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London Teapot Company Chatsford 6 Cup Cream Teapot with Filter 15504 by ICTC

  • Capacity; 6 cup
  • All Chatsford teapots come fitted with a removable strainer.
  • Size; 10 x 5.5 x 5.5"


Product Description

Chatsford teapots are designed to make the serving of high quality loose leaf tea and infusions easy, quick and efficient. All Chatsford teapots come fitted with a removable strainer. The internal Chatsford strainers: remove the need for a conventional tea strainer enable tea leaves to be removed from the pot before the tea stews; allow for quick and easy clean up afterwards They provide one of the most simple and efficent methods of brewing tea drom the loose leaf. The patented design works well for specialist herbal teas and other blends which have large constituents. All pots are fitted with strainers. Under normal conditions these strainers will last for many years of use. Spares are available.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses 3-Piece Tea Set by Royal Doulton

  • Matches Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinnerware, serveware, and...
  • Crafted from fine bone china and embellished with 22-carat gold
  • Design inspired by English roses in full bloom



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Product Description

Royal Albert's Old Country Roses is one of the most popular bone china patterns ever produced. A design classic, with a lavish 22-carat gold border is adorned by English roses; Old Country Roses has an enduring appeal for those with a passion for florals and a taste for nostalgia and vintage-chic. Over 150 million pieces of Old Country roses have been sold worldwide since its introduction in 1962.


Designed originally in 1962 by Harold Holdcroft, Royal Albert's Old Country Roses has become one of the most popular china patterns in the company's century-long history. The sumptuous design is enhanced by the sophisticated shape, graceful floral ornamentation, rich feminine colors, and a style and elegance that are uniquely English.

This matching 3-piece tea set from Royal Albert beautifully complements the entire line of Old Country Roses tableware pieces. The classically shaped 6-cup teapot, 10-ounce sugar bowl, and 8-ounce creamer, each are regally edged with a hand-trimmed border of 22-carat gold. With matching rounded bowls and ornately fashioned handles and spouts, each piece in the set also stands upon a small footed base. The crisp whiteness of the bone china gracefully showcases the decorative pink and golden yellow country roses as they cascade down the side of each vessel. Set on a bed of greenery, the delicate flowers resemble those growing in a classic English garden.

The 6-cup teapot stands 8 inches high and measures 10-1/2 inches from handle to spout, the 10-ounce sugar bowl stands 4-1/2 inches high and measures 5-1/2 inches from handle to handle, and the 8-ounce creamer stands 4-1/2 inches high and measures 4-3/4 inches from handle to spout. While the set is dishwasher-safe, for best results, Royal Albert recommends washing fine china by hand. --Lea Werbel

What's in the Box
3-piece tea set. Tea set consists of: 6-cup teapot; 10-ounce sugar bowl; 8-ounce creamer. 3 pieces total.


I'm A Little Teapot | Nursery Rhymes by HooplaKidz

io/xqXs To watch all popular nursery rhymes, click here http://bit. ly/HooplaKidzNurseryRhymes Watch this.

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HIC NT7804 English Style Teapot, 32-Ounce, Matte Black by Rakuten.com

Harold Import Company English Style Tea Pot is the classic shape, classic design teapot which is great for your favorite tea. With a large 32 ounce capacity, this pot brews four cups of tea to enjoy. This Harold Import Company English Style Teapot is conveniently microwave and dishwasher safe for today's busy lifestyle. This teapot comes with a lock-top lid and a smooth, glossy outer glaze. Not only is it functional for your favorite brewed tea, but is also attractive to display in your home. With this english style teapot, you'll serve tea the way it should be served-the english way. It has the classic shape and classic design of traditional english pots. Plus with its fantastic matte black colored finish you'll be in tea heaven. It has a 32-ounce capacity which serves up to four cups of tea. Whether you're serving friends and family or you're enjoying some alone time with a favorite book you'll be pleased to have this teapot and pleased to know that you'll have it for years to come. Use it every day and use it for special occasions. Highlights: Lovely english style teapot Color: Matte Black 4 Cup/32-ounce capacity Made of ceramic Classic shape, classic design classic red colored finish Great for everyday use and for special occasions


BonJour 46022 Prosperity Teapot by Rakuten.com

Color: Rosehip Red BonJour ProsperityTeapot Brewing tea leaves for delicious steeped beverages is easy with the stylish and sturdy BonJour Teapots Prosperity 42-Ounce Glass Teapot. This 42-ounce glass teapot from BonJour features a patented, BPA-free shut-off infuser to allow control over flavor. Whether the tea preference is aai blueberry white, English breakfast or chai rooibos, simply place your favorite loose leaf tea in the infuser and fill the carafe with hot water. Holes in the infuser basket allow the tea leaves to come into contact with the heated water. And after steeping the tea to the desired strength, the filter can be plunged to seal the leaves inside a solid chamber, stopping the brewing process. The teapot is constructed with a carafe crafted from borosilicate shatter-resistant glass encased by a sturdy, colorful plastic frame. Featuring a stay-cool handle and built-in coaster, this convenient glass teapot creates five full cups of flavorful tea to share with family over breakfast, or with afternoon or after dinner guests. And the teapot is dishwasher safe for convenience. An ideal



Sheriff Bulldog Standing Guard Mono Line Art Teapot

Mono line illustration of sheriff bulldog with bandana and badge standing guard on isolated background done in monoline style.

