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Japanese Cast Iron Teapot 20 oz Nambu-tekki Checked Pattern - White & Gold [Japanese Crafts Sakura] by Japanese Crafts Sakura

  • For tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea... for all sorts of...
  • This product cannot be used as a kettle. Please do not heat on open...
  • Made in Japan. All handmade. Cast iron teapot with the painting on...


Product Description

Nambu-tekki is Japanese traditional cast ironware, and has been registered on the list of Japanese Traditional Crafts that the government officially designates.
It is said that its history began in the middle of 17th century.

The color of traditional Nambu-tekki is black of iron's own color, but these colored teapots will overturn the image! Please enjoy your tea time with this cute and pop teapot.

Usually shipped within a week from Japan.
*As these teapots are handmade, each piece may vary slightly in shapes and size. But it doesn't affect the quality of the product. We appreciate for your understanding.

Whistling Tea Kettle - 2.5 Quart Tea Pot Stainless Steel Tea Kettle for Electric or Gas Stovetop - Cool Cute Modern Tea Kettle Stove Top Teapot Hot Water Whistle - Small Retro Metal Tea Kettle by TOWA Workshop

  • The teakettle's bright enamel exterior resists stains and cleans...
  • WHISTLE WHILE YOU HEAT - 2.5 quart whistling tea kettle for...
  • Flip-up spout cover for safe and easy pouring and a stay cool...


Product Description

Teakettle offers that and more in a bright, essential kitchen accessory . The teakettle capacity is generous enough for a medium to large tea or coffee press, while its modern shape and captivating color options add contemporary design to everyday use or that heirloom coffee service or cocoa pot. A whistle melodically sounds when water reaches a boil and the flip-up spout's lever is right at the fingertip for ease of use. The teakettle complements the great form and function of other cookware for even more kitchen and tabletop style.
Tea Kettle Details & Care
Steam whistle sounds off when water reaches boil
Heat resistant nylon handle
Finger grip opens pour spout instantly
Airtight lid keeps water warm
Premium food grade stainless steel body and lid
Works on gas or electric stovetops
Medium high heat recommended for gas stove

Mackenzie Childs Magnetic Enamel Board Knock Off Diy

I have loved or shall I say drooled over MacKenzie Childs home décor for years. I just love looking through their catalogs and savoring each whimsical detail as.

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Sexy Misfit Mad Hatter Costume for Women by Wholesale Party Supplies and Halloween Costumes

Get Your Teapot And Teacups Ready Because You Have Stories To Share With All Of Your Goofy Friends. The Sexy Misfit Mad Hatter Costume For Women Is A Purple And Black Romper With An Attached Checkered Peplum, A Blue Bow Tie, And A Purple Top Hat. This Costume Also Features A Keyhole Neckline That Will Be Quite Fun To Wear.


Sexy Misfit Mad Hatter Costume for Women by Costume Discounters

Get your teapot and teacups ready because you have stories to share with all of your goofy friends. The Sexy Misfit Mad Hatter Costume for Women is a purple and black romper with an attached checkered peplum, a blue bow tie, and a purple top hat. This costume also features a keyhole neckline that will be quite fun to wear.


