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Gracie China by Coastline Imports Vintage Green Rose Porcelain 11-Piece Tea Set, Green by Gracie China by Coastline Imports

  • Teapot(9 by 5-1/2 by 6-1/2), sugar(6-1/4 by 4-1/4 by 4-3/4),...
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not safe in microwave


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Gracie China's Vintage Green Rose Collection, by Coastline Imports, is lovely porcelain which can complement the kitchen, dining and living room. Vintage Green Rose, 11-piece Tea Service, includes Teapot, Sugar, Creamer and Four 7- Ounce Cups and Saucers.

Gracie China Rose Chintz 8-Ounce Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, Set of 4 by Gracie China by Coastline Imports

  • Made of Fine Porcelain, Perfect for Tea and Coffee
  • Made in China
  • Dishwasher Safe and Due to the Gold Trim, these Teacups and Saucers...



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Product Description

Gracie China's rose chintz collection, by coastline imports, is lovely porcelain which can complement the kitchen, dining and living room. Assorted four porcelain cups and saucers with gold trim. This set does not come in the gift box. No gift box.


Shabby Chic Floral Teapot

Using a plain ceramic or porcelain teapot and ceramic pen sharpies. Social Media: TWITTER: https://twitter. com/heythere_rain.

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BonJour 54521 Teapot by Rakuten.com

Make tea time an elegant affair with the heirloom-quality BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Porcelain Teapot. The beautiful teapot is perfect for serving piping hot Earl Grey tea while spending time at the breakfast table with family or for offering fragrant jasmine citrus blossom tea to neighbors during an afternoon by the fire. Features Graced with soft aqua borders encircling elegant floral and hummingbird motifs Crafted from durable microwave and freezer safe-porcelain to be enjoyed for years to come Ideal for both everyday use and special occasions Dishwasher safe for convenience


D*S Essay Contest: Leah Pellegrini

[Editor’s note: All week we will be posting the finalists for our first D*S Essay contest. Voting will begin on Friday after all finalists have been notified and posted. Thank you so much to everyone who entered this year’s contest. Home Is Where the Hum Is. My upstairs apartment neighbor vacuums only at sunrise. I sometimes wake to the soft hum passing across the floor over my head. I’m not sure who she is, nor even that she’s female, but I envision her with tired hands like leather laced with wrinkles, wearing a sweet and sleepy sort of smile. Behind my shut eyes, I see her shuffling in the same slippers she’s kept for years, embroidered with tiny roses across the toes, as she tangles the thick cord of the vacuum around her ankles. If it’s not the vacuum, it’s the shower, and I hear the water rushing gently through the pipes in the walls. I imagine those slippers waiting just outside her bathroom door, still warm, and her teapot steaming on the stove. I stand slowly from my twin-sized bed and draw up my sheets, tucking them into the sides of the mattress and fluffing my pillows, while above me, there’s that gentle purr of solidarity in the shared ritual of a fresh start. I make my breakfast to the shrill of the next-door toddler’s tantrums. I flip my eggs while she flips furniture, sending board games and books flying helter-skelter into the walls. She stomps, and the floors shake, and the butter bubbles frothier around the edges of my pan. By the time I’m sitting at my Ikea dining table, sipping coffee, her mom or dad has managed to wrangle her unwillingly out the door. I do my novice yoga routine in my kitchen-cum-living room with the window wide open, listening to a distant jackhammer (somewhere, someone is always constructing something) and a mob of kids entering the school across the street. They sob their goodbyes to their mothers and squeal their hellos to each other as I rest in my own Child’s Pose on my hardwood floor. In the summer, the children peter out of their apartments more slowly, meeting instead at the small park down the block where they intertwine arms and legs on the jungle gym, shoot water guns, and dangle from swings whose rusted cadence I can hear... As I leave for work or the grocery store or the gym, I typically cross paths with one of the many middle-aged women who share my building. They stand outside each other’s doors in sockfeet, exchanging Spanish secrets I can’t understand, or huff slowly up and down the stairs, lugging bagfuls of groceries. Their husbands are presumably at work or perhaps simply less inclined to show their fatigued faces. Oftentimes, I encounter the same older woman who lives down the hall. She wears simple glasses and a nightgown that drapes casually across wide hips and soft elbows. You can tell that she carefully combs her short bob of coarse gray hair, squinting into her mirror and leaning her body up against the sink. Next to her is her beagle named Bella whose drooping belly grazes the cold tile. They hobble out the door together, smiling and panting in sync with one another. She once explained to me that she has lived in this apartment for 52 years – she and her husband moved in just after their wedding and raised two sons here together. The boys are grown and gone, and her husband died two years ago. ” She padded clunkily down the steps behind me, gripping the railing, with Bella trailing slowly after her, bound for the corner bodega for a coffee and a fresh tomato. Another time, she was in a blue floral-printed dress, swathed in the smell of perfume. “Aww, fuck,” she said, locking eyes with me as she turned back towards her door. “This restaurant I’m going to, they always keep it cold. ” “I know how that is,” I told her, recovering from the shock of that unexpected swear word from her gentle mouth just in time to add, “Have fun. At night, I eat most dinners on my fire escape, with my bare toes on the metal and my glass of cheap wine perched perilously on the concrete sill. On the sidewalk below me, packs of middle-aged men play impassioned games of dominoes. Their wives watch, hair wrapped in curlers from the salons down the street, manicures still wet. Teenage boys in sagging shorts bet on coin flips, smoking cigarettes, and the children dip and dodge and dive through the throng after bouncing basketballs. Source: Design*Sponge

