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Chinese Art & Collectibles / Chinese Gifts / Chinese Cloisonne: Miniature Teapot by Artistic Chinese Creations

  • This decorative cloisonne teapot is suggested as a beautiful...
  • Hand made.
  • Size: 3.5" x 2" (9cm x 5cm)


Product Description

Chinese Cloisonne: Miniature Teapot: This decorative cloisonne teapot is suggested as a beautiful addition to your home or as a gift to someone special. Hand made. Chinese Cloisonne is also called "Enamel with copper roughcast and inlayed copper wire" abbreviated for Enamel and usually called cloisonne. Chinese Cloisonne is a kind of artwork made of red copper roughcast and decorated colorful glaze. It was well known in the time of Jingtai of Ming Dynasty (1450--1456) for the most exquisite production.

Value Arts Handmade Cloisonne Rube Red Decorative Teapot (red, museum) by Value Arts

  • This red English Teapot shows beauty of cloisonne. It is...


Product Description

This red English Teapot shows the beauty of cloisonne. It is about 5" wide and 4" tall. A lot of details on the body of the teapot. It is a conversation piece and museum collection. It is handcrafted filigree wire, glazed enamel over copper, fired at high temperature and 22 k gold plated. Labor intensive Utilizing centuries-old technique to embrace modern arts. It comes with gift box.