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Churchill Blue Willow Teapot 40-ounce by Churchill

  • Made of earthenware (English ironstone)
  • This iconic design was originally made in 1818, crisp and clear...
  • Quintessential English, made by Churchill China 1795 in the heart...


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One of Churchill's most famous and timeless collections, Willow tells the story of two lovers turned to doves. These pieces are classic and encompass the traditional feel that has made Willow world famous.

Beautiful Glass Teapot with Infuser by Gold Star Life

  • No more spillages! Well designed spout to prevent excess tea...
  • Removable glass infuser which is easy to clean. No more struggling...
  • Enjoy a beautiful cup of tea with no metallic twang as the teapot...



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Do you like tea? And nice things? Then this is the teapot for you! Proudly show off your love of tea with this special piece. Don't know how well brewed your tea is in a tradition teapot? With this special borosilicate glass teapot you can watch though the glass as you pour the hot water over the tea and see it infuse into a glorious cup of delight. Enlightening your senses as it comes to life in a beautiful aroma and colour. Made from the finest quality borosilicate glass, this teapot can sit proudly on your kitchen side as a statement piece. Not only will it brew you the best quality tea, giving the freshest taste you could ask for, it looks the part too. Are you fed up of pouring your tea and having excess liquid run down the side? With the well designed pouring spout there will be no more dibble on your side to clean up. Tea stained teapots can look grubby and unappealing. This glass won't stain and cleans up easily. So it will be the prettiest thing on your side. Whether it is a gift for someone else, a birthday, an anniversary, Mother's Day or just a treat for yourself, this teapot cannot let you down. FDA inspected and proved, belay your fears and have a cup of tea with us!

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Corning Corelle Shadow Iris Personal Teakettle - 1.2 quart Teapot by

This personal teakettle is perfect for afternoon tea while enjoying solitude. The Shadow Iris pattern features two beautiful iris flowers growing right through the center on a white background.