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Premium 18 Piece Porcelain Tea Set - Pitcher and Lid, 6 Cups and Saucers, Creamer Pitcher, Covered Sugar Bowl and Spoon - Lavender, Pink, Blue and Yellow Peony Floral Pattern with Gold Trim, Serves 6 by Premiere Brands

  • Most complete set available designed for adults who love tea. Great...
  • PRACTICAL, MODERN DESIGN! Includes a covered sugar bowl, now...
  • COMPLETE SET! Covered Pitcher, 6 Cups and Saucers, Creamer Pitcher...


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Do you want an easy to pour service for six tea set? Do you want to serve your friends with beauty? Look no further. This is the most important Tea Set you'll ever purchase!

This 18 Piece Ceramic Porcelain Tea Set is an amazing new Tea Set that helps every tea lover serve tea with grace and beauty. Ergonomic handle makes it easy to pour. Includes covered tea pitcher, creamer pitcher, covered sugar bowl with six cups and saucers. Now you will be able to serve six guests all at once.

UNIQUE! Beautiful lavender, pink, blue and yellow floral pattern with gold trim permits you to show the high quality of your set. Are you tired of cheap sets that just don't look good? Are you looking for a tea set that will make you feel good when serving tea to your guests!? Do you want a high quality tea set that really is totally affordable? Good news! There is a solution! If you're a tea lover and you really love to serve tea in a beautiful set but you couldn't find an affordable and elegant tea set, then this 18 Piece Ceramic Porcelain Tea Set is the answer you've been looking for!

Don't miss this opportunity to serve tea for up to six guests in a service complete with matching creamer and sugar bowl! Order a set for yourself or give as a gift.

Pitcher and Lid - 6 3/4" high 8 1/4" with lid
6 Cups - 6 ounce capacity filled to brim
6 Saucers 5" diameter
Sugar Bowl and Lid - 3" high 5 1/8" with lid
White Ceramic Sugar Spoon -- 5 inches, by 7/8 inches
Creamer - 3 1/2" high
Cups: 2.875 inches high x 2.5 inches diameter - 6 oz. to brim
Pitcher: 6.75 inches high 8.25 with lid - outside diameter, 4.5 inches - handle to spout, 9 inches - up to 36 oz. capacity.

COSORI Premium 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer for Office/Home Use(Up to 131℉/55℃), Electric Cup Beverage Warmer Plate Coffee Accessories with LED Backlit Display for Tea,Water,Cocoa,Milk by COSORI

  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: If the mug warmer fails to meet...
  • High Tech Polyimide (PI) film: High-tech materials make the warmer...
  • Memory Function: The mug warmer will remember your last time target...



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Product Description

"FOR YOUR ATTENTION Dear customers, please note that as a beverage warmer instead of a hot plate with much higher power, our product is absolutely capable of keeping your beverage warm enough for drinking as long as the working condition is correct (cups can have a good contact with warm surface). However, if you expect it could work as a hot plate that can make your coffee very hot in minuets, we are deeply sorry to say this is not what a mug warmer made for. Meanwhile, this Cosori warmer is totally different from the cheap one! To make sure your Safety USE to the largest extent, we equipped with a thicker power adaptor to make the power supply voltage only 12v rather than 120V. For a better insight into our product: PI Heating Film (Stable, evenly heating and low electromagnetic radiation) VS Cheap traditional heat coil; Aluminium Alloy material VS Polycarbonate; Fine workmanship VS Rough one; All in all, if you are looking for a quality beverage warmer, Cosori would be definitely the perfect choice! "