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Disney Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot by Disney

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Product Description

This beautiful Alice in Wonderland tea pot is a perfect decoration center piece or addition to your tea cart. Tea pot is approximately 9" x 6" made of porcelain. Don't forget matching tea cups.

Product Description

Tea set ceramic made of clay and painted by hand. Cheshire cat teapot and tea cups will be a great gift for fan of the work of Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland has gained so many fans in many generations. This funny tea set - a beautiful and useful thing in everyday life, a beautiful ceramic gift for couple, a nice cute sister gift or gift for daughter. It's a great gift for - Birthday - housewarming - wedding anniversary - wedding day - jubilee - Halloween - St Patricks day - Name day - Christmas and other memorable and celebratory occasions. Such a gift will leave you on the best memories. Volume of teapot ceramic 1000 ml (33.8 oz). Volume of tea cups about 280-300 ml (9.5 oz). Cheshire cat teapot and pottery mugs covered with glaze. It is convenient to clean. Enjoy a cup of tea and add a little art in your life! IMPORTANT! Ceramic teapot can not be used for boiling water on a stove. This teapot can be used to brew hot tea by putting tea leaves or tea bags inside and adding hot water of the desired temperature. All things are painted by hand, so there are no two exactly the same items. Please note that real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display!

Alice In Wonderland- The Cheshire Cat

this is a short clip from the disney film "alice in wonderland". and the cheshire cat =D hope u like it don't for get to comment rate and subscribe.


Blue Cheshire Cat Vintage Alice in Wonderland Teapot

This is part of the Vintage Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Theme Collection. Alice is featured with the Cheshire Cat on a Teapot with a Blue Theme.

Pink Cheshire Cat Vintage Alice in Wonderland Teapot

This is part of the Vintage Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Theme Collection. Alice is featured with the Cheshire Cat on a teapot with a Pink Theme.



I'm willing to bet that most people haven't actually read the books about Alice And Her Adventures Under The Ground. We've seen the films, most likely the cartoon Disney version and the action Disney version. I love both. I'm a die hard Alice fanatic. I always have been but I've been reading the books and they are a little bit different than the films. It's not a happy fun place. I agree that Johnny Depp was well played as the Mad Hatter and that Tim Burton did a pretty good job of making Wonderland a more complex place. There's so much nuance in the book that it's impossible to make it into anything other than what it already is. A very dark and somewhat disturbing tale of a young girl whose life takes a weird turn. Who couldn't love this. Well, it's the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and I've been looking for a copy so it's been on my mind. Somehow today after my first dreaded appointment with my local neurologist since my "amnesia" event, I just started to draw some parallels in my life. (If this seems out of reference for you I would go back to the entry named Amnesia) I was thinking who would I be. What characters would other people be. specifically in relationship to me. Because it's my world and your just living in it, right. Some people like my husband, for example, were more than one character. Let's see what I came up with because it was funny and I think it may be funny to other people who are dealing with a chronic illness (or to people that know me) and then I'll tell you what the doctor said. White Rabbit: Totally my husband. Always running off, muttering as he runs to do tasks or trying to get me to do tasks. He's a very busy person. If you want to look at a situational group here's a good one. Walrus: My doctors. Cards painting the roses red: My pharmacy. Me: The Red Queen (I think my dad is willing to vouch for me on this one). Jabberwocky: Chronic Migraines and Cluster Headaches. The Gryphon: Most likely every good friend I have. The Mock Turtle: Me. The Caterpillar: My Therapist. Here I'd love to say Alice but I'm pretty sure she would say The March Hare. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee: I'll reserve my right to keep that to myself. The Red Chess Queen: My Husband. The White Chess Queen: Me. The Mad Hatter: My doctor at Stanford. The Doormouse: Me. Humpty Dumpty: Obviously me. I can actually rearrange this a number of ways. I'd really love the White Knight. You can see how much fun this is. It could be a new drinking game. I have a point actually, Wonderland is a sad place. It's filled with wondrous things that you can't imagine, but that doesn't mean you want to live there or meet the locals. If you're familiar with the books you can make the same connections I'm making. I don't want to be my doctors Doormouse. Put in a teapot, all alone and never knowing where I am. I don't want to cry every time I see my friends when they ask how I am. It's sad and I don't want to be a Mock Turtle. My doctor today briefly asked me about my memory loss. He said it was probably just a very bad migraine and wasn't I also bipolar. I'd like to know what that has to do with not knowing how to use and iPhone 6 or not remembering that my husband no longer works in Alaska. He's probably right, I just let him write me a note for some pills that say Eat Me on them. He probably thinks I'm the Cheshire Cat. Source: Disco Quantum Leaping

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    06/24/15 ,via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    To my mind, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Cheshire Cat, which, as you recall, grinned a grin that remained for a while after the cat had itself slowly vanished. “Um, er,” they said initially, like a dormouse peeping timidly out of a teapot

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    To my mind, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Cheshire Cat, which, as you recall, grinned a grin that remained for a while after the cat had itself slowly vanished. “Um, er,” they said initially, like a dormouse peeping timidly out of a teapot

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    Fancy a $5 LSD trip to Wonderland? Perhaps not. You might come back with more than memories of fantastical hallucinations and grinning like a Cheshire cat! A new case report published by two clinicians working in the field of addictions and dual


Cheshire Cat Teapot by natalyasots on Etsy, $1275.00 07/07/15, @adriennewarren5



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    Pick your player and guess the right hoops to win extra rewards. At The Mad Tea Party, click on the assorted teapots to win a variety of prizes - and keep your eyes open for that little dormouse. Other fun games include the Queen's Court bonus game ...

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Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Striped Teapot by favormakers

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Striped Teapot Gift Box Printable Color Template Digital PDF (custom colors available) Version 1 Ask a Question

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes
Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes
When i saw these on a Planet Cake blog i just had to make some. The kids and i made them one afternoon for afternoon tea with my kids friends. Great holiday activity. Thanks to Planet cake for their great design
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Mad Cheshire Cat in the Hat
Photo by helix90
Photo by artvixn on Flickr
Malice in Wonderland - 2010
Malice in Wonderland - 2010
My wife as the "Mad Cheshire Cat in the Hat".
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Cheshire Cat Teapot
Cheshire Cat Teapot
Image by
Disney pin Cheshire Cat Teapot
Disney pin Cheshire Cat Teapot

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