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Dragon Tea Set 8 Pieces - Teapot + Lid + 6 Cups - The "Original Dragon" model - Premium Quality Purple Clay - 100% Hand-Made by My AMAZING TEAPOT SET

  • ➤ 100% HAND-MADE: Made in the Sichuan province of China with a...
  • ➤ AMAZING DESIGN: The "Original Dragon" is simply BEAUTIFUL and so...
  • ➤ THE MAGIC OF ITS PURPLE CLAY: Over the time, this teapot will...


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Product Description

Untreated purple clay, for an amazing result !

Over the time, this teapot will absorb the juice of the tea. Then, you will smell the aroma of the tea even if you don't put any tea in the teapot.
Purple clay is amazing and will not deform or get broken after pouring boiling water.

Use advice !

Before your first use, clean up the stains in the teapot using water and let it dry naturally.

Your satisfaction is our priority !

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with this transaction. If this is not the case, please allow us to address your concerns before leaving feedback.
If you've had a pleasant buying experience, we would be grateful if you would leave us positive feedback. It will help « My Amazing Teapot Set » develop relationships with more people!


Guangxi Chinese Teapot with Wood Handle Mottled Glaze Teapots Clay Taiwanese Teaware (burnt chestnut) by Pacific Tea

  • Buy with сonfidenсe! Our teaware has 100% 30 days money baсk...
  • Volume 4.40 oz / 130 ml. Weight 8.13 oz. In our ceramic teaware we...
  • This clay teapot is covered with glaze. The side handle evokes the...


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Product Description

The history of teaware is ripe with interesting trivia. Did you know that in the nineteenth century there was a fad for the moustache cups with a semicircular ledge inside which served as a guard to keep moustaches dry? Well, some trends come and go but love for China ceramic teaware is timeless. And our glazed teapot will perfectly complement any tea set. The shape of this teapot provides even distribution of heat and allows tea leaves to unfold fully while steeping. The thick clay walls keep tea hot for a long time. The wide opening of the oblong slightly narrowing spout facilitates quick pouring.

Use, cleaning and storage tips

  • Unless you start to see mold, it is best not to wash the ceramic teaware regularly but to simply rinse it after use.
  • Clay is porous and fragrant elements of a tea stay inside the pores and come out for the next brewings. That's why you should reserve your ceramic teaware for one family of tea only. The exceptions to this rule is the ceramic teaware that is glazed inside.
  • Clay teaware is traditionally used only for oolong and pu-erh teas, and some Chinese black ones.
  • When displaying ceramics in cabinets, make sure they are not too crowded and aren't touching each other.

"Pacific tea" is based in Hong Kong and strictly follows old traditions of tea culture. Our company has been wholesaling tea and teaware for about 130 years all over the world. Among our customers there are Chinese communities and restaurants, tea clubs and embassies. We are proud of the tea tradition in China, and eager to show people the difference between ordinary tea drinking and savoring each drop of the lovely tea in the best Asian style.

Throwing / making a clay pottery tea pot on the wheel how to make demo

Ingleton Pottery http://www. ingletonpottery. uk After numerous requests I decided to have a go at making / throwing a Tea pot.

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Makin's Clay Cutters 3/Pkg-Teapot by (dba Shopping)

Makin's Clay Cutters 3/Pkg-Teapot


Catherine Abel 'Still Life With Teapots' Canvas Art 14 x 19 by (dba Shopping)

x000D Artist: Catherine Abel x000D Subject: Abstract x000D Style: Museum Masters x000D Product Type: Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Art x000D Made in USA x000D x000D This ready to hang, gallery-wrapped art piece features a cubist still life with teapots. x000D Long inspired by the art movements and the bold angular shapes of the early 20th century, Australian artist Catherine Abel creates striking figurative oil paintings. Combining classic styles with complex themes of modern feminine sexuality, her works are powerfully seductive compositions of strength and beauty. x000D Giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. The attainable excellence that Giclee printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original piece. The result is wide acceptance of Giclee by galleries, museums, and private collectors. Gallery wrap is a method of stretching an artist's canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides and is secured a hidden, wooden frame. This method of stretching and preparing a canvas allows for a frameless presentation of the finished painting. USA


