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Tealyra - Peak Ceramic Green Tea Cup Infuser - 19-ounce - Large Mug with Lid and Stainless Steel Infuser - Tea-For-One Perfect Set for Office and Home Uses - 580 milliliter by Tealyra

  • FOR TEA LOVERS. If you are a fan of tea, then, probably, the drink...
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. Tealyra Peak ceramic tea mug looks simple and...
  • EXCELLENT FUNCTIONALITY. Tealyra Peak tea cup with lid is made of...


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Product Description

Tealyra Peak tea infuser cup is a stylish, high-quality and functional mug for brewing large portions of tea at home or in the office. This is the perfect teacup with infuser for true connoisseurs of delicious and flavorous freshly brewed tea.

Teacup capacity - 19oz / 580ml.

Material of cup for tea with a lid is high-fired ceramic (heat resistance up to 120C / 240F). Infuser material is stainless steel (durable and wear-resistant).

Pour the tea leaves into a removable infuser, put it in a loose leaf tea cup, pour the hot or boiling water (depending on the type of tea you brew), close the lid. After letting brew infuse, pull out the mesh with the tea leaves. Then you can enjoy a freshly brewed hot drink or you can close the lid and thanks to the thickened walls of tea mug with lid keep the drink warm for a long time.

Another option is to wait until the drink is completely cooled and drink the tea cold (it is perfectly refreshing and refreshing in the hot days). Whatever option you prefer, you can be sure that your tea will be as tasty and aromatic as possible.

Tealyra tea cup infuser can be washed in the dishwasher. Remove the metal mesh and you can use the tea cup mug in the microwave oven.

Tealyra Peak tea cup with infuser is the best mug to brew loose leaf tea! Order tea mug infuser for yourself or as a gift right now!

Glass Teapot Kettle With Removable Mesh Strainer Infuser Is Perfect For Making Great Infused Brewed Tea, With A Polished Finish This Glass and Stainless Steel Tea Maker Would Make A Great Addition! by ZACAL

  • **IMPORTANT** - BEFORE Pouring The Boiling Water In, Use Warm Water...
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - The ZACAL Tea Maker Is Designed To Be Both...
  • GUARANTEE - We Have A No Hassle 100% Guarantee Refund Policy. If...


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Product Description

Why Settle For Any Cheap Teapot When You Can Have The Best?

Why The ZACAL Stainless Steel & Glass Tea Kettle With Infuser Is Superior To Similar Products:

> Our Tea kettle Is Made Of Polished Stainless Steel On The Outside And Brushed Steel On The Inside. This Holds The Glass Teapot Securely And Helps Hold In The Heat So Your Second And Third Cup Of Tea Is Still Piping Hot.

> Tea Strainer Is Just The Right Size To Allow Perfect Tea Brewing Whether You're Using Tea Bags Or Loose Leaf Tea. Strainer Easily Removed For Cleaning - ALWAYS Hand Wash, DO NOT PLACE IN DISHWASHER.

> Our Unique Tea Maker Is Designed To Be Both Beautiful And Functional. With A Full 900ml Capacity - That's Nearly 4 Full Cups - You'll Be Able To Brew A Single Cup, Or Share With Friends & Guests.

> Quality You Can Depend On - Our Glass Teapot Is Held In A Beautiful Polished Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Holder With Lid. Stainless Inner Mesh Infuser Is The Perfect Size To Allow Tea Bags Or Loose Tea To Fully Release Every Bit Of Flavor.

> **IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS** - BEFORE Pouring The Boiling Water In, Use Warm To Hot Water To Warm The Glass To Prevent Thermal Shock To The Glass & Help Prevent The Glass From Breaking. Place Tea Bags Or Loose Tea Inside The Mesh Infuser And Place The Infuser Inside The Glass Teapot. Pour In Hot Water And Allow Steeping To Desired Strength.

We Have A No Hassle 100% Guarantee Refund Policy. If You Use The ZACAL Stainless Steel & Glass Tea Kettle With Infuser And Do Not Love It, Simply Return For A Full Refund. Buy With Confidence, Add One To Your Cart Today And Why Not Consider Another One For A Tea Loving Friend!