a Tranquil Tuesdays for The New York Times wooden gift box. A delightful gift for any occasion that is sure to impress. Brewing Guidelines: Enjoy 1.5 tablespoons of Tranquil Tuesdays Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong tea with one cup (about 8oz or 250mL) of filtered or spring water at 100 C/ 212 F. They recommend a quick tea rinse to awaken and open the tealeaves: pour the water over the tea, wait five to ten seconds, then dispose of the water. Next, steep the tea for up to fifteen seconds, lengthening the steeping time with each subsequent infusion. Take care as oolong teas can quickly become astringent from over-steeping. Experiment and adjust according to your own preferences and taste. Tranquil Tuesdays partners with artists in Chinas ancient porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, to design and craft their unique and beautiful teaware pieces. To source their premium teas, they travel throughout rural China to search for the most delicious teas from small family-owned farms. They work directly with the families who grow, pick, and handcraft their teas, and they visit often to be able to source in small, fresh batches. Additionally, Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to the importance of provenance. Honoring the traditions of high quality tea craftsmanship, each of their teas comes from its region of historical growing origin linked to its distinctive flavor, or terroir. Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to showcasing unblended and unscented teas, allowing you the chance to discover the rich and exciting taste of a teas natural harvest. As this item is on sale, no further discounts or coupon codes apply.


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  • Teapots steeped in tradition

    08/12/15 ,via Contra Costa Times

    Holve, who collects pottery from around the world, said she even took one of Newton's teapots with her to China to give to a tea connoisseur with an extensive teapot collection. After the teapot collector tested it, the teapot passed with flying colors

  • Tea festival a time to nominate some favourite beverages

    08/12/15 ,via The Australian

    This is tea done the grand, classic way, steeped in a silver teapot and served in bone china cups by staff trained in the art of tea service by Wedgwood commissaries. A second cup? Don't mind if I do — perhaps the Assam this time? Wenshan Baozhong 

  • THEN 'N' NOW

    08/12/15 ,via Rapid City Journal

    The tea set was recently purchased by the Black Hills Art Association. The china made in Germany is from the collection of the late Mrs. Goldie Livingston, Newell. Mrs. Livingston's collection of several hundreds included many unusual teapots she


Chinese ancient gold-plated silver teapot and cup and tray 08/08/15, @eliansota
Chinese porcelain - unearthed ancient aristocratic special porcelain teapot A4 08/08/15, @velascoubaldo3
Ancient Chinese ceramics in the qing dynasty long feng narrow, ceramic teapot 08/07/15, @pedronsalvo4


  • Chinese Hot-and-Sour Soup

    dark sesame oil, bamboo shoots, mushroom, cornstarch, soy sauce, mushroom, eggs, kosher salt, soy sauce, vegetable oil, pork chops, red wine vinegar, chicken broth, rice vinegar, green onion, sugar, tofu, white pepper


  • The beauty of Chinese Yixing teapots & the finer art of tea drinking

    Times Editions Pte. 2001. 154 pages.

    This volume contains the history and legends of the most famous teapot in China, the Yixing teapot: discover the properties and secrets of Yixing clay. It showcases over 60 of the most beautiful Yixing teapots, the works of some of the best known master craftsmen, in splendid full-color photography, and debunks some common myths about tea drinking, among them that tea tastes better in tiny red pots! It also guides you on the best ways to make tea, from selection of the right material to handling the preparation itself. The author takes the reader through the process of comparative testing with different teapots and different teas. His method, knowledge and experience will help you make the best choice, and get the best fragrance and taste out of your own teapots. Beautifully designed,...

  • Chinese Art

    Tuttle Publishing. 2008. ISBN: 080483864X,9780804838641. 288 pages.

    "Chinese Art examines the meanings behind the hundreds of common motifs and symbols found in all forms of Chinese art, exposing their linguistic, metaphoric or historic origins, common usage, and diverse applications. Plants, flowers, real and imaginary animals and birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians, colors, numbers, and a myriad of inanimate images and personages communicate auspicious and benevolent messages in the Chinese vocabulary of decorative art. Many of the symbols are easily recognizable, and thanks to China's love of the past, reappear almost continuously. A perfect reference for collectors, museum-goers, docents, students of Chinese art, and anyone else with a serious interest in the culture and history of China, the book includes both Chinese and Pinyin text, over 630...

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  • Exported Chinese porcelain on display at Shanghai Museum Museum

    08/08/15 ,via Xinhua News Agency

    The pieces on display include elaborately decorated dishes, vases, jars, teapots, incense burners and even a double ... But a number of discoveries of ancient Chinese porcelain from shipwrecks along trade routes over recent years have improved the ...

  • Exported Chinese porcelain on display at SH Museum

    08/08/15 ,via

    Exhibition of porcelain at SH Museum The pieces on display include elaborately decorated dishes, vases, jars, teapots, incense burners and ... But a number of discoveries of ancient Chinese porcelain from shipwrecks along trade routes over recent years ...

  • Sculpture by Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei headed to Whitman

    08/06/15 ,via Union-Bulletin

    At first sight the sculpture appears like some ancient spacecraft ... adorned with random teapots and cookware But this is “Refraction,” a 30-by-12-foot sculpture weighing more than 5 tons, created by world-renowned Chinese artist and political ...

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