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Teabloom TIMELESS MOMENTS 40 oz Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid & Filter Spout + 2 Tea Flowers - Great for Flowering Tea & Loose Leaf Tea - VIEW PROMOTION DETAILS BELOW TO ADD FREE BAMBOO COASTER/TRIVET by Teabloom

  • TWO GOURMET BLOOMING TEAS INCLUDED: This 40 oz. crystal clear tea...


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Product Description

This Teapot Handles it All With Style

This clear teapot is just as strong and durable as it is beautiful. Made from sturdy borosilicate glass that resists breaking, cracking, scratching and shattering - you'll still be enjoying delicious cups of tea poured from this pot many years from now.

Looks Fantastic on Every Table

You'll appreciate the versatility of the Asian-inspired design of this bamboo topped teapot. Incredibly simple in its elegance, it can sit proudly on any table top. The stainless steel strainer is removable and works great for keeping tea leaves, ice cubes (for iced tea) and fruit slices (for infused waters and flavored teas) from your tea mug.

Dishwasher and Stovetop Safe

Saves time with effortless cleanup - simply place it into the dishwasher and you'll have a clean teapot ready when you are. When brewing flowering tea, simply cover the flowering tea blossom with several inches of boiling water and allow it to steep for up to 10 minutes while you enjoy the show.

Full One-Year Warranty

This Timeless Moments Bamboo Teapot will add a touch of Asian elegance to every home and make teatime a fun event for all. Buy with confidence knowing we're backing your blooming teapot purchase with a full one-year warranty.

Order Your New Timeless Moments Bamboo Teapot Today and Discover How Beautiful Tea Can Be

Note: The large bamboo trivet/coaster engraved with the message "Timeless Moments" is NOT included but can be added for FREE. RECEIVE THE FREE BAMBOO ROUND COASTER/TRIVET IN 3 EASY STEPS: View promotion section on this page. Click "Add both to cart". Enter code FCOASTER at checkout.

Elegance Silver 87625 Silver Plated Teapot Tea Spoon with Crystal (Pack of 4) by Elegance Silver

  • Beautiful design, perfect for parties
  • Great for everyday/constant use
  • Made for commercial use


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Product Description

Elegance Silver is the missing ingredient to any great dinner party. Upgrade your title to host of the year with quality serve ware, dishware, table decor, and more! Elegance Silver is perfectly ideal for any home kitchen, commercial kitchen, or occasion. Don’t settle for an inferior product, chose Elegance Silver.

Beautiful Chinese Teapot

A VERY big thank you to Gary and Veronica Davis - especially Veronica who has so kindly sent me one of her teapots. And thank you from the bottom.

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Old Dutch 1016MB Matte Black Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot 20 Oz by

Unity Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot Matte Black finish. An elegant, distinctly shaped cast iron Tetsubin teapot named after the beautiful and ancient city of Sapporo, Japan. Inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black porcelain enamel interior coating that helps prevent rust Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation for brewing and serving tea. Not intended for stovetop use. 20 oz. capacity. Hand Wash


Old Dutch 1015RD Red Cast Iron Tokyo Teapot 11 Oz by

Unity Cast Iron Tokyo Teapot Red finish. An elegant, distinctly shaped cast iron Tetsubin teapot named after the beautiful and ancient city of Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black porcelain enamel interior coating that helps prevent rust Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation for brewing and serving tea. Not intended for stovetop use. 11 oz. capacity. Hand Wash


Sewing, designing, knitting, cutting out, pulling out and of course socialising!

The weather might have been great outside but we still had a great turn up for folks keen to create and socialise. One of our regulars had a variety of projects to work on: there was the beautiful quilted patchwork bag completed and in use to show everyone. the patchwork table runner showcasing braid quilting had met a design hiccough in the middle and required some patient unpicking. there was the Inspiration Folder to be put into some sense of order (all of those printouts from the internet really need to be categorised so they can be referred to and utilised at some future date and of course the rest of us had to have a look... the Knitted Knock--s needed to be finished off completely and those loose ends tucked away so that they are now ready for delivery. and there was that therapeutic pulling out that you did for one of the other regulars whose quilt needs a bit of modification. Quite an achievement for a Saturday afternoon spent socialising. Another of our creative members was working on a couple of projects too. There was the tea cosy that needed embellishment before it was ready to be put into service keeping the tea scalding hot on these cool winter days. Maintaining the 'keeping warm in winter theme', there was the cosy winter blanket that was being personalised and decorated with wool embroidered flowers stitched free hand and inspired by various illustrations from back issues of the Embroidery &... It's quite difficult to capture the fragile wispiness of flowers like the bottle-brush when embroidering in wool. It is a wonderful way of making a serviceable item into something creative and quite special. One of our members who is relatively new to sewing spent most of the afternoon agonising over the best way to cut out the lining of her winter skirt. Sometimes it is just so nervewracking making that first cut. trying to back out over the edge is so difficult but once you're over that, you're committed and have no choice but to keep moving. After you have started to cut, a sort of acceptance seeps in and you just continue, knowing that the commitment has been made and what ever situations arise as a result will just have to be dealt with. Converting a length of fabric to something wearable, while exciting, can be quite daunting as well. Another of our social sewers has taken on the task of creating teapot cosies for an assortment of teapots for a soon-to-be-opened restaurant. The measurements were taken but somehow the carefully-considered system of measurement was found to be open to a variety of interpretations when it came to the design phase. There was discussion as to whether a teapot cosy should cover the whole pot and be removed in its entirety for pouring or should the cosy leave the handle and spout out in the cold but stay put for pouring. That's is not even taking into consideration colour, fabric, construction and the collection of shapes and sizes that need to be accommodated. It'll be interesting to watch this project progress. Another of our regulars has been involved in the Knitted Knock--s Australia project but has had to interrupt this project after a SOS from her daughter who has added a rescue greyhound to her menagerie. This poor creature is not built for the chilly winter mornings and is in desperate need of a jumper. Apparently ordinary dog coats cannot accommodate the big chest, tiny waist and long body length of a greyhound. A search of the library catalogue brought up a couple of books on stylish dog coats but none for greyhounds. 'Ms Google the Knitter' brought up several options but on closer inspection these were somewhat lacking in the finer detail so now the beginnings of a greyhound poloneck off the internet is being attached to a cute pattern for a dachshund (from... Winter could be over by the time the project is completed but there is always next year. Looking forward to the variety of projects that present at next month's SSS. If you enjoy sewing or associated crafts, bring your project along including all the bits of gadgetry required to progress the project, to the Gordon White Library Community Meeting Room on Saturday 29 August at 1. 00pm. Source: Social Sewing Saturdays

