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Forma Double Wall Glass Teapot 16.9 ounces 1 count box by Restaurantware

  • This teapot is reusable, so you can be sure to use it in your...
  • This 16.9-ounce teapot measures 5.35 inches in diameter and 5...
  • This teapot is a modern and fashionable alternative to standard...


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This Borosilicate double wall teapot measures 5.35 inches in length x 5.35 inches in width x 5 inches in height. You will get 1 durable, modern and functional Borosilicate double wall teapot when you order this product. This teapot is made from high quality material so you can feel confident that it will last for a long time. In addition, this teapot adds a classy beauty to tea parties, restaurants, catering events and any food environment where tea is a beverage staple.

ZENS 100% Handmade Ultra Clear Double Wall Insulated Glass Teapot Heat Resistant Double Layer Tea Cups with Built-in Silicon Infuser Lid 5oz/160ml by ZENS

  • The teapot hasn't a handle , inspired from nordic simplicity...
  • Easy to Clean: Glass can be a bit delicate to care for, you...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 30 Days Free Return-We are so...


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Product Description

Why do we use glass teapot
Display teas: Anyone who has watched tea brewing knows how fascinating this is.
I'm not talking about the tea fanning that is often sold in supermarkets as "tea"; rather I am talking about whole loose leaf tea. It starts off small and slowly unfurls into whole tea leaves while the tea is brewing.
Additionally, flowering teas (blooming teas) are even more unique with the leaves hiding flower petals that both open to a magnificent display. How better to watch this magical process than with a glass teapot.
That's not to mention the vast variety there is when it comes to the color of brewed tea-ranging from the dark black teas, to the golden oolongs and the light green teas. You can see it all through a glass teapot.
5 Reasons I Use Glass Teapot
They Look Great!
they Keep Tea Warm
they are Easy to Clean
Perfect for Displaying Tea
Visual Guide to Brewed Tea
Package Contents:
1 pcs Double-walled Glass teapot with Built-in Silicon Infuser Lid: 2.73*4.68 inch (5.64oz)
Please contact Seller through Amazon email for any questions or concerns to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Designer Flowering Tea Set with Shan Glass Teapot

Designer Flowering Tea Set with Shan Glass Teapot http://www. tag=toysruspoel-21 Feature * Hand Blown Shan Glass Teapot.

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Primula Double Wall Classic Tea Press 8 Cup Chrome - 2 quart Teapot - Glass

Primula's Double Wall Glass Tea Press is the best in brewing steaming hot loose tea. Classically designed, this tea press is made of a double wall of durable borosilicate glass which retains heat and freshness longer. Primula's Double Wall Glass Tea Press is exceptional at delivering 8 cups of hot fresh brewed tea. This Double Wall Chrome Tea Press is the standard that others are judged by. Primula's tea press has a heat-resistant knob and plunger that securely fits atop the chrome lid. The handle is heat-resistant, large and transparent; completing the aesthetically pleasing classic appearance. The carefully designed fitted lid and angled spout allows for clean, even pours. Each Primula tea press has an advanced stainless steel filter plunger that provides you with superior brewing capabilities regarding tea strength. This includes a filter spiral plate, a fine stainless-steel mesh filter with cross plate, and easy to use instructions. All the parts are designed to make sure your tea leaves are kept in the beaker and out of your cup. It's so easy to use that even a beginner can make 8 perfect cups of hot loose tea right out of the box! Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


Bodum 12-oz. Double Wall Tea Glass with Strainer

Say goodbye to tea bags and enjoy a perfect cup of tea with this stylish Tea for One set. Just like a Bodum teapot, it allows free-swirling tea leaves to release their full potential, but on a smaller, individual scale! The finely woven plastic filter ensures that leaves and kernels remain within the strainer while brewing, allowing the aroma of the tea to fully evolve without the messy remains of tea leaves escaping into the cup. The multi-functional silicone lid helps to keep the water warm while the tea is brewing and after brewing, use it as a saucer for the tea infuser. Dimensions: 3.88L x 3.88W x 7H


