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Chinese Ceramic Tea Service Set for 6 Adults Girl Tea Party With Handmade Imitation Stone Design Gongfu Porcelain Teapot Tea Cups (Japanese Zen Style,Gift Box,10 Pcs,Green) by Ufine

  • 【ANTI SCALD HANDLE BUILT-IN STRAINER】Kettle nob with creative spoon...
  • 【AUTOMATIC STONE DESIGN】The teapot is made in stone mill design and...
  • 【CHINESE TEA SET】Made of high-quality kaolin clay in China, Ceramic...


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Chinese Tea Set

Dragon Tea Set 8 Pieces made with Premium Quality Chinese Yixing Purple Clay - Teapot (400ml - 14Oz) + Lid + 6 Cups - The "Original Dragon" model - 100% Hand-Made by 25DOL

  • ➤ 100% HAND-MADE: Made in the Sichuan province of China with a...
  • ➤ THE MAGIC OF ITS YIXING PURPLE CLAY: Over the time, this teapot...
  • ➤ DIMENSION AND CAPACITY: 14Oz (400ml) - Height 6 Inch (15cm) -...


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Untreated purple clay, for an amazing result !

Over the time, this teapot will absorb the juice of the tea. Then, you will smell the aroma of the tea even if you don't put any tea in the teapot.
Purple clay is amazing and will not deform or get broken after pouring boiling water.

Use advice !

Before your first use, clean up the stains in the teapot using water and let it dry naturally.

Your satisfaction is our priority !

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Display of Chinese teapots Chinatown Singapore Poster Print (18 x 7) by

Display of Chinese teapots, Chinatown, Singapore was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 18.00 x 7.00 inches and the image size is 18.00 x 7.00 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing. Brand New and Rolled and ready for display or framing. Print Title: Display of Chinese teapots, Chinatown, Singapore. Paper Size: 18.00 x 7.00 inches. Product Type: Photo Print, Artist: Panoramic Images.


Chinese Teapot I Poster Print by Naomi McCavitt (18 x 22) by

Chinese Teapot I was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 18.00 x 22.00 inches and the image size is 16.00 x 20.00 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing. Brand New and Rolled and ready for display or framing. Print Title: Chinese Teapot I. Paper Size: 18.00 x 22.00 inches. Product Type: Fine Art Print, Artist: Naomi McCavitt.


Discover Your Favorites from China, the Home of Green Tea

China has an immense variety of green teas which have been developed and refined over the centuries making them the world’s greatest green teas. Some of these teas were presented to emperors and now these Tribute teas form a collection of Famous Teas, many of which are green. There are so many Chinese Green Teas , reflecting the fact that this is their national beverage and preferred style of tea that it is difficult to know where to begin in describing them. Firstly a few general points on green tea should be stressed to ensure that your experience is a positive one. Green tea should be whole leaf, loose not bagged to have a chance of infusing with the full, balanced character necessary. Green tea should ideally be drunk within six months. After picking primary drying (akin to withering for production of black teas) prevents oxidation and preserves the green color of the leaf. It entails reducing the moisture content from around 75% to around 65%. There are various methods by which green teas are dried prior to final firing, prior to dispatch. Teas Classified According To Primary Drying Process Sun Drying A lengthy drying process suited to the mountainous provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan and Anhui. This technique produces bulky teas using larger, more mature leaf, often from wild bushes. The tea is periodically tossed to ensure uniform drying. Yunnan teas are brisk, fresh and mineral-like with good body. Basket Firing Repeatedly heated in a bamboo basket over charcoal for 15-20 minutes. A good example is Green snail spring – Pi Lo Chun from Jiangsu Province. The intention is to create a leaf style that, when infused, returns easily to the shape of the freshly picked leaf. Teas tend to be grassy and refreshingly brisk (astringent). These teas are characterized by being bulky and slightly twisted. Pan Firing Traditional wood fired or thermostatically controlled electric pans may be used. The teas tend to have acertain tastiness. This is acquired from the liberal use of tea seed oil, applied as a mere haze to the surface of the pan. One of China’s ten Famous Teas, Tai Ping Hou Kui, from Anhui Province is unique in being both pan then basket fired. Tumble Drying Using an air dried drum looking rather like a cement mixer, this reliable and efficient method is usedin Zhejiang Province for the manufacture of Gunpowder tea. A small size pellet of tea indicates that the smallest, youngest leaf has been used in manufacture. Gunpowder teas have good body with a little sweetness with a slightly nutty aroma. Oven Drying Popular in southern provinces where production of excess heat is undesirable in the summer months this less traditional process produces inexpensive teas but has the draw-back of having a lack of subtlety. Steaming This method is not used in China but is popular in Japan where differing leaf sizes are mixed. Sencha is the popular style produced although tencha, powdered to form matcha is also produced in this way. The best matcha is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. How to Make Your Chosen Chinese Green Tea To make green tea allow freshly drawn or bottled spring water. Adherence to both these points should ensure that the tea does not become bitter. The leaf can be re-infused, allowing progressively more time to do so. Cover the tea when brewing it such as using the lid on a teapot or Chinese gaiwan, a traditional drinking vessel comprising a saucer, cup and lid. Hopefully this brief insight into Chinese Green Teas will inspire you to try some Chinese Green Teas. This could, quite realistically be the height of your tea drinking experience. You may view our selection of fifteen such teas here. uk/product-category/green-tea/green-china-tea/. About Company: Grey’s Teas supplier of black, green, oolong, white, flavoured, tisanes or classic tea blends throughout the UK. Orders over £30 are delivered FREE within the UK. For further details about the products we offer please call 01564... Source: Assam Tea | Herbal Tea | Oolong tea | Darjeeling Green Tea

