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FALCON Enamelware Falcon enamel ware teapot white

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You can use a wide range outdoors from everyday life in the old-fashioned timeless simple design. Contents: teapot ~ 1 Material: enamel (enamel) Heat temperature: about 270 degrees Height: about 15cm, diameter: about 12cm Capacity: about 1000ml Open fire oven ? IH available (¦ not microwave) ¦ Due to the nature of the enamel, or on the manufacturing process, there is the case that there is a place and unevenness that is not suffering a slight glaze. > More

Abbott Collection Enamel Look Stoneware Teapot, White by Abbott Collection

  • Reminiscent of real enamelware
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe stoneware
  • Measures 9" wide and holds 32 oz.


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Product Description

Inspired by vintage enamelware and old-fashioned tin cups and dishes, our stoneware version is perfect in any kitchen year round. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


A pot, a teapot, and a strainer Enamelware Groove

I enjoy finding random objects with which to create music, especially rhythms. Rhythm illustrates the intended energy of a piece and provides an intricate.


0522 White Mums in Enamelware Pot Teapot

From an original oil painting by Ruth Garrison.

0492 Eggs in Blue Enamel Bowl Teapot

From an original acrylic painting by Ruth Garrison


HISTORY OF ONTARIO COUNTY: Lisk — a big company with a big impact in Canandaigua - MPNnow.com

The Lisk Manufacturing Company started small. As early as 1870, David Lisk operated a store in Clifton Springs, where his nephew George W. Lisk worked as a clerk. Besides selling hardware and agricultural products, the Lisks made tinware to customer order, one piece at a time. By August 1, 1889, George W. Lisk and several partners incorporated the Lisk Manufacturing Company in Clifton Springs for the manufacture and sale of sheet metal goods. The production line was promoted as Anti-Rust Tinware, which included pails, commodes, washtubs, teapots, dishpans, footbaths, wash boilers, sprinklers, coffee pots, and other household items. The full name of the new enterprise was the Lisk Anti-Rust Tin Manufacturing Company, and Theodore Perkins were named Lisk president. Lisk remained at Lisk as a production supervisor but left the company after six years and in 1910 started his own business in Clifton Springs that continued to patent and manufacture items like hand pump sprayers and tin baking pans. That business would become known as the G. W. Lisk Company and would evolve into the current-day G. W. Lisk plant that focuses on electromechanical products used in the aerospace, aviation, military, automotive, medical and commercial fields. In 1898, Theodore Perkins died and J. R. McLaughlin, a top-notch salesman and general agent for Lisk, was elected the next president. Under his leadership, the Lisk plant continued to expand and add additional product lines. In 1901, Lisk acquired the McLaughlin-Martin-Parkhurst Company that had formed in 1900 and had built a factory west of the Lisk plant. This company had started out manufacturing and selling metal goods of tin and copper as well as brooms and other household products. However, by 1901 they had focused on the production of enamelware and that was added to the Lisk Manufacturing product line. In 1905, the Imperial Gray enamel roaster was introduced and quickly became one of the trademark products of Lisk Manufacturing. Lisk Manufacturing took controlling interest in the Reed Manufacturing Company in Newark, in 1906. This acquisition allowed the Reed plant to produce certain lines not made by Lisk, including the wash boiler and the Reed roaster. By 1907, the Lisk Manufacturing Company had earned the title of the "largest manufacturers of anti-rusting tinware and enamelware in the world. " In 1890, Lisk employed approximately 70 manufacturing workers. The Lisk Company was becoming an integral part of the community due to its employment of many local residents and its physical presence as its largest industry. However, a petition in involuntary bankruptcy was filed against the Lisk Manufacturing Company in December 1907 that took the Canandaigua community by surprise. Several reasons were given for this upsetting turn of events, including a slump in gross sales and a decrease in available credit due to the general industrial depression in the U. S. at that time, the costly plant expansion that had recently... Mismanagement of the company by the Lisk Company officials also played a major role in the bankruptcy. McLaughlin and the Lisk directors were all forced to resign and threatened with embezzlement charges and lawsuits. Henry Boller, Frank Garlock and Frank H. Hamlin, who was instrumental in getting the Lisk Company to relocate to Canandaigua in 1892, were appointed as receivers to oversee the future course of the Lisk Company. They decided to reorganize the company rather than liquidate it. The primary focus of the reorganization was to get the factories operating. The indebtedness of the company was ultimately paid off through the sale of bonds, preferred stock, mortgage bonds, and cash earned by the business. Interestingly, current stockholders accounted for most of the new sales in preferred stock, showing the faith the people had in this company. In February 1909, Albert R. Pritchard was named the general manager of the reorganized Lisk Company. The Lisk Manufacturing Company was being described as "reorganized and revamped from stem. Source: www.mpnnow.com

