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Bee House Ceramic Round Teapot (SkyBlue) by Bee House

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 15oz ceramic teapot - medium size for one or two cups
  • Removable stainless steel lid and filter mesh infuser included


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Product Description

The Bee House 15 oz ceramic teapot features an elegant glossy finish, removable stainless steel flip top lid, and removable stainless steel infuser. This teapot brews 1 mug, or 1-2 small cups.

Teapot is dishwasher safe, and microwave safe with stainless steel lid and infuser are removed. Bee House makes it easy to pre-heat your teapot, and to keep it sparkling clean!

Bee House 15oz Teapots may also be used with any size Bee House coffee dripper.

Bee House (Zero Japan) ceramic products are manufactured in the Gifu prefecture, the center of Japanese ceramics for many centuries. The Bee House name was inspired by the concept of a group of dedicated people working closely together to create well-designed, simple and functional products.

Supreme Housewares Whistling Tea Kettle, Bee Hive by Supreme Housewares

  • Bee Hive Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Capacity: 2.4 quarts
  • It whistles when water reaches boiling, adding fun to your kitchen



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Product Description

With the changing times and unstoppable development, many people now prefer to have electric kettles in their kitchens so that they could save so much time when boiling. Although these kettles are really efficient and effective, it would also be good if you would have the traditional kettles which would never fail you anytime you need them. Made with good and creative taste, the kettles below are just some of the usual kettles you might want to have at home. Aside from their main function which is to boil water, another good thing about these kettles is that they are really cute that they could serve as good decors at your home. Undoubtedly, they give more life to your kitchen.

How to Use a BeeHouse Teapot

How to infuse tea in a Bee House Japanese teapot.

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Bee House Teapot

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Tea Hive
Tea Hive
Teapot of the month at the Twining Teapot Gallery, Norwich Castle Museum
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Beehive Teapot
Beehive Teapot
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Saturday Morning Tea
Saturday Morning Tea
Supplies to start Saturday off on the right foot. Sarah M. would be so proud of me.
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Beehive teapot
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Beehive teapot
Beehive teapot
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