Marrakech, Morocco

Since Spain is so close to Morocco, we couldnt resist heading down to visit due to a cheap flight deal. We arrived in Marrakech and didn’t really know what to expect. It was totally different from anything we had seen before. As soon as we got off the bus, we were already accosted with people trying to sell us things, help us find our way, asking for money. In Morocco, everything costs something. Someone will very kindly try to lead you through the maze of streets and stands in the…. The main area where we were was called the Medina, a large area with small alleyways, a very busy Souk (market) and a large square called Jemaa El-Fna. We stayed in the Medina area at a beautiful hostel called Riad Jenna Rouge. They also organized a 3 day excursion for us. The Souk is a confusing place. It is a maze of tiny streets, and hundreds of little stores selling everything from scarves, jewellery, shoes, teapots, clothes, lanterns, anything you can think of. There were several beautiful things I wanted to bring home, including the... The sellers were semi agressive, they would call out to you to come in up their shops, lead you to other shops, and get angry when you didn’t want to buy anything. You had to barter the prices down, which I’m horrible at, so Seamus and I would usually do it together, him telling the seller we would find it somewhere else and make me walk away. Usually the seller would run after us and give us the price. We usually got our food from Jemaa El-Fna, especially at night time when all of the food tents were up. Most of the food we ate were skewers of meat and veggies, meat cooked in a Tagine, which is a clay dish with a little chimney on the top. The food was also very cheap, we typically got a large dinner for both of us for about 60 Dirham (about $8 CAN). Later at night in Jemaa El-Fna there would be women doing henna, snake charmers, men with monkeys, storey tellers, and drum circles. Other things we saw in marrakesh were some old Palaces, and the Spice Market. It was really interesting to be there when we were, because when we booked our trip, we didn’t realize it was during Ramadan. During Ramadan which happens at different times every year, the Muslims cannot eat or drink water, or smoke from dawn until sunset. Most people are wearing long white robes. Normally during the day, Jemaa El-Fna is bustling during the day, and street food is cooking all day long. During Ramadan, the square is pretty quiet during the day. When the sunsets, everything closes, so they can break the fast. It us actually a really cool thing to see. At sunset a call goes out over speakers, and everyone rushes to gulp down some water and have a bite to eat. Those speakers also announce different prayer times, and Seamus and I actually sat and watched the men praying outside a mosque one night, and it was beautiful. Source: Seamus & Victoria

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  • Perennial Pleasures: A garden of delight in East Hardwick

    07/26/15 ,via

    Keith chose a robust Russian tea, served in a brown clay teapot. When the teahouse is in the full swing of the season, the a la carte menu expands to include more desserts and also savory dishes such as mushroom-walnut paté and tomato and smoked 

  • Bodies and Beings: What Place Can Ceramics Have In Contemporary Art Now?

    07/27/15 ,via ArtSlant

    The works are, to me, less compelling in their size and subject—more miniature decorative models rendered in clay than sculptural works of art engaging with broader questions. A number of them Richard Notkin, Heart Teapot Petrol Hostage. Courtesy 

  • Wolfsonian exhibit explores the artistry and social implications of the ...

