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Churchill Blue Willow Teapot 40-ounce by Churchill

  • This iconic design was originally made in 1818, crisp and clear...
  • Quintessential English, made by Churchill China 1795 in the heart...
  • Made of earthenware (English ironstone)


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One of Churchill's most famous and timeless collections, Willow tells the story of two lovers turned to doves. These pieces are classic and encompass the traditional feel that has made Willow world famous.

HIC Blue Willow Teapot, Fine White Porcelain, 3-Cup, 16-Ounce by HIC Harold Import Co.

  • Richly illustrated with weeping willow, pagoda, bridge and...
  • HIC's Blue Willow Teapot depicts the highly collected Blue Willow...
  • Easy to fill and clean; not intended for direct flame contact; safe...



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Product Description

Blue Willow Teapot, Fine White Porcelain, 3-Cup, 16-Ounce

Churchill England Willow Blue & White Tea - Tea Pot - Dinner and Serving Set 70 Pieces

Blue & White Willow Dinner Serving Churchill England Teapot, Dinner Plate, Serving.

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AA Importing 59785 Blue And White Teapot by

This Blue And White Teapot features Blue and white transferware porcelain with Blue Willow design. Lid is removable. It Measures 7 X 10 X 2.75 Inches, and makes a great gift. For residents of California - California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or other reproductive harm. This notice is being provided in accordance with California's Proposition 65. Read more about Prop 65 on the State of California Prop 65 website.


Raving About Christmas Carols and Chutney

A month ago I did a promotion called Christmas in July – Cancun Style and my friend Daisy Banks from England joined me with her book Christmas Carols . Today I’m Ranting and Raving about her newest book. Thank you, KaLyn, for your kind offer to help me celebrate the release of my new book Christmas Carols , published by Liquid Silver Books on the 10 of August. I know readers might think it a little odd to be thinking about Christmas in August but in Victorian England, where my story is set, people were used to starting their Christmas preparations early. My grandmother knew about the preparations made below stairs in a big house to make sure Christmas ran smoothly for the family and the servants. This involved the kitchen staff making and storing the sauces and pickles used to add flavour, spice and interest to Christmas celebration meals both up stairs and below. One of the Christmas favorites which could be made in late summer and matured ready for Christmas is Elderberry Chutney. This is a recipe you could try if you wished and will be mature in time for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This recipe makes about one and a half pounds of chutney. 2 pints of elderberries. 4 oz of demerara sugar. 1 pint of cider vinegar or good malt vinegar. Wash and pick over the elderberries. Put all the ingredients in a large saucepan and stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cook until all the ingredients are soft, stirring from time to time. Continue cooking until the consistency is thick. You can tell it’s ready when you draw the spoon across and the mark doesn’t immediately fill with liquid. Meanwhile chose small jars with vinegar-proof lids. Jars with plastic lids work best. Don’t use paper lids because the vinegar can evaporate through them and the chutney will dry out. Don’t use metal lids because the vinegar corrodes the metal. Put your washed jars in a cool oven to dry and warm. Fill the warmed jars nearly to the brim with hot chutney and put the lids on at once. Label and date jars and store in a cool dark place until you wish to use. This recipe will last a long time if correctly covered. Pickles feature in Christmas Carols as part of an impromptu meal shared by Alice and Stephen at the end of a snowy walk. Alice readied a willow pattern serving plate with several thick slices of fresh bread and butter, cut the pork pie into bite size sections, some rather larger than others, those would be his. As an accompaniment she ladled out a bowl of pickles and put the lot on a tray with some small plates and cutlery. The kettle sang, and she made tea in her best teapot, got down her best cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl. A tea tray ready too, she took it into the parlor. Tea, and I’ll go and get our meal once I’ve poured you a cup. Will Blue want anything. ” she said as she poured tea for Stephen. “A bowl of water will see him through until we get home. “Of course, I’ll bring some for him. ” She took the tea over. “Here, I hope this warms you up. There is a small table by the side of the armchair. If you feel down to your left, you’ll find it. You can put your cup there if you wish. “Oh, I’ve thawed out now, and thank you. I’ll just fetch the food and some water for Blue. ” She went back to the kitchen, found a low-sided basin for the dog and filled it with water. With that and the tray with their hasty made meal, she went back to the sitting room. “Alice, is it all right for Blue to be in here. I don’t want him getting used to your finest rug. She set the tray down. “It’s quite acceptable for Blue to be in the parlor. I’d not make him sit in the hallway in the draughts. I’ll put his water down here. Blue, water. “Perhaps he’ll want some later. ” She poured a cup of tea and sat on the straight-backed sofa opposite the hearth. She picked up her cup and sipped the hot liquid. Please, tell me when you’ve finished your tea. I can pour more or we can eat, everything is ready. ” A smile rose as he lifted his cup. He had smiled so often since she sang in the church and his smile had her hanging onto his words. When he smiled, Mr. Stephen Grafton had to be the most attractive man she’d known since…. Source: Rants and Raves by KaLyn Cooper

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  • Perfectly Matched (The Blue Willow Brides Book #3)

    Revell. 2013. ISBN: 9781441243119,1441243119. 352 pages.

    Anna Olsen knows it's time to leave her sister's increasingly crowded house and start a life of her own. Following her sisters' examples, she becomes a mail-order bride, and after a short correspondence with clock maker and jeweler Edward Parker, she moves to Denver to become his wife. Almost immediately it's painfully apparent that Anna and Edward are very different. Anna is a free spirit who would rather be painting and enjoying the company of friends than cleaning house. Edward is a consummate perfectionist who, on their wedding day, hands Anna a list of chores that need to be done around the house daily. Can this mismatched couple see past their differences to a harmonious future? Or will their disparate passions create obstacles neither is willing to surmount? Maggie Brendan closes...

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  • Exhibition at the Newark Museum celebrates the teapot

    12/22/11 ,via

    “The Teapot is a unique exhibition of decorative art that chronicles ... expressions of their creators’ artistic visions like Behind Quiet Veils of the Blue Willow, by Red Weldon Sandlin, a painted white earthenware, on a faux-painted wooden book ...

  • Burgess: Blue Willow Inn a local treasure

    04/23/11 ,via Covington News

    When Billie and Louis were first married they found a Blue Willow teapot at an antique shop for 25 cents (things were much cheaper then). Louis loved antiques and Billie loved blue and white porcelain. The couple bought a Blue Willow platter next ...


    01/26/11 ,via

    The globular teapot painted with a riverscape scene enclosing flowering peonies and a willow tree beside a rocky terrace; the conical coffee pot painted with chrysanthemums and rockwork, the side with a strap loop handle

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Blue Willow II
Blue Willow II
Kodak Max 400 Yashica FX-70 Quartz
Photo by Sarah Elizabeth Altendorf on Flickr
blue and white transfer printed willow pattern coffee pot and lid, marked on base LEEDS POTTERY object length: 210mm object height: 240mm object diameter (base): 94mm
Photo by Leeds Museums and Galleries on Flickr
The simplest of pleasures
The simplest of pleasures
Digital Art
Photo by Abitha_Arabella on Flickr
Royalty Free Stock Photos: Blue Willow Teapot
Royalty Free Stock Photos: Blue Willow Teapot
Blue Willow Teapot 32 oz
Blue Willow Teapot 32 oz
Blue Willow Teapot w/ Infuser for loose tea ~ perfect for tea by ...
Blue Willow Teapot w/ Infuser for loose tea ~ perfect for tea by ...
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