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Tealyra - easyTEA - Tea Infuser Ball - Mesh Strainer - Large Capacity and Perfect Size for Hanging in Teapots - Mugs - Cups - To Steep Loose Leaf Tea and Herbs by Tealyra

  • THE PERFECT CUP OF TEA EVERY TIME: The secret to getting the full...
  • STEEP ALL TEA TYPES: Ideal for use with all types of loose leaf...
  • A PERFECT GIFT ITEM: Tea ball strainer is essential for all tea...


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Our easyTEA Infuser is designed for daily use. We created a stainless steel strainer that is the answer to all your steeping needs! Designed to fit most cups and teapots, though large enough to allow your leaves to expand and flow freely- maximizing their flavor and benefits. easyTEA Infuser features extra-fine holes specifically designed to keep any type of tea leaves inside your strainer and out of your cup or teapot.

Hand Blown Glass Teapot with Infuser Filter for Loose Leaf Tea - 1200ml / 40oz - Stovetop Safe - Glass Pitcher Holds 4 to 5 Cups by EcoCenseo

  • EXTRA FINE STAINLESS STEEL INFUSER - The removable stainless steel...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The Tea Pot is dishwasher friendly and the...


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High Quality Materials Combined with Elegant Design
To ensure our customers convenience we offer a teapot that is both functional as well as beautiful.
The high quality glass and the stainless steel infuser ensures durability and given its great design you will enjoy leaving it out among your guests.
The Borosilicate glass teapot allows you to watch your tea as you brew to any desired strength.

The pitcher is not only made for brewing hot tea, it is also ideal for making iced tea.
Just combine loose leaf tea or whole tea bags and water in the pitcher and let the tea infuse the water over night in the refrigerator.
Next day you will have cold-brew tea that will taste great for days!

No Plastics and Healthy Living in Mind
To ensure you only get the taste and health benefits that tea offers we opted for a stainless steel filter.
The material will ensure that the taste of the tea is preserved and not contaminated by any plastics.


3 D Tea Pot Part-Two

Creative things with my Tea Pot 3 D tea Pot. Teapot Silhouette Item Designs Our unique collection of Wrought Iron.

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French Press Cafetiere Coffee or Tea Maker Teapot with Honey Spoon, Coffee Scoop & 4 Filter Screens by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Description: French Press Matches Your Delicate Lifestyle! Automatic coffeemakers may be convenient and quick, but nothing beats the French Press for flavor intensity, as well as style. By allowing the coffee grounds to mingle with water, it creates stronger and thicker cup of coffee. Bullet Points:1. Large Capacity French Press. This portable French Press can used to brew coffee or tea, froth milk for Cappuccino, etc. It can make about 8 cups or 34oz of coffee. We also offer you a stainless steel honey spoon and a plastic coffee scoop for free.2. Premium Material and Quality. The main body of the coffee or tea maker is made from thick and heat-resistant glass and wrapped with stainless steel bracket holder. Designed with an anti-slipping plastic handle for comfortable holding.3. Fine-meshed Filter Screens. Attached with 3 extra fine-meshed filter screens for replacement. The filter screen is also made from high quality stainless steel so it is really hard to be damaged. The fine-meshed filter can effectively separate the coffee grounds from the coffee that you poured into your cup or mug, producing pure, velvety and savory drink.4. Elegant and Stylish Spout. The unique spout is convenient to control the fluid flow and pour out coffee or tea smoothly.5. Easy to Clean. Simply use soap water and sponge to clean it, no complicated cleaning procedures. You can clean the glass and stainless materials effortlessly. What Can You Do with this French PressYou can use this French Press to brew coffee, brew tea, froth milk, whip cream, mash fruits for jam, macerate dried fruit and so on. How to Make a Cup of Coffee with French Press or CafetiereStep 1. Take off the lid and remove the plunger with the attached filter from the French Press. Step 2. Use the coffee scoop to scoop desired amount of coffee powder into the bottom of the glass. Step 3. Pour boiling water into the French Press. Warm tip: The perfect water How to Make a Cup of Coffee with French Press or...