The Capitol's Shadow Army - Washington Post

and the only noise in the Senate’s vast Kennedy Caucus Room is the soft wipe of a duster on marble. For 35 years, Estelle Wimbush has spent her midnights here, amid the sweep – and the sweepings – of history. She dusts woodwork where the cigar ash of the Teapot Dome hearings once settled. She vacuums 4,000 square feet of floor once spattered from the spittoons of the Titanic inquiry. Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunt to Watergate to Iran-contra, it has been the job of Wimbush and workers like her to tidy up after democracy’s workday is done. Wimbush is part of a shadow army of overnight staffers who clock in once the elected and the connected have left, one group having plied the corridors of power, the other ready to wax them. These are the hundreds of cleaners and painters and plumbers who restore the Capitol’s gleam night after night. The artists and mechanics and trash haulers who polish the hallowed halls and ensure that the rough-and-tumble politics of one era doesn’t scuff marble that belongs to the ages. To maintain the 290-acre complex that is, in parts, two centuries old and includes 39 buildings, its own subway and 1,400 restrooms, the Architect of the Capitol employs a staff of almost 2,400. About 770 Architect employees come to work after the... Their work usually goes unseen. But after weeks of bureaucratic deliberation and the approval of House and Senate leaders, a Washington Post reporter, photographer and video journalist – trailed by an entourage of sleepy escorts – spent a night in early spring with Congress’s... LEFT: Painter Carlos Escobar prepares for a night of work on the House side of the U. S. Capitol. He is among the hundreds of painters, cleaners and plumbers who restore the Capitol complex’s gleam night after night. RIGHT: Kevin Nathan, who has been driving to work each night from Temple Hills, Md. , for 12 years, paints the Cox Corridors, some of the House wing’s most elaborately decorated passages. Kevin Nathan, who has been driving to work each night from Temple Hills, Md. , for 12 years, paints the Cox Corridors, some of the House wing’s most elaborately decorated passages. ) was read on the House Floor, soon after staffers have left for the nearest Metro station or the closest margarita – the painters arrive at their workshop two floors below the House chamber. Ruth Owens, 66, starts the first of four pots of coffee they will drink before clocking out at 5:30 a. m. “They’re good guys,” says Owens, the only woman on the seven–person crew. “Sometimes they tease me. Why do you guys tease me, Kevin. “It’s something to do,” offers Kevin Nathan, who is preparing a can of Brunswick Beige. The workshop is a self-contained paint store: huge stacks of white latex base in five-gallon buckets, mechanical shakers, computerized pigment dispensers that can create thousands of colors. Zotikos mutes the History Channel and the crew, all dressed in white pants and shirts, gathers around the table for a nightly ritual. Owens reads a passage from the safety manual: “Hard hats are designed to withstand the impact of a 2. 5-pound hammer falling 20 feet. It’s a moment of modern occupational safety that belies Congress’s checkered history as a workplace. Workers here tracked the country’s labor struggles, from the slaves who helped build the original structure (the Capitol’s cornerstone was laid by George Washington in 1793) to the New Deal battles over wages and working conditions, protections... As late as the 1980s and 1990s, advocates protested employment conditions in the Capitol, including workers digging through contaminated trash without protective clothing. Now, amid a push in the District and other cities for a $15 minimum wage, the Architect’s painters, custodians and other workers make $16 to $32 an hour, depending on seniority and skill level. But those who work for contractors, including the companies that run the House and Senate cafeterias, can make far less. [ The homeless man who works in the Senate ]. After riding in one of the. Source:

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    05/20/15 ,via Washington Post

    She dusts woodwork where the cigar ash of the Teapot Dome hearings once settled. She vacuums 4,000 square feet of floor It's a moment of modern occupational safety that belies Congress's checkered history as a workplace. Workers here tracked the 

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    Bed Bugs wear boxing gloves and have checkered feet, and are topped with bendable antennae. Some plastic rhinos wear tutus. The back of the guitar sports antique china serving pieces, including a teapot lid and a turkey. Her studio also displays


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • WPF 4 Unleashed

    Pearson Education. 2010. ISBN: 9780132174336,0132174332. 848 pages.

    The #1 WPF Book--Now Updated for WPF 4! Full Color: Code samples appear as they do in Visual Studio! Thorough, authoritative coverage, practical examples, clear writing, and full-color presentation make this one of the most widely acclaimed programming books of the last decade. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the recommended technology for creating Windows user interfaces, giving you the power to create richer and more compelling applications than you dreamed possible. Whether you want to develop traditional user interfaces or integrate 3D graphics, audio/video, animation, dynamic skinning, multi-touch, rich document support, speech recognition, or more, WPF enables you to do so in a seamless, resolution-independent manner. WPF 4 Unleashed is the authoritative book that covers...

  • The New York Book of Tea

    City. 1997. ISBN: 1885492375,9781885492371. 117 pages.

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    Jana Randall is a busy mother, loving wife, and active career woman from Arizona. In her free time, Jana writes to cover topics on home, living, and pets, while also working full time and blogging. As interests, Jana enjoys reading, wr...

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March Hare
March Hare
The March Hare is one of the absurd Wonderland creatures. Famous for being the most mad in March. He has his daily tea with the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse March Hare is played by Julian Montalvo Thursday, November 12 @ 7pm Friday, November 13 @ 7pm Saturday, November 14 @ 7pm Friday, November 20 @ 7pm Saturday, November 21 @ 7pm Sunday, November 22 @ 2pm For more info go to
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Checkered Teapot
checkered teapot!! so cute
checkered teapot!! so cute
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MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Tea Kettle 3 Quart eclectic ...
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