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Bee Shaped Ceramic Kitchen Teapot, Yellow by Collections Etc

  • Made from ceramic; Hand wash
  • Measures 8 3/4"L x 5 1/2" x 7 3/4"H
  • You will surely "bee" smiling when it's time for tea; Remove the...


Product Description

Bee Shaped Ceramic Kitchen Teapot

You will surely "bee" smiling when it's time for tea! Remove the bee's head to add water, heat and pour! Charming hand-painted details include thick black stripes, wire antennae and a pretty flower on the front. Dolomite, wire. Hand wash. 8 3/4"L x 5 1/2" x 7 3/4"H.

Material Type: Dolomite

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Bumblebee Beehive Tea For One 3 Piece Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set by Ganz

  • When assembled measures approximately 8 x 5 x 6 inches
  • Made of ceramic
  • Bumblebee design with beehive shape


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Product Description

Tea for one! Sip that hot cuppa from this sweet 3 piece teapot and cup set. Featuring a large cup with teapot that sits atop it, this set makes for a fun gift or way to drink your morning tea.


Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The L.S. Bumble Bee - 1967 45rpm

Something was dropped into Messr's Cook and Moore teapot - resulting in this amazingly trippy slice of psych satire.

‘Buns’ #Blogbattle

Thank you to Rachael Ritchey for again inspiring me to write SOMETHING, as I am lost somewhere,on my writing path at the moment and seem to be busy pulling far away from words. Granny’s Current Buns. Primrose’s knarred hands kneaded the elastic dough and her mind wandered off to days long ago. It took her to those halcyon days when the sun shone longer than she was allowed to stay up. This was when she first learnt the art of baking. Her father, and his father, had owned a bakery, tucked neatly onto the side of a country road. The sweet scent of baking bread was the smell of her childhood and the early mornings meant her father in later years, slept in the afternoons, in the chair by the back door with his empty pipe and a daily newspaper across his lap. Her mother would check him regularly, in between her chores and with a finger to her lips in front of a loving smile, gently warn her not to wake him. Her busy hands continued to wash and tidy as she stole adoring glances at her weary husband. That was an image of true love, the look on her mother’s face when she looked at her father. A bumble-bee flew in through the cottage window and cheerfully buzzed towards the jug of flowers picked from the garden. She watched it settle as her hands still worked the dough. The current buns were Poppy’s favourite and she would be visiting in a few hours. How lovely to think her family still carried on the tradition of naming the girls after flowers. Her mother was Violet, her daughter Lilly and now there was Poppy. Poppy was training to be a chef and Primrose loved her visits on her way home from work, dressed in her whites. Pride would prick at her eyes each time, “Let me look at you Poppy, don’t you look fine. ” she would say as Poppy indulged her Gran with a twirl and a curtsey. It was Granny who first taught Poppy how to bake, who ignited the spark of the kitchen within her heart. Poppy was proud of her family heritage. She would have them freshly baked for Poppy’s arrival, along with a pot of tea. She wiped her stiff hands on her floral ‘pinny’ and sunk onto her rocking chair. Both stood by the back door and when the applause finished they walked towards her, their hands firmly entwined and faces alight with happiness. When Poppy arrived to see Granny, she came through the back door, but instead of her usual fussy greeting, was surprised to see her sleeping in the chair. The familiar waft of currant buns tickled her nose and she filled the teapot with boiling water from the kettle on the stove before gently kissing Granny’s weary hands, with fondness. Tears clouded her eyes as she looked upon her slumbering Granny, as her mind chased away the reality of her frailness. When the chair began to rock, and Primrose’s eyes blinked open, her hand reached and wiped away the tears which streamed down Poppy’s cheeks. “Well I must have fallen asleep my love – Let me look at you. Oh come on now, no tears, let’s get that tea poured. Those currant buns have been baked with love just for you Poppy. ” Poppy took a tissue from her pocket and wiped her nose before pouring the tea. She took a bite out of the warm delicious bun and her mouth watered. There would never be a better tasting one than the those which Gran made her, and she relished every last crumb as though it were her last. These moments, sat in the warmth of Granny’s kitchen were also to be savoured because one day she would have to make her own currant buns, and no matter how accomplished as a chef she would become, Granny’s would always be the best. Source: sarah colliver

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So Cute Bumble Bee Teapot by TheCraftBlossom via @Etsy http://t.co/v8BxMXdEiv via @Etsy 07/18/15, @FIZZLESNORT
@rydelR5 did you enjoy the bumble bee and ladybug teapot? 07/18/15, @the____sloth


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Honey Bee Ceramic Teapot Kitchen Home Decor Bug Bumble by Burton ...
Honey Bee Ceramic Teapot Kitchen Home Decor Bug Bumble by Burton ...
Adorable Bumble Bee Teapot CHECK PRICE
Adorable Bumble Bee Teapot CHECK PRICE
Adorable Bumble Bee Teapot for Teas and Teapot Collectors
Adorable Bumble Bee Teapot for Teas and Teapot Collectors