Stainless Steel French Press Set, 1000mL, with 2 Honey Spoons, One Coffee Scoop & 2 Extra Filter Screen by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Stainless Steel French Press Set, 1000mL Cafetiere, Espresso Coffee or Tea Maker, Teapot, with 2 Honey Spoons, One Coffee Scoop and 2 Extra Filter Screens Bullet Points: 1. Premium Material. The whole body of this French Press is made of high quality stainless steel. The vacuum double-wall construction can effectively keep coffee or tea warm longer. Shatter-proof, dishwasher safe, and it will never ever get rusty. Filter screens and honey spoons are both made of stainless steel. The coffee scoop is made of sturdy plastic. They are really durable enough to withstand heavy use. Moreover, the shiny and attractive look matches well with modern house or office. 2. Large Capacity: 1000mL. It can make about 8 cups(cup size: 4oz) or 34oz of coffee. It is a great way to brew reinforced cups of coffee for your friends in a small gathering or party.3. Smooth to Use. Spring circle under the filter screen prevents the filter screen from tilt or curl, which effectively promotes the filtering effect. Pull the plunger up, then slowly press it down to the bottom and repeat the above action for several minutes, you will feel that the whole process is very smooth and effortless. The cool touch handle is long and sturdy for safe pouring. 4. Easy to Clean. It is detachable and easy to clean. Simply rotate the plunger to detach the filter screen from the plunger, and you can easily clean dead corners and the bottom. 5. What You Get: French Press *1, Extra Filter Screen *2, Honey Spoon *2, Coffee Scoop * 1. Product Features -Stainless Steel French Press Will Never Ever Gets Rusty -Double Wall Construction Keeps Coffee or Tea Warm Longer -Fine-meshed Filter Screens are for Brewing Pure, Velvety And Savory Drink. -Fully Equipped with Accessories: 2 Honey Spoons, 2 Extra Filter Screens, 1 Coffee Scoop Excellent Gift This French Press is an excellent present for your friends who love coffee. Order now, you can get the best service in a reasonable price.


The Eternal City

Going to Rome offers exciting learning opportunities for piglets of Piglet's age (11), as they have usually done the invasion of Britain by Romans in history at school, and will give a cursory glance to splendid examples of renaissance art. ) To start with, I bought the Dorling Kindersley Family guidebook to Rome. I checked out lots of books in an actual bookshop rather than online. (That was so nice it felt like the start of my holiday. it's a long time since I've been in a proper bookshop. ) Many guide books are still lists of places to stay with a quick checklist of price range and facilities. However nowadays this information is more easily available online, so I found the DK book much better value. It tells you the sort of place to go and stay in rather than specific hotels etc. My friend also lent me the DK grown-ups' book, which was likewise full of useful tips. I found Tripadvisor very easy to get around. The places on there are reviewed by people who stayed or ate at them and pictures are often amateur so they give you a good idea of what the place is actually like. I found a tiny studio flat which was very highly rated, and which was about 50 - 500 € per night cheaper than a hotel room would have been. This made the whole holiday much more affordable. Some cheap flights in my shopping basket and we were on our way. (Be careful of flight providers on Tripadvisor. I started with one offering very cheap flights, then it gave me a message saying those flights were no longer available but wait. just two seats available at a little bit more than that, no they'd gone although there were two seats more. They were really good, and even answered my emailed question about baggage allowance quickly and courteously. ) Because I had saved so much money with the accommodation, we were able to be self-indulgent about going out and about in Rome. The studio flat I had rented had excellent cooking facilities and was in an area where actual normal Roman families live. There were little supermarkets and a lovely outdoor market selling fresh fish, fruit and vegetables round the corner. so I'm afraid most days I didn't even do breakfast, just booted Piglet out into the local caf We almost never used public transport, since everything was much nearer everything else than I'd expected. But ordinary Romans got that blank look on their faces when we asked about it, which means: 'we are not going to talk about it but we all illegally skip fares here', so we never managed to pay properly. It allows you to constantly come across some amazing ruin which the traffic just goes carelessly past, or some other fun thing. One time we were going past the garages of the anti-maffia offices, and the mobile phone of one of the drivers rang. My main rule was: do a little of everything. In that way, I felt satisfied that I had seen enough, and that Piglet had got a good all-round understanding of Rome, while she wasn't over-tired. She was already very tired when we set out on the trip as she had sat national exams a week beforehand, and had quite bad hay fever, however this strategy worked so well that she was more rested and brighter when we got back, and so was I. At... They had a 9 year old and a 5 year old. The 9 year old was weeping with exhaustion to the parents' frustration and I overheard them admonish him to try and enjoy it as he was spoiling it for everyone-else. The 5 year old had discovered that if he kicked about on the ground, it threw up dust into everyone-else's eyes and over their sandwiches and earnt him a great deal of (extremely angry) attention so he was busy doing this. I could see the parents were on the edge of despair, having spent so much money to take their uninterested brats to the wonderful city of Rome and being unable to enjoy it themselves because the kids were totally turned off by the whole thing. I realised that all kids weep, moan and drag their feet about the heights of cultural achievement and that you are entitled to tow them round (by the hair if necessary), and just ignore their squealing. When we got back, Piglet told everyone with great excitement about all the amazing things we had seen and learned about, even though at the time she bitterly complained and lay down on parts of the amazing things pretending to make. Source: Anthropological Mum

