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TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot Kettle High-end Gourd Japanese Style 1.2L No Enamel Interior by TOWA Workshop

  • 【MATERIAL】CAST IRON *The lid and handle is made by copper
  • 【SPOUT TIP IS BENT DOWNWARDS】This design however does not spill a...
  • 【CAST IRON TEAPOT】Retro Gourds tetsubin pattern.


Product Description

The cast iron kettle, also called TETSUBIN in Japan,which has handreds year of production.TOWA Workshop is one of the traditional workshops of handmade tetsubin.
You will find that use Tetsubin of boiling water, its taste is very different from any other ordinary cooking utensils boiled water, the taste is unique.
According to the Ministry of health in Japan, ordinary people needs about 10 milligrams a day. Using Tetsubin, it provides the ferrous ion for our body, which is easier to absorb. Iron intake helps to improve the immune system, the liver function, and the problem of constipation. Even for those infertility problems, it also helps in some way.

1.On the fist time, put 5g-10 g loose tea (or lemon) with 70% water into the pot, keep boiling for 10 minutes to get rid of the interior odor of the new Kettle.
2.Then pouring off the water from iron tea pot, and reboiling it with flesh water for 10 minutes. Repeat the step for 2 to 3 times, until the boild water is clear.
Reason: Through the above two steps, it not only to get rid of the odor from the new teapot but also help to prevent it from getting rust. Because the tannins contained in tea and the iron parts dissolved from iron will take a reaction and form a tannins-iron layer inside the cast iron teapot.

1.Dry it each time after finish using the tetsubin.
2.Do not leave any water in the tetsubin for a long time.
3.Must use lower output or weak fire until entire tetsubin is heated up.
4.Never try to remove spots from inside of tetsubin.
5.Rusted iron is safe for health.
6.Can touch the outside of tetsubin.
7.Keep filling 80% water in tetsubin when you boil water.

Handmade Tea Gift Set- Premium Brass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser for Loose Leaf Teas-Handmade Antique Vintage Design to Suit Modern & Traditional Home Decor Themes-25oz by Teaveli

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so sure that you will love our...


Product Description

Brass, the distinctly timeless alloy of copper and zinc oozes style and modernity without losing a sense of classic character. The most common use of the Teaveli brass teapot with Infuser:

- As the title suggests, infuse your black, green, oolong, chai and other loose leaf teas

- Store water overnight before consuming it the next day. Water stored in brass pots absorbs the medicinal properties of copper and zinc

- Use as a part of your traditional or modern home décor theme. People who want their homes to feel warmer and more relaxing have found brass to have a soft color with a sense of inherent quality. Brass introduces a warmer, richer tone and softer reflections into a room

- Brass as an alloy of copper and zinc benefits from the best of both the metals. Copper is anti-bacterial and germicidal. It has the intrinsic ability to kill a variety of potentially harmful pathogens. Zinc aids in improving immunity and an increased rate of healing for acne. Several of the aforementioned bacteria are responsible for a large portion of the nearly two million hospital-acquired infections contracted each year in the United States.

- Brass is stronger than most metals including copper aluminium and stainless steel and hence lasts for years.

- Like gold, brass has a distinctly timeless feel and gives an antiqued look to your home décor Please make sure you follow the instructions accompanying the product to ensure the product retains its looks for long. Feel free to post any questions you may have about the product here.

Click on "Add to cart" now to own your ageless Teaveli brass teapot with Infuser.

Antique Chinese Bronze Teapot DVDs. Wayne PAL Flea Market Finds Pick-Ups - 2/22/15

Ebay Discussion Boards for Help. com/t5/eBay-Categories/ct-p/12003 Antique Chinese Bronze Teapot DVDs. Wayne PAL Flea Market.

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The Book of Griswold & Wagner by (dba Shopping)

The Book of Griswold & Wagner, referred to as the blue book by collectors, is the most complete, accurate, and widely used reference guide and is coveted by collectors. This revised 5th edition features more pictures, updated values for cast iron cookware and kitchen collecting enthusiasts, and expanded charts. This definitive, encyclopedic guide details durable cast-iron antiques, including cornstick pans, griddles, Dutch ovens, gem pans, coffee grinders and roasters, trivets, molds, broilers, teapots, and much more. Over 1,000 photographs document variations of shape, size, dates, moldings, finishes, hardware types, catalog numbers, and markings. There are comprehensive histories of the manufacturers Griswold, Wagner, Sidney Hollow Ware, Favorite, and Wapak, as well as patent lists for meticulous researchers. This is an essential reference for anyone wishing to invest in these timeless treasures.


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  • Kovel: Veilleuse has multiple uses

    08/21/15 ,via INFORUM

    But the current meaning for antiques buyers is an object that is used to warm drinks near a bedside as well as serve as a nightlight. A small teapot was added to the veilleuse in the early 1800s. The teapot was Can you tell me about it and its

  • Veilleuse has more than one meaning

    08/19/15 ,via Wausau Daily Herald

    That is a descriptive word a seasoned auction-goer would understand, but the antiques meaning is not in most dictionaries. It is a French word that, A small teapot was added to the veilleuse in the early 1800s. The teapot was Do they have any

  • 'Veilleuse' is 'drink warmer' to antique buyers

    08/18/15 ,via Tyler Morning Telegraph

    A small teapot was added to the veilleuse in the early 1800s. The teapot was heated by an oil lamp. A three-part Gothic Revival veilleuse, made in about Do they have any value? A: Mid-century modern furniture is popular today. Thonet is a well



  • Stuff After Death: How To Identify, Value and Dispose of Inherited Stuff

    Mary Miley Theobald. 2012. ISBN: 9781467544382,1467544388.
  • Collectible Teapots

    Antique Trader Books. 1999. ISBN: 1582210187,9781582210186. 208 pages.

    Features nearly 2,000 price listings for collectible teapots, along with historical backgrounds, nation-by-nation explanations of style, pattern and composition, collector's guidelines, manufacturer's marks, and more.

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  • Kovel: Veilleuse has multiple uses

    08/18/15 ,via INFORUM

    But the current meaning for antiques buyers is an object that is used to warm drinks near a bedside as well as serve as a nightlight. A small teapot was added to the ... Do they have any value? A: Mid-century modern furniture is popular today.

  • Antiques by Terry and Kim Kovel: Veilleuse was a drink-warmer, nightlight

    08/20/15 ,via Buffalo News

    But the current meaning for antiques buyers is an object that is used to warm drinks near a bedside as well as serve as a nightlight. A small teapot was added to the ... Can you tell me its possible value? A: The patents were granted to Charles E.

  • Bedside night light could also warm a wee-hour pot of tea

    08/16/15 ,via The Columbus Dispatch

    But the current meaning for antiques buyers is an object used to warm drinks near a bedside and serve as a night light. A small teapot, heated by an oil lamp ... Do they have any value? A: Midcentury modern furniture is popular today.

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