    07/25/15 ,via Miami Herald

    It was the male potters who “dug the clay, prepared the clay and would mostly throw the pots on a potter's wheel,” Miami artist and FIU instructor Tori Arpad-Cotta said during a curatorial tour. Those pots when they were The range of ceramic forms


Tea Time! Grab Some Clay And Head To The Wheel - Intro to Throwing Teapots 07/28/15, @Sitearm
catalog Zisha Red Clay teapots contemporary Chinese art works POLY auction 2011 07/26/15, @ferrariaurelia5
catalog Zisha Red Clay teapots contemporary Chinese art works POLY auction 2011 07/26/15, @offersmarko


  • Vietnamese clay pot pork

    vegetable oil, chili, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, eggs, black pepper, pork chops, salt, shallot, sugar, water

  • Clay Pot Chicken with Dates,

    black pepper, bulgur, chicken broth, olive oil, thyme, garlic, sherry, cumin, cinnamon, green chilies, green pepper, red pepper, medjool dates, olive oil, chicken, red onions, sea salt, anise seed, cinnamon, butter, tomato


  • Yixing Clay Teapot

    Betascript Publishing. 2010. ISBN: 6132047271,9786132047274. 140 pages.

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yixing clay teapots are made from Yixing clay. This traditional style commonly used to brew tea originated in China, dating back to the 15th century, and are made from clay produced in the region of the town of Yixing in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu. Archaeological excavations reveal that as early as the Song Dynasty (10th century) potters near Yixing were using local "zhisha" clay to make utensils that could have functioned as teapots. The late Ming Dynasty author Zhou Gaoqi stated that during the reign of the Zhengde Emperor (1502-1521) a monk from Jinsha Temple (Golden Sand Temple) in Yixing handcrafted a fine quality teapot from local clay. Such fine quality teapots soon became popular with the scholarly class, and the fame of...

  • Polymer Clay

    Krause Publications Craft. 2001. ISBN: 9780873419529,0873419529. 144 pages.

    October vessels, purses, clocks, pots, furniture... Polymer clay can be used for much more than beads and dolls! Now, artists and crafters can learn how to unleash polymer clay's functional side with this comprehensive guide. Besides covering the basics, like tools and supplies, author and artist Jacqueline Gikow teaches readers in-depth techniques for making pinch pots, bowls, coiled containers, and crocheted objects. Chapters on covering existing containers, mould-making for vessels, free-form vessels, and constructed containers each include projects that reinforce the principles explored. Features: More than 20 inspiring projects, including a book cover, puppet, and lamp; Covers a wide array of techniques and creative approaches; Includes pieces by some of the world's best-known...

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  • Energy saving project pays off in East China

    07/28/15 ,via ECNS

    Yixing, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Wuxi, is dubbed the pottery capital of China. It is famous for unglazed clay teapots, tea trees and large areas of bamboo.

  • Bodies and Beings: What Place Can Ceramics Have In Contemporary Art Now?

    07/20/15 ,via

    The works are, to me, less compelling in their size and subject—more miniature decorative models rendered in clay than sculptural works of art ... that also serve as the spout and handle of the teapot. Ceramic chains are sculpted around the form to ...

  • Perennial Pleasures: A garden of delight in East Hardwick

    07/26/15 ,via VTDigger

    It indeed had a distinct rose aroma and flavor and made me an instant convert. Keith chose a robust Russian tea, served in a brown clay teapot. When the teahouse is in the full swing of the season, the a la carte menu expands to include more desserts and ...

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Yixing clay teapots (also called Purple Sand are made from Yixing clay. This traditional style commonly used to brew tea originated in China, dating back to the 15th ...

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Yixing pot,teapot,clay teapot,zisha,yixing,chinese pot,pottery ... HN504yixing clay teapot ,zisha--handmade,Purple Clay Teapots. Price : $280.00.

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Yixing Teapot - "Lotus"
Yixing Teapot - "Lotus"
A gift from my ex's mother, a beautiful little yixing teapot! The whole thing fits right in the palm of your hand.
Photo by vociferous. on Flickr
69/365 - 3/10/2011
69/365 - 3/10/2011
Photo by glaukos on Flickr
New Teapot
New Teapot
I bought a new teapot today, and I love it. It's a really pretty/cool/neat looking YiXing pot called "Imperial Splendor." At 9 ounces, it's perfect for a single cup of tea. Taken with my 50mm prime, BTW...
Photo by maury.mccown on Flickr
Image by
Image by