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1970′s inventions that changed our way of life
1970′s inventions that changed our way of life
Technology, Fashion and Toys played an increasingly important part in people's lives in the 70s. Ceefax: 1974 Launched in 1974, Ceefax went live with 30 pages and was the first teletext service in the world. Started as an experiment for the deaf, Ceefax developed into an instant news, sports and information service for millions of armchair surfers. Colour Television Sets Introduced on BBC 2 for Wimbledon coverage on July 1, 1967. The launch of the BBC 2 "full" color service took place on December 2, 1967. Some British TV programs, however, had been produced in color even before the introduction of color television in 1967, for the purpose of sales to American, Canadian, and Filipino networks. BBC 1 and ITV started color transmissions November 15, 1969. The first colour sets became available in Britain in 1967, when BBC2 started broadcasting in colour. (Note BBC1 and ITV didn't go colour until 1969.) A typical 22" colour set would have cost £300 in 1967, or...
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Valentine Tea 1
Valentine Tea 1
Valentine Tea: a new blend from Davidson's, organic loose-leaf white tea with red rose petals and rose essence, in a hand-made paper pouch. ~ 1.28 oz of Valentine Tea is $4.99 at The Living Room. Davidson's packages this tea in a fully biodegradable paper package produced through fair trade practices. ~ A perfect complement to our Valentine's Tea is Davidson's heart-shaped, metal mesh infuser. The infuser is a generous size, giving the leaves plenty of room to expand, easily flavoring a large mug of tea or a small pot to share with a friend. $3.99 each. ~ Valentine's Special: Save 14% in honor of February 14th: buy the package of Valentine Tea together with a heart-shaped infuser for $7.77! Offer expires 2/28/2010. Handmade glass teapot with infuser and warmer: $49. Free teabags with teapot purchase: choose 6 from our selection of Davidson's Tea, all organic. Shipping and handling extra. The Living Room ~Consignment & Tea~ 6524 NE 181st, Suite 10 Kenmore, WA 98028...
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The Morning After
The Morning After
We were up early this morning taking pictures; but no doubt many people who celebrated St. Patrick's Day last night were still in bed . . . .and I don't envy those hangovers. . . St. Patrick’s Day: Prepare for the Morning After 1. Be sure you have Bloody Mary mix and vodka on hand. Alcohol may well be the very last thing on your mind after raging all day/night Saturday, but the hair of the dog may be just the thing to ward off serious head pain. 2. Douse everything you eat on Sunday in hot sauce. I’m talking eggs, potatoes, mac n cheese… the works. I don’t know what it is, but copious amounts of spice always does the trick for me. A tall glass of milk is a nice accompaniment too, if you’re into it. 3. Plan not to make plans. Stay in your bed or on your couch. Wear comfy sweat pants and an oversized shirt. Keep the shades drawn. You get the picture. Recovering from St. Patrick's Day Raw Eggs: Two raw eggs for breakfast -- two more for lunch. Sworn to be successful by some major...
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extra large beehive teapot 527460 extra large beehive teapot
extra large beehive teapot 527460 extra large beehive teapot
Extra Large Teapots
Extra Large Teapots
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