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ISINO Teapot and Cup Set , Metal Teatop Kettle , Asian Tea Set by ISINO

  • CAST IRON TEAPOT - One of the most common materials when crafting...
  • Guarantee - 100% RISK FREE. If you are not satisfied with our...
  • Round Cast Iron Teapot Trivet with Rubber Pegs For More Protection...


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Product Description

How to use the teapot ?

1.When you use it daily, pour 4/5 of water to avoid overflowing after boiling water . After 5 days , the internal will appear scarlet spots , 10 days will appear white scale . This is a normal phenomenon, as long as the water is not cloudy is not affecting the drink .

2. After each use, open a small fire to fully evaporate the water inside the pot, and then clean the wall with a clean cloth to keep the pot body dry . To prevent the iron pot rust, affecting the service life.

Package included

--1*500ML(17 Oz)Cast Iron Tea kettle

--1*stainless steel Strainer

--1*Cast Iron Trivet

--4* 2.5 Oz Cast Iron Teacup

Japanese Tetsubin Plum & Asian Bamboo Green Cast Iron Teapot 20 Ounce with Infuser by Hinomaru Collection

  • Perfect for gift giving for any occasion. You can use it as house...
  • Tetsubin (鉄瓶) are Japanese cast-iron kettles with a pouring spout,...
  • Made of cast iron and black porcelain enameled interior makes it...


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Product Description

Tetsubin (鉄瓶) are Japanese cast-iron kettles with a pouring spout, a lid, and a handle crossing over the top, used for boiling and pouring hot water for drinking purposes, such as for making tea. Tetsubin are traditionally heated over a charcoal fire. In the Japanese art of chanoyu, the special portable brazier for this is the binkake (瓶掛). (See list of Japanese tea ceremony equipment). Tetsubin are often elaborately decorated with relief designs on the outside. They range widely in size, and many have unusual shapes, making them popular with collectors. A relatively small tetsubin may hold around 0.5 litres of water; large ones may hold around 5 litres. Tetsubin can be found in many colors with various designs and patterns such as this red one that has symbols depicting each of the four seasons for good luck The historical origin of the tetsubin is not certain. At least one authoritative Japanese source[1] states that it developed from the spouted and handled water kettle called tedorigama that was already being used in chanoyu in the era of Sen no Rikyū (1522-91). During the 19th century, infused tea became more popular and tetsubin were considered primarily status symbols rather than functional kitchen items. Outside Japan, a frequently seen variant is a cast-iron teapot that outwardly resembles a tetsubin. This type of teapot is glazed with enamel on the inside to make it more practical for tea brewing, though it can't be used to heat water because that would break the enamel coating. In the west, these teapots are commonly referred to as tetsubin, although the Japanese call them "tetsu kyūsu" (鉄急須), or iron teapot, to make a distinction from the kettle. Cast-iron teapots often come with a tea strainer that fits inside. The prefectures of Iwate and Yamagata are best known for producing tetsubin as well as iron teapots.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Yixing teapot: Wuyi Oolong

com we sale tea set full tea ceremony set at musiccitytea. I will teach tea class, join us for free tea tasting and leaning about all tea benefit and.

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Acorn Manufacturing DQCGP 1.5 x 1.75 in. Artisan Collection Teapot, Museum Gold by

A lush and green garden is a thing of beauty. A well trimmed lawn or garden is a pleasure to behold. Check out our high quality garden supplies which are highly durable and stable. Features Artisan Collection Teapot A modern and stylish Specifications Color: Museum Gold Size: 1.5 x 1.75 in. Weight: 0.1 lbs


Hankook Tea 10 Pyramid Sachets Herbal Organic Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane by

The art of drinking water has been cultivated to graceful perfection. The pristine essence of our heirloom teas has been preserved as each leaf is meticulously nurtured and harvested with patient determination and expertise. With our stringent standards and dedication, we have continued our rich heritage and defined the modern history of exceptional teas. We learned to delight in the refined arts of friendship and shared tea. A bright golden infusion, the color of the liquor reflects its sunny flavor profile - crisp and clear with a delicate hint of mint. Enjoy the beauty of spring at any times as you watch the blossoms bloom in your cup. Drop just about 3-4 blossoms in 10 oz. of boiling hot water for a quick refreshment of the mind. These blossoms are commonly used by Asian herbalists as a cure for headache and dizziness. This infusion is perfect for those who have strained or fatigued eyes. We have our most popular artisan teas in pyramid sachets. The sachet will balloon out in a mug or teapot, allowing for the same full experience as steeping loose leaf tea. Features10 Pyramid Sachets Herbal Organic Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane Specifications Origin: South Korea Ingredients: 100% Organic Chrysanthemum Blossoms Taste: Sunny, crisp and clean with a delicate hint of mint