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    Empty teapot? Turn the lid upside down or lean it on the top to signal to servers that you need more. And to say thank you at dim sum? Tap your index and middle finger on the table together. Triple Crown's dim sum is typical of the food of Canton. The

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ZK1451 Exquisite Chinese Yixing Zisha Purple Sand "Si Fang" Teapot Marked 07/20/15, @izunsaharoldo #BonneAffaire #Deals_FR-rare teapot yixing with marks chinese pottery 07/20/15, @Promo_art_deco
ZK1449 Exquisite Chinese Yixing Zisha Purple Sand Teapot Marked 07/20/15, @irazabalhanibal


  • Iron Chef Chinese - Chef Chen's Mapo Tofu

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    flour, almond, baking powder, brown sugar, chinese five spice powder, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, oats, vanilla extract, salt, butter


  • The beauty of Chinese Yixing teapots & the finer art of tea drinking

    Times Editions Pte. 2001. 154 pages.

    This volume contains the history and legends of the most famous teapot in China, the Yixing teapot: discover the properties and secrets of Yixing clay. It showcases over 60 of the most beautiful Yixing teapots, the works of some of the best known master craftsmen, in splendid full-color photography, and debunks some common myths about tea drinking, among them that tea tastes better in tiny red pots! It also guides you on the best ways to make tea, from selection of the right material to handling the preparation itself. The author takes the reader through the process of comparative testing with different teapots and different teas. His method, knowledge and experience will help you make the best choice, and get the best fragrance and taste out of your own teapots. Beautifully designed,...

  • Chinese Tea

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    I will countenance nothing but Dilmah tea – the champagne of teas. I have conducted extensive experiments with teapot types: china, metal, glass, single-walled and double-walled. I have decided that as long as it has a decent spout, almost any pot with a ...

  • Shen Yunlan: China's Leading Maker of Zisha Pots

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    I have been learning elaborate-style painting, or to say, Chinese fine brushwork, to apply it to my zisha ware. For example, the technique I have acquired from painting helps present the shade and glossiness of a teapot, which otherwise is more of a ...

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    The shop carries 10 different types of homemade chai and more than 40 loose leaf teas from China, Japan, India and Sir Lanka ... filtered water to a boil and filling a teapot with the hot water to preheat the teapot. Dump out the water and put about ...

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Yixing clay teapot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yixing clay teapots (also called Purple Sand are made from Yixing clay. This traditional style commonly used to brew tea originated in China, dating back to the 15th ...

YiXing teapots from YiXing, China. On-line teapots shopping.

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Porcelain Chinese Teapot Small Chinese porcleain teapot, white background with pink and yellow flowers and green leaves. The handle is bamboo shaped. Lid is removable. No cracks or chips Asian Decor: Porcelain Teapot from China More info:
Photo by Silk Road Collection on Flickr
Antique teapot
Antique teapot
What was this teapot doing in my country ?
Photo by chadao on Flickr
Chinese + Indian
Chinese + Indian
A very Chinese tea pot + a very Indian blend of Makaibari Darjeeling tea blended with Assam tea; and yes, that is a 99p aero latte from Ikea in the background ;-)
Photo by Kaustav Bhattacharya on Flickr
Description Chinese teapot.JPG
Description Chinese teapot.JPG
chinese teapot
chinese teapot
Image by
File:Chinese - Teapot with Landscapes - Walters 49740 - View A.jpg
File:Chinese - Teapot with Landscapes - Walters 49740 - View A.jpg