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  • Joe Rosson: Typical English-style tea set has ornamental decoration

    08/22/15 ,via Knoxville News Sentinel

    The bowl D. H. calls a "cold cocoa bowl" is more often called a "slop bowl" because it was meant to hold the debris from the teapot (occasionally, I have seen them used to hold whipped cream or even clotted cream). The set does appear to be unmarked

  • Veilleuse has more than one meaning

    08/19/15 ,via Wausau Daily Herald

    A small teapot was added to the veilleuse in the early 1800s. The teapot was heated by an oil lamp. •Picture, memorial, flowers, human hair, deep shadow box, oval, applied floral rim design, circa 1880, 131/2-by-12 inches, $150. •Trivet, hearth

  • 'Small nightlight' was also used to warm bedtime drinks

    08/14/15 ,via Winston-Salem Journal

    A small teapot was added to the veilleuse in the early 1800s. The teapot was heated by an oil lamp. A three-part Gothic Revival veilleuse, made in about 1840, was auctioned in May 2015 for $1,476. It was decorated with hand-painted views of people


Pottery Barn Kids Pink Floral Teapot Cup Julianne Full Queen Duvet Cover New: $149.99End Date: S... http://t.co/RrCkdJKGMv #BedBathMore 08/29/15, @sandysgingham
Werda Cobalt Blue Electric Teapot Floral Decor 125/250 Volts Good Condition http://t.co/iUks2Mfl2o http://t.co/ipf9ZsifIf 08/28/15, @trevillamarin
SADLER TEAPOT #2097-FLORAL PATTERN WITH GOLD TRIM-CUBE SHAPE-MADE IN ENGLAND http://t.co/C9PHltCk0G http://t.co/DJ8Wkz65Zb 08/28/15, @knightbarclayk3


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide

    F+W Media, Inc. 2007. ISBN: 0896895319,9780896895317. 1008 pages.

    Lists more than ten thousand items, providing descriptions, values, and identification tips for a broad spectrum of popular collectibles.

  • The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas

    iUniverse. 2006. ISBN: 9780595410262,059541026X. 104 pages.

    Enjoy gourmet tea shop flavors made in your own kitchen! Bring together the aroma of the sweetest flowers, as well as the tastes and health benefits of herbs in your everyday cuisine when you use the brewing and flavoring tips in The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas. Discover the exquisite taste of herbs and edible flowers used in brewing refreshing, stimulating, or calming beverages and delectable desserts. Delight in the herbaceous and sweet floral aromas featured in the delicious recipes for sweeteners, lemonades and spritzers, ices and frozen treats, sangrias and party punches, herbal and floral tisane blends, flavored tea blends, and confections. The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas includes tips on cultivating herbs and edible flowers in your garden and preserving for future use...

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  • Joe Rosson: Typical English-style tea set has ornamental decoration

    08/22/15 ,via Knoxville News Sentinel

    calls a "cold cocoa bowl" is more often called a "slop bowl" because it was meant to hold the debris from the teapot (occasionally ... decorates these items as being "hops" flowers, but the flower of the hop plant looks like a green pine cone.

  • Veilleuse was ornate bedside companion

    08/20/15 ,via The Herald of Everett

    The teapot was heated by an oil lamp ... Picture, memorial, flowers, human hair, deep shadow box, oval, applied floral rim design, c. 1880, 131/2 x 12 inches, $150. Trivet, hearth, kettle stand, brass, pierced platform, spread-wing bird, turned wood ...

  • 2000 teapots on display and orchid show in Morpeth | PHOTOS, VIDEO

    08/21/15 ,via Maitland Mercury

    There will be teapot painting demonstrations by Raymond Terrace artist Florence Humphreys who is well-known for her native floral designs. Plus there will be tea, chocolate, gingerbread and honey tastings. For more details phone the gallery on 4933 1407 ...

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Family Artefact
Family Artefact
Photo by mikecogh on Flickr
118. It's a Crock-ery
118. It's a Crock-ery
Been playing in the pantry again today, way too cold outside. From my paternal grandmother by way of my Mom. The hallmark says Titian Ware Hand Painted. The Perugia. Patent 70566. Royal Ivory England. Est 1657 Despite all its fancy hallmarks and names (Perugia was where Titian painted in Italy) it looks like you can buy one of these for about 10 bucks on eBay. Definitely crockery, not fine china. Whew, don't have to move it back from the edge of the shelf. :) Have a matching teapot and creamer, and they are definitely fun to use when I my church circle gathers for tea and talk. Probably made around 1900.
Photo by InAweofGod'sCreation on Flickr
Sadler teapot, Staffordshire, England
Sadler teapot, Staffordshire, England
Photo by Peacock Modern on Flickr
Melissa Rose Floral Teapot
Melissa Rose Floral Teapot
Floral Teapot by Sadler China
Floral Teapot by Sadler China
Floral teapot:
Floral teapot:
Image by vayzo.com

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