The Potomack Company Enjoys Solid Spring Sale - Maine Antique Digest

This oil on canvas is attributed to the circle of Gaetano Lapis (Italian, 1704-1776). The painting depicts the central encounter in the story of Armida and Rinaldo from the poem by Torquato Tasso (1544-1595). Armida is shown as she approaches the... The 34" x 48" painting sold to an Internet buyer for $23,500 (est. $3000/5000). Here is a Chinese silk jacket that dates from the late Qing Dynasty. The jacket is dark blue silk, embroidered with an allover design of scrolling flowers and butterflies. The jacket sold to an Internet buyer for $4700 (est. This oil on canvas of a mother and child is by Vu Cao Dam (Vietnamese/French, 1908-2000). The 24¼" x 18½" image is signed and dated 1966. The painting depicts a woman standing with a child who is holding an armful of flowers. Vu Cao Dam studied art in both Hanoi and Paris. France became his home, and he spent virtually all of his adult life in Paris and the south of France. This painting sold to a telephone bidder for $19,975 (est. Photos courtesy The Potomack Company. The spring live catalog auction at The Potomack Company was held on April 4 at the company’s gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. We do need to differentiate between Potomack’s live and online auctions. Potomack owner Elizabeth Wainstein has hit upon what appears to be a winning strategy in the timing of her sales. Each live cataloged auction is scheduled for a Saturday. The Tuesday following that sale is set aside for an online-only sale. In addition to the expected listing information through the Invaluable hosting website, the Saturday catalog contains a section devoted to the upcoming Tuesday online sale, with photographs and descriptions of the items that will be offered. The idea of offering overflow inventory or items passed during an earlier auction at an auctioneer’s secondary sale is not new. What seems to tip the scales in favor of Wainstein’s approach is that the secondary sale comes immediately following the live sale. Patrons who have previewed the live auction have been exposed to the items that will be offered online. With the auction fresh in their minds, they can view the item again online. eral of the online sales, and the sell rate is very high. In fact, many items that I have noticed as being passed at a live auction have realized a significantly higher hammer price online than the price at which they had been passed the first time. The April 4 live catalog sale was what we have come to expect from Potomack. There was a strong group of Asian items followed by fine art, jewelry, ceramics, and furniture. Within the category there were 68 lots of over 200 teapots that crossed the block during the sale. The teapots were consigned from a single Virginia collection and seemed to run the gamut of style, shape, and age. The high lot among the teapots was a Chinese famille noire molded pot, with an artemisia leaf mark, which sold for $4406. 25 (with buyer’s premium), nearly double its high estimate. Within the more traditional Asian lots were eight Buddha figures from a single private Maryland collection. The Buddha figures, like the teapots, came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Six of the eight examples sold at or below their low estimates. The exceptions were a small (3¾" high) 18th-century Sino-Tibetan gilt-bronze figure that brought $4993. 75 (est. $500/800) and an 11¾" high Sino-Tibetan gilt figure with traces of red paint that brought a surprising $11,750, nearly three times its high estimate. The high lot of the sale came from the fine arts category. An oil on canvas attributed to the circle of Gaetano Lapis (Italian, 1704-1776) sold to an Internet buyer for $23,500, more than four times its high estimate. The painting depicted a crucial moment in the story of Armida and Rinaldo. In the general category of furniture, bargains were available among all styles, brown or otherwise. The exception was the relative strength of a small run of mid-century modern pieces at the end of the sale. A pair of Harry Bertoia lounge chairs with the original receipt from 1955 brought $2115 (est. Source:

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  • The Potomack Company Enjoys Solid Spring Sale

    07/10/15 ,via Maine Antique Digest

    Within the more traditional Asian lots were eight Buddha figures from a single private Maryland collection. The Buddha figures, like the teapots, came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Six of the eight examples sold at or below their low estimates.