Portsmouth fishing harbour teapot

Portsmouth fishing harbour


The Spirit of Armchair Exploration

For my end-of-summer, jeez-I-need-a-break vacation, I took the family to Lincoln. We’ve been planning to visit Lincoln for a while – it’s one of the few major UK cathedral cities I haven’t seen (I have a thing for cathedrals – they humble and inspire me for reasons I’ve talked about here ). While Googling things to do in... I thought it would be good for a giggle while we saw the rest of the city. I’ve posted them on Twitter and Facebook, but here’s the pair I liked the best. (Image (c) E. J. Frost 2015. ). I just could not get over how much work had gone into these costumes. I saw this couple again the next day and they had different costumes on. The design was similar, but the fabrics, feathers, accessories, were all different. I didn’t see them on the third day, so I don’t know if they had THREE of these magnificent get-ups, but I was so impressed that they had more than one. This is clearly a big thing for these folks (who came from all over – I met people from as far away as Australia), and that level of dedication alone really impressed me and made me feel much better about the effort and time I put into my writing,... Second, there was the whole vibe of steampunk, which for me is the spirit of armchair exploration. The Victorians loved exploring exotic locations, but they wanted to do it comfortably, and one of cosplayers I saw (but I didn’t get a picture, sadly) summed it up for me perfectly. Her gown was patterned with maps, she was carrying a butterfly net, and she had a copper teapot strapped to her back. That’s the essence of armchair exploration – a longing for places unknown, explored at low risk, looking for fresh wonders, with a cup of tea at hand. Although I don’t write steampunk (and read very little of it, although I enjoyed Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series and my buddy Ian Tregillis has just started a new series with The Mechanical ), I felt really connected to the steampunkers. I think it was because the spirit of armchair exploration calls to me. It’s what I do in my own writing, even though I write about the future rather than an alternative past. I also think that spirit is behind the explosion of “fantastic” literature in the last 50 years. We’ve mapped the heart of Africa. We’ve traveled up the Amazon. We’ve conquered Everest so many times that it’s become a “tourist” mountain. There are few places left on Earth to explore. But there’s something about the human spirit that still longs for that, so we’ve turned to our imaginations. I got my English degree in the Ivory Towers of the 1990s and my courses were dominated by deconstruction – the death of the author, the loss of a common language for literary expression, the dissolution of post-modern ideas into non-verbal... Gore Vidal’s quote: “we shall go on for quite a long time talking of books and writing books, pretending all the while not to notice that the church is empty and the parishioners have gone elsewhere to attend other gods” was the touchstone for... Then I started writing again. I have a fundamental longing to explore places fantastic, even if they only exist in my mind, and to share what I find with others. I know from my book sales that I’m not alone in that longing, but to SEE it, strolling the streets of Lincoln, decked with cogs, gears, feathers and copper teapots, was a rare blessing. Long live the spirit of armchair exploration. Source: E J Frost

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    Among the shelves of tea cups, teapots, loose teas and preserves is an encased display of scones — peach, strawberry, blueberry, raisin, apple, pumpkin and too many more to list — made fresh daily; thousands are made each week ($5.50). Each scone is

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    09/10/15 ,via Craven Herald

    One side with a very French bistro look, and the other more contemporary English. Altogether it's spacious and welcoming with jolly bunting festooned around the cornice and a jaunty display of ceramic teapots. It's hard to choose which side to sit as


@HaroldItz great find! More teapots & bunting than any right minded English woman cld shake a stick at! #iheartgreenwhichvillage 09/11/15, @bbcbaxter
Vintage Cottage Ware Ceramics Shaped as Buildings, Teapots 1920s Up English Etc http://t.co/v1YjRucw29 http://t.co/Wx8x2x4q38 09/05/15, @genecuanda


  • Fine English Teapots in Pottery and Porcelain

  • Catalogue of the Well Known Collection of Fine English Teapots in Pottery and Porcelain ...

    2015. 35 pages.

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    09/07/15 ,via Oklahoma News

    Q: Attached to my letter is a picture of a teapot, cream pitcher and sugar bowl set. My mother-in-law had this set and when she passed away it was given to me. Marked on the bottom are the words "Gibson's - England." Each piece is decorated with a brown ...

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    The Asian giant's imports are expected to maintain rapid growth into 2016, driven by strong stockpiling for its emergency reserves and the lifting of import restrictions for its so-called "teapot" refineries, analyst Ivan Szpakowski at Citi Research said ...

  • From The Ground Up: In London, a walk in the park(s)

    08/30/15 ,via South Coast Today

    Our meandering took in too many details to report here, but they included: birds, the magpie my all-time favorite for its colorful plumage; English people having a cuppa complete with formal silver teapot; day trippers reclined in the striped deck chairs ...

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Photo by Lettuce. on Flickr
So I got up and wanted my early morning cup of Lampsungshoeson tea, I put the kettle on, and get the tea pot down..oh heck there's something in the tea pot. No idea what this wee chap wants but it means I'm going to have to look after it for a bit...as if having Tic-Tacs ruling my house wasn't bad enough......:(
Photo by Neal. on Flickr
Measham ware 'bargee art' teapot, 1976_791
Measham ware 'bargee art' teapot, 1976_791
Measham ware 'bargee art' teapot. For more information please go to blackcountryhistory.org/collections/getrecord/WASMG_WASMG...
Photo by Black Country Museums on Flickr
... Brand: Heirloom Made in England More matching Olde English products
... Brand: Heirloom Made in England More matching Olde English products
Fine bone china 6-cup teapot; 40 ounces Gold Trimmed & Swirl Shape ...
Fine bone china 6-cup teapot; 40 ounces Gold Trimmed & Swirl Shape ...
English fine bone china 30 oz. capacity, 5 cup teapot Pottery ...
English fine bone china 30 oz. capacity, 5 cup teapot Pottery ...