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Redbird Glass Teapot Kettle with Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Filter Basket and Glass Lid, Microwave and Stovetop Safe 600 mL/20 oz by Redbird

  • PERFECT FOR 2 CUPS OR 3 CUPS. 24 ounce body has 20oz usable...
  • DURABLE BOROSILICATE LAB GLASS is transparent and crystal clear;...


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Product Description

The Redbird TPE1 Borosilicate Glass Teapot is a small tea pot designed for brewing loose leaf tea. We love it for its high polish and durability. Both the glass pot and the stainless tea strainer come out of the dishwasher sparkling every time. This is a cute design that blends contemporary and traditional lines. The crystal clear teapot body and easily removable tea filter give you maximum control over steeping. The basket is encourages great movement of water while keeping fine tea matter contained. Blooming teas looks sexy in this little glass globe. Fine senchas, fussy pu-erhs, and all sorts of delicious tisanes and infusions that beg you to remove them from the hot water at the right time will thank you for purchasing this little gem. Heck, you can even brew good old English Breakfast in it. This 600 mL (24 oz/ca. 20 oz. usable capacity) teapot pours cleanly. Made of highly durable borosilicate glass, the brewing vessel and glass lid are far more resistant than Pyrex tea pots to thermal shock. This glass teapot does not break easily and tolerates wide temperature fluctuations. Treat it like a chemistry beaker and you'll be fine - just don't scour it or use it on an electric burner without a diffuser or unfilled. The filled tea pot can be used over flame on the gas range or on a tea warmer. Adjustable spring clasps keep the filter snug for pouring, but allow for quick and easy removal for short infusions. Great for fast-steeping pu-erh tea, and for quick removal of tea leaves before their flavor profile goes from perfect to bitter. The glass teapot lid has a vapor hole and can be used with or without the tea basket inserted into the pot (a feature every little teapot ought to have). The Redbird TPE1 comes in a nifty no-breaks Redbird Box with the cool Redbird logo on the side. Great for a teapot gift. Glass and Stainless Steel meets all FDA and California Prop 68 standards.

Tealyra Tea Maker - Glass Teapot with Built-in Removable Infuser, Safe and Eco-Friendly Food Grade PC material, Heat Resistant Glass (20 ounce / 600ml) by Tealyra

  • DESIGNED in Germany
  • SIMPLE USE - Fill the tea infuser with your favorite loose tea and...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our Press Filter Tea Maker has a removable infuser...


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Product Description

Make the perfect tasting tea with the TEALYRA PRESS FILTER TEA MAKER!
Stop worrying about your tea being too strong or too weak. The TEALYRA Tea Maker allows you to steep your tea in a separate compartment and release it into the teapot when it's ready.

Product Features
• High quality heat resistant glass with smooth pouring spout.
• Safe & eco friendly food-grade PC material
• Patented removable filter for easy cleaning
• Designed in Germany

Directions to Make Tea
1. Place tea inside top compartment
2. Fill infuser with hot water
3. Steep tea to desired taste
4. Press red button on top to release brewed tea into bottom chamber
5. Repeat steps and change tea as needed

Cleaning Instructions
Simply twist the top chamber (infuser) to the left to unlock and pull up to remove. Remove filter from infuser to remove tea leaves. Rinse all parts with warm water and soap.