  • New Saugus eatery to fill a void

    Inspired by the lack of options Nikolay Doronin and wife Dilara found for a good adult dining experience, combined with an entertainment option for their two young children, Nikolay set out to build his own restaurant model – the Teapot Café in Saugus

  • 28 Chinese Cavort Amid the Treasures of the Asian Art Museum

    07/07/15 ,via Huffington Post

    Horning in on a cluster of delicate teapots and vessels from the Qing dynasty are two of Ai's sculptural works. A Ton of Tea compresses and configures a ton of Pu'er tea leaves into a massive, dark cube that could be mistaken for rusted metal. Table


Photo: Oh! Pretty pretty Teapots! world-of-asian-style: For more photos follow us on Ғαcɛвσσκ and Ƭωιттɛя ♥ 07/10/15, @orangemoontea
Aww, I broke one of my little teapots. Well, at least it wasn't one of the Asian ones. 07/07/15, @takenji_ebooks


  • Asian Chicken Salad

    brown sugar, chicken, green onion, lettuce, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, sesame seed, soy sauce, vegetable oil


  • The beauty of Chinese Yixing teapots & the finer art of tea drinking

    Times Editions Pte. 2001. 154 pages.

    This volume contains the history and legends of the most famous teapot in China, the Yixing teapot: discover the properties and secrets of Yixing clay. It showcases over 60 of the most beautiful Yixing teapots, the works of some of the best known master craftsmen, in splendid full-color photography, and debunks some common myths about tea drinking, among them that tea tastes better in tiny red pots! It also guides you on the best ways to make tea, from selection of the right material to handling the preparation itself. The author takes the reader through the process of comparative testing with different teapots and different teas. His method, knowledge and experience will help you make the best choice, and get the best fragrance and taste out of your own teapots. Beautifully designed,...

  • 500 Teapots

    Lark Books. 2015. ISBN: 157990341X,9781579903411. 416 pages.

    Showcases five hundred creative teapots, from wheel-thrown to handbuilt, crafted in a variety of styles and artistic traditions.

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  • Shen Yunlan: China's Leading Maker of Zisha Pots

    07/13/15 ,via 中国妇女网

    I have been learning elaborate-style painting, or to say, Chinese fine brushwork, to apply it to my zisha ware. For example, the technique I have acquired from painting helps present the shade and glossiness of a teapot, which otherwise is more of a ...

  • China to let independent refiners import more crude

    07/09/15 ,via Reuters

    "The major headwinds facing the teapot refining sector - including tighter domestic credit conditions, a ban on products exports and the continued slowdown in Chinese fuels demand growth - will limit the upside," said Emma Richards of BMI Research.

  • New Saugus eatery to fill a void

    07/07/15 ,via Signal SCV

    It’s a fusion of popular dishes with an international flair, including a bit of Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican and European inspired dishes, he described. Supporting non-GMO - Genetically Modified Organism – growers, Teapot Café will also serve some ...

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Dragon Teapot 08161001
Dragon Teapot 08161001
Can anyone provide information on this teapot?
Photo by 1970 Lincoln Continental on Flickr
Vintage Chinese Glazed Teapot made from Yixing Zisha Clay Glazed Chinese Yixing porcelain teapot with traditional iconography showing scenes of nature. It is made using Zisha clay from Yixing in Jiangsu Province, China. This special "purple sand" clay has been used since the Song Dynasty (960-1279) - it is considered the best clay for teapots. The inside is unglazed, as is expected with Yixing teapots, so that with use, the tea will infuse into the body of the teapot and, over time, enhance the flavor of the tea. Includes presentation box and certificate of authentication from previous seller in China. Maker's mark on the bottom. No cracks or chips, but some intentional firing irregularities in the glaze. MORE INFO:
Photo by Silk Road Collection on Flickr
Teapot and Teacup
Teapot and Teacup
at Salut. To read more about this lovely visit:
Photo by FoodishFetish on Flickr
supply cheap Asian Pottery Teapots and discount Asian Pottery Teapots ...
supply cheap Asian Pottery Teapots and discount Asian Pottery Teapots ...
Asian teapots
Asian teapots
supply cheap Asian Pottery Teapots and discount Asian Pottery Teapots ...
supply cheap Asian Pottery Teapots and discount Asian Pottery Teapots ...