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    07/25/15 ,via Miami Herald

    This bridge between mind and hand was central to the Newcomb art program, which emphasized a pairing of utility and beauty in multiple artforms. Contemporary potteries and art tile works like . The range of ceramic forms included in the Wolfsonian

  • Perennial Pleasures: A garden of delight in East Hardwick

    07/26/15 ,via

    A variety of straw hats, tea supplies (teapots, tea cups, tea cozies), clothing, jewelry, scarves, locally made pottery, and some toiletries, among them scented soaps — sandalwood, frankincense, lemon. What struck me was the color: the clothing

  • Letters: Tightly-fought contest won by Teapots' team

    07/26/15 ,via Frome Standard

    Among much appreciated prizes at the interval raffle, all given by local sponsors, were a meal voucher from The Archangel, a truckle of organic cheddar cheese from Sagebury Cheese and a beautiful plant from Barters Nurseries. At the end of the evening, 


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  • The beauty of Chinese Yixing teapots & the finer art of tea drinking

    Times Editions Pte. 2001. 154 pages.

    This volume contains the history and legends of the most famous teapot in China, the Yixing teapot: discover the properties and secrets of Yixing clay. It showcases over 60 of the most beautiful Yixing teapots, the works of some of the best known master craftsmen, in splendid full-color photography, and debunks some common myths about tea drinking, among them that tea tastes better in tiny red pots! It also guides you on the best ways to make tea, from selection of the right material to handling the preparation itself. The author takes the reader through the process of comparative testing with different teapots and different teas. His method, knowledge and experience will help you make the best choice, and get the best fragrance and taste out of your own teapots. Beautifully designed,...

  • Teapots Beautiful & Strange

    1965. 6 pages.

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  • Letters: Tightly-fought contest won by Teapots' team

    07/26/15 ,via Standard

    As both teams had won on previous occasions there was hot competition up till the last round, when Chocolate Teapots just pulled ahead on one ... of organic cheddar cheese from Sagebury Cheese and a beautiful plant from Barters Nurseries.

  • Australian Woodfire: Curator's Choice is diverse

    07/24/15 ,via Sydney Morning Herald

    Teapot, by Carol Rosser. Photo ... not seem to be any breakages and although the air was full of wood smoke and ash the pots themselves were a beautiful terracotta. Contemporary potters, however, use wood-firing kilns because they enjoy the challenge ...

  • NICK STROBEL: Venus, moon, Saturn still at top of the bill

    07/17/15 ,via Bakersfield

    Saturday evening’s sky shows a beautiful grouping of a thin waxing crescent moon ... It is to the upper left of the teapot part of Sagittarius in a section sometimes called the Teaspoon. I have a chart showing its location in the Night Sky section ...

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Dragon Teapot 08161001
Dragon Teapot 08161001
Can anyone provide information on this teapot?
Photo by 1970 Lincoln Continental on Flickr
Tea Pot
Tea Pot
A still of my tea pot and tea cups. I hadn't shot anything lit for a while and just needed to shoot something so I grabbed this. Shot on a D700 with 70-200 f/2.8. Beautiful lens and camera. 45 degree backlit with tungsten heavily diffused. Fill light is a tungsten bounced straight up off a white cieling.
Photo by akatchen on Flickr
Bradley Birkhimer Chinese Red Teapot |
Bradley Birkhimer Chinese Red Teapot |
Potter Bradley Birkhimer has achieved a rich elegance in this beautiful earthen green with red specks of flashing on this beautiful teapot. Great conversations start with a good cup and better company. 6" tall x 5" diameter and is approximately 9" from handle to spout.
Photo by MountainMadePhotos on Flickr
Beautiful Teapots - 20 Pics
Beautiful Teapots - 20 Pics
Beautiful Teapots - 20 Pics
Beautiful Teapots - 20 Pics
interesting/beautiful teapot
interesting/beautiful teapot
Image by