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"Elephant" Chinese Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Tetsubin Water Kettle Cover Clip by Wisdom China Cast Iron Teapot

  • For this item, you can just get one cover clip, the teapot is not...
  • 18.5*1.8cm; full handmade.
  • Pattern: elephant, we also have a dragon one, if you need dragon,...


Product Description

The Cast Iron Kettle, called a "Tetsubin" in Japanese. The function of the Tetsubin is unique. It significantly changes the taste of water. When brewing tea using water boiled in Tetsubin, the taste of the tea becomes very mellow and sweet. In addition, thanks to the iron content of the kettle, the resultant water gives us additional health benefits.

Joyce Chen 90-0102, Elephant Tetsubin 40-Ounce by Joyce Chen

  • Finished with a porcelain enamel interior
  • Cast iron keeps brewed tea extremely hot
  • Brews 40 ounces of tea perfectly


Product Description

The elephant in some Asian cultures symbolism strength, wisdom, courage and gentleness. In Buddhism the elephant is a symbol of mental strength. This majestic animal is the inspiration for the Elephant Tetsub-Inch Like all Joyce Chen handcasted tetsubins, this one is fully enameled in the interior and fitted with a fine stainless steel mesh infuser. The cast iron keeps brewed tea extremely hot yet the interior porcelain enamel keeps the metal from interacting with the tea or imparting a metallic taste. Joyce Chen's slogan Eastern Cookware for the Western Kitchen, reflects her focus on providing high-quality, versatile tools and products that have Asian flair, but can be used in a western kitchen. Joyce Chen opened her first restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1958. The restaurant flourished, and in 1973 a larger Cambridge restaurant was opened. Chen also began writing Chinese cookbooks and in the 1970s began hosting a cooking show on public television. She found that the selection and quality of Chinese cookware in America didn't live up to her high standards so she developed her own. Today, Joyce Chen Products come from all over the Pacific Rim to bring the best of Asia to you.


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Elephant Cast Iron Teapot | EnjoyingTea.com

Elephant Cast Iron Teapot This teapot is made from sturdy iron and has enamel coating on the interior to prevent rusting. It also comes with a removable stainless

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Our gracefully shaped teapot is handcrafted of clear glass, so you can watch the steeping process in action and know exactly when your tea is ready.

Elephant Cast Iron Teapot Green
Elephant Cast Iron Teapot Green
Black Elephant Cast Iron Teapot
Black Elephant Cast Iron Teapot
For The Love Of Elephants
For The Love Of Elephants

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