Seven scrunchies, five pens and $1.35*

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog but, since my last post, I’ve moved house, unpacked my house, rebuilt a built-in wardrobe, been to a fabulous wedding in Miami (that still has me smiling), ridden in a Bentley, gotten sunburnt, peeled,... As you already know, I decided to eschew the leafy tranquility of life in the burbs and head back into the city. The plan is to rent for a year first, check out the various neighborhoods, then sell my place in San Francisco to some entrepreneur tecchie millionaire and buy a multi-unit building here. Live in the top one, rent out the bottom unit. I’ve not decided yet. Anyway, I’ve now moved into my new place in Wicker Park in Chicago – and I think I’m going to be very happy there. Its got a very comfy feeling to it so, though I’ve been in just over a week, its already starting to feel like home. One of my criteria for how home-y a place feels is to imagine it at Christmas time – and bizarrely enough, I just bought a gently-used Christmas tree from a Brit I met through the Brits in Chicago Facebook page who is moving back to the UK, so is... $50 for a John Lewis Xmas tree, complete with lights and absolutely no spiders or critters. The move itself was pretty painless – the moving crew were on time and didn’t break anything, so like my criteria for answering the question “Did you have a good flight. ” (“yes - it didn’t crash”), it was a successful move. The only thing that got broken was my new glass teapot that I dropped as I was unwrapping it – as expected, it just exploded into a thousand little shards all over the kitchen. Anyway, the movers arrived on Thursday at 9am to finish up the packing (I’d left them the kitchen to pack up cos I’m nice like that) and to load up the truck, then they were scheduled to arrive at 8am Friday morning for the delivery. I stayed out of the way while they did their thing. Is it me or does it always feel a bit awkward when the movers are in. You’re not sure whether to hang around in case they need you or to scarper and keep out of the way. So I opted for the middle ground and, after popping out for brunch and to run a couple of errands, spent most of the time shut in one of the walk-in wardrobes with the cats, making sure they weren’t going completely bonkers. Not sure what the movers made of it – I was probably reinforcing several cat lady stereotypes but whatever. Dylan (or Horrorcow as I’ve now come to think of him) was the one going nuts trying to scratch at the door to escape (I’d already had to re-situate them from the laundry room as they managed to break out from there) whereas Izzie (aka Toothless)... Well, at least he was until it was time to drive into Chicago and drop them both off at the kitty spa, then he decides to freak out about halfway through the 30min drive, get all anxious and end up puking up in the cat carrier. Mmm-MMM-mmmm – that certainly made for a wonderfully aromatic rest of trip. Its an interesting social dynamic where these total strangers are in your (soon-to-be-ex) house, in your drawers (oo-err) and handling your stuff. I know it’s their job but I always feel ridiculously self-conscious about the amount of stuff I own and that they have to cart out to the truck so, invariably, at some point during the move, find myself apologizing for it. (it’s the same when I go... I guess you can take the girl out of the UK but you can’t (completely) take the Brit out of the girl). Anyway, unlike last time where my British aversion to “causing a fuss” translated into heavy overtipping through guilt, this time I managed to reel it in, so tipped in a much more appropriate manner. I guess after 12yrs of living in the US, I’m finally learning. So, I’m in. And, to prove it, I have lots of shiny new keys on my keyfob. Two gold ones, two silver ones and two with the Chicago Bears logo on them. I haven’t yet had time to mark them up with nail polish or a Sharpie, so its quite a production every time I need to open the front door, garage door or front gate as I work my way through every single one. Why is it that it is ALWAYS the last one you try, irrespective of which one you choose to start with. I think I’ve narrowed down the garage door key to being one of the silver ones, so that’s progress, I guess. It’s a similar production with figuring out the light switches. I guess you go through. Source: Sazz In The City

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    A teapot without a handle might seem downright foolish. But Loebach tells us the whole thing can be picked up without grabbing a towel or oven mitt. "Double-walled glass is perfect for this because it keeps it warm inside and it doesn't feel hot on the


Double Wall Mini Glass Teapot w/t Infuser 150ml CK-092A - Full read by eBay 07/25/15, @Koalle__Fiubqe
Double Wall Mini Glass Teapot w/t Infuser 150ml CK-092A - Full read by eBay 07/24/15, @Naorwu__Fuedne
Double Wall Mini Glass Teapot w/t Infuser 150ml CK-092A - Full read by eBay 07/24/15, @Siizfi__Toubdi



  • Applications of nuclear physics

    1970. 363 pages.
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  • Paul Loebach creates tea set

    05/10/15 ,via

    "I was approached by a manufacturer to design an affordable mass-produced teapot using a particular factory that specialised in laboratory glass," Loebach told Dezeen ... The teapot is made of a double-wall of glass, which eliminates the need for a ...

  • You Can't Burn Yourself With This Teapot

    03/01/15 ,via Gizmodo Australia

    But if everyone rushes out and buys this gorgeous glass hot beverage receptacle, we can do something about this critical national issue. The Ora teapot uses a double-wall glass construction to insulate your tea from the outside, just like a Thermos flask.

  • New UK tea brand launches line of flowering display tea and glass teaware

    11/16/07 ,via PR Leap

    The Discovery gift set comprises a heat resistant glass teapot and a sampler tin of blooming teas for £19.95. A more expensive Luxury Gift set is also available with the added bonus of a double wall glass teapot, 4 glass cups and a high quality Bamboo ...

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kitchen remodel: 1927 Mission Revival bungalow
kitchen remodel: 1927 Mission Revival bungalow
The original kitchen was a mess: inaccessible and unuseable countertop areas, no dining area, very little prep space, dark and without nearly enough storage. The new kitchen triples the usable countertop area, doubles storage, brightens the room up substantially and makes it seem far larger - without moving any walls. We needed a modern cook's kitchen without having it clash with the rest of the house, and I think we succeeded. The green hanging glass light fixture comes from Bruck Lighting; the beautiful green glass mosaic tile from Hakatai up in Ashland, Oregon; the enormous, apron-front stainless sink - big enough to bathe a small child in - from Lavello Sinks. The cabinet hardware is from House of Antique Hardware (the cabinet pulls are actually winow sash lifts, mounted sideways), and the faucet is from Delta. The cabinets are an inexpensive model from KraftMaid and the stone is from a local fabricator and installer. The floors are a solid-plank bamboo, and the color matches...
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Nieuwe theepot
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Photo by Arthurvd on Flickr
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Amour Double Wall Glass Teapot
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Double Wall Glass Teapot From China

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