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  • HISTORY OF ONTARIO COUNTY: Lisk — a big company with a big impact in Canandaigua

    05/17/15 ,via MPNnow.com

    The production line was promoted as Anti-Rust Tinware, which included pails, commodes, washtubs, teapots, dishpans, footbaths, wash boilers, sprinklers, coffee pots, and other household items. By February of 1892, a decision was made to move the plant

  • Antiques & Collectibles: Porch comes full swing

    06/10/15 ,via Post-Bulletin

    "More folks love to enjoy spending time outside and I am finding the revival of the porch on many new home plans," said Mike Ellefson, owner of Ellefson Builders, Inc., Winona. "This is like an extra exterior room with comfortable, practical furnishings.".

  • All I Want for Christmas Is a Vitamix: The Kitchen Gift Guide

    12/12/14 ,via Bloomberg View

    Bodum tea press I like loose tea, and I especially like teapots that make it easy to brew a nice, big pot of it. This is basically a French press for tea. It's also .. But for the oven, enamelware is more versatile. All-Clad stainless steel skillet


Vintage Enamelware Dark Brown And White Mottled Teapot With Tin Top And Wood… https://t.co/EUOrKE6Rmy #Etsy #Mottled http://t.co/rW5pT4Bm6I 08/21/15, @Wisdom_Lane
SALE Red kitchen,large French vintage #enamel #teapot, red ##enamelware coffee po, LINK: http://t.co/FC2lQWeHDQ http://t.co/sD7NiOsIry 08/21/15, @zeppy_coffee
French Enamel Teapot. White and Pink Kitchen Decor. Enamelware Coffee .. http://t.co/SDkZUmxqj5 #Vintage #sale http://t.co/i0oDuQvAbB 08/21/15, @BonheurJour


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • The Robert Lehman Collection

    Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2015. ISBN: 9781588394507,1588394506. 452 pages.
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  • Unwind at this roomy tea house in Bandra

    08/21/15 ,via Mid Day

    From quintessential Irani café-style chairs for seating to old-world cast iron and enamel teapots dotting the walls, the space houses a tabla gifted by Zakir Hussain and a sitar by Niladri Kumar. You can also unwind with a book from their stocked pile or ...

  • Nelson Bunker Hunt - obituary

    10/22/14 ,via Daily Telegraph

    including an enamel teapot which went for $20. Most painful of all for Bunker, however, was the sale of 580 of his prize racehorses, including Dahlia, for $47 million. As Bunker Hunt told Senate investigators when trying to explain his role in the debacle ...

  • All about vintage Enamelware

    02/06/14 ,via Examiner

    authentic Enamelware is highly desired by collectors today. Prices for large mixing bowls, teapots, and other large pieces, range from $30 to $300 dollars. Pie tins, cups, and funnels, tend to sell for about $5 to $10.The most expensive pieces are those ...

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Vintage enamel teapot
Vintage enamel teapot
Photo by H is for Home on Flickr
Vintage Aqua  Enamelware
Vintage Aqua Enamelware
Aqua nautical box & pail, aqua slatted birdhouse, vintage deep aqua seltzer bottle, vintage aqua enamelware tub & teapot, & painted teapot
Photo by YourCastlesDecor on Flickr
Enamel teapots.
Photo by Crazy House Capers on Flickr
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