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Brown Betty 6 Cup Teapot Cobalt Blue by Brown Betty

  • Made in the same tradition as in 1695
  • Enjoy your cup of tea from this wonderful famous teapot
  • Lovely Rockingham glaze


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This teapot is a must for anybody who loves a proper cup of tea. Hand made in Stoke on Trent by Adderley Ceramics the teapots are manufactured in Red Terracotta and finished with a wonderful shining Rockingham glaze . Each teapot comes with a card explaining the history of the famous Brown Betty traditional teapots.

Cobalt Betty Teapot - 4 Cup by English Tea Store

  • 4 cup tea pot
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • The historic Betty teapot in a cobalt glaze


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The famous Brown Betty Teapot is also available as the Cobalt Betty. This little teapot has quite a history. Its origins date back to the end of the 17th Century and the birth of the British Ceramic Teapot. The original unglazed teapot was made out of red clay from the Bradell Woods area in Stoke-on-Trent. Today the Cobalt Betty teapot is still made in Stoke-on-Trent with the same clay from the original area (exactly like our genuine Brown Betty). British people believe the Betty makes the best pot of tea because of the type of clay that is used and the shape of the pot. The 4 cup Cobalt Betty holds approximately 24 fluid ounces. Dimensions: 8.5 inches L x 6 inches H (with lid) x 3.5 inches W (mouth of teapot is 2.5 inches) This teapot is lovingly hand-made in Staffordshire England. Because these teapots are hand made, there may be some slight imperfections. These teapots are not intended for use in a microwave or on a stovetop. We recommend an electric tea kettle to boil the water for brewing your tea. Please Note: The Cobalt Betty teapots come with a back stamp that states "Adderley Ceramics Original Betty Made in England" .

I'm A Little Teapot

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  • Apple Brown Betty

    butter, caster sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice, lemon zest, cream, bread, apple, water

  • Apple Brown Betty

    allspice, apple cider, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, lemon juice, granny smith apple, lemon zest, salt, bread, sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla ice cream

  • Apple Brown Betty

    cinnamon, baguette, apple, brown sugar, yogurt, salt, butter, water


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History of the Brown Betty

The Brown Betty has been very popular since it's inception in the 1800s. I have read on other web sites all sorts of claims as to it's history and origins.

Tea in England | A Potted History of The Brown Betty Teapot

I have a large Brown Betty teapot that has traveled the Atlantic and half way across the United States. I bought her from a specialty tea shop in St. Louis MO.

Brown Betty (teapot) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Brown Betty is a type of teapot, round and with a manganese brown glaze known as Rockingham glaze. The original teapots came from a red clay that was discovered in ...

Brown Betty Teapot
Brown Betty Teapot
Brown Betty Teapot Guide to Buying Brown Betty Teapots Online
Brown Betty Teapot Guide to Buying Brown Betty Teapots Online
Brown Betty Teapot - 2 cup
Brown Betty Teapot - 2 cup