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Glass Teapot, Hand Blown Borosilicate glass, Stovetop Safe, Removable Infuser 250ml/350ml (350ml) by TOWA Workshop

  • Glass infuser perfect for loose leaf tea brewing
  • Quality hand crafted and plastic free
  • Removable lid and filter allow for easy cleaning


Product Description

TOWA Workshop 40 oz Glass Teapot, Hand Blown Borosilicate glass, Stovetop Safe, Removable Infuser 250ml/350ml

Glassetti Glass teapot - Portable Glass Tea kettle with stainless steel infuser and Loose Leaf Tea Strainer, 750ml/25OZ teapot, ideal tea for one or two by Glassetti

  • REMOVABLE PERCOLATOR. Use the removable strainer for tea to make...
  • ELEGANT, MODERN DESIGN. The Glassetti modern glass teapot with...
  • HIGH QUALITY. The teapot is made of borosilicate glass. The glass...



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Product Description

Glassetti Glass Teapots - the most stylish teapots are made to transform tea drinking into a real celebration. The modern teapot will become a decoration for every kitchen and its high quality and functionality will be appreciated by every tea lover.

We use durable, high-quality fireproof borosilicate glass for our teapots. Our teakettles are so durable that they can be used in a microwave oven. Just don’t forget to take out all the removable stainless steel parts beforehand.

The lid and percolator are made of stainless steel. They are durable and don’t require any special care. The lid sticks snugly to the teapot, so you can be sure that the tea won’t spill when you pour it.

Holding the handle is easy, you can easily lift even full tea pot (volume of glass tea kettle - 750ml/25oz).

Our glass teapot is designed for three cups of tea maximum. If you want to make tea for only yourself – use a removable percolator. With the help of a removable percolator, you can make tea right in the cup – quickly and comfortably.

It’s important to make tea correctly.

If you like black tea, For 1 cup of tea, you need 1 teaspoon of tea. You need to boil water beforehand in an electric kettle. Pour the water over the tea and brew for 5-7 minutes.

If you prefer green leaf tea, the water for brewing must cool down a bit after boiling. 1 teaspoon of tea is put in to make 1 cup. The teakettle is filled with water in three stages. First 1/3 is filled, then in 1-3 minutes, one more third. And then in 1-3 minutes, pour the rest of the water.

Buy the best modern teapot for yourself or as a gift for your friends, colleagues, and relatives – it’s a great idea.

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