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FORLIFE Bell Ceramic Teapot with Basket Infuser, 16-Ounce/470ml, White by FORLIFE

  • Product must NOT be placed on direct flame or heating element
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Heat resistant up to 120-degreeC/248-degreeF; Condensed extra-fine...



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The stylish bell-shaped teapot, complete with the Basket Infuser with handle and the Push-on-Lid, allows you to remove the infuser at the optimal time! Enjoy the subtle flavor of the infused tea! Cleaning is hassle free with the detachable lid. What is Push-on-Lid? Convenient and stylish, the Push-on-Lid is an innovative feature designed to give you greater flexibility in tea or coffee making process and ease of care and maintenance. With a simple push, the base made of silicone rubber firmly attaches to the opening of the pot, preventing the lid from falling off when serving. While the base stays firmly in place, flip open the stainless steel cover by a flick of the thumb to add coffee or tea. If the drink is getting cold, just pull off the lid and reheat the pot in the microwave. And finally by simply removing the lid, your cleaning routine has become much easier.

FORLIFE Tea for One with Infuser 14 ounces, Turquoise by FORLIFE

  • Let boiling water settle about 15-20-second before pouring
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use in microwave or oven


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Product Description

FORLIFE Tea for One, complete with an extra-fine 03 mm stainless-steel tea infuser built-in teapot and cup, is designed for simple and clean way of making your own cup of tea The extra-fine tea infuser gives you a perfect even steep every time, and enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea With the Caf‚ Style tea for One, steeping your favorite cup is now easier than ever!

How To Choose the Right Teapot

englishtealeaves. com/tea-club. html Choosing the right teapot can make your tea drinking experience more enjoyable every day. Tea pots are also a.

Visiting Tin Roof Teas in Raleigh, North Carolina!

On Friday, Alex and I headed to the Raleigh, North Carolina area so I could attend the annual party of the small press where I work as a fiction editor. Although I'd talked to the owner on the phone and via Skype numerous times since joining the team last fall, we'd never met face to face. To my delight, the company has an annual party for the authors and staff, and Alex and I were invited to attend this year. We had a little bit of free time on Saturday, and one of the authors pointed us to this wonderful shopping venue called Cameron Village, where I was thrilled to come across a new (to me) tea shop, Tin Roof Teas. Source: Tea With Friends

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    Andrews McMeel Publishing. 2015. ISBN: 9781449470227,144947022X. 144 pages.

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  • My Proper Tea ...the journey, the stories, and the infusion of the heart... ISBN: 9780615182483,0615182488.

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  • ForLife Brew-in-Mug Extra-Fine Tea Infuser With Lid

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    This little gadget is exactly what I needed. So much better than the one I had which always left tea leaves in the bottom of my cup-okay I guess if you are a tea leaf reader! It fits into all of my mugs and has a very fine mesh. It's easy to clean too. I ...

  • FORLIFE Stump 18-Ounce Teapot

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    Maxwell left teaching in 2001 to start Apartment Therapy as a design business helping people to make their homes more beautiful, organized AND healthy. The website started up in 2004 with the help of his brother, Oliver.

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To serve the tea. All FORLIFE teapots are designed for simple, easy and clean way of brewing fresh pot of tea. The lid is designed to stay in place when you tilt ...

FORLIFE: Stump Teapot: Stump Teapot 18 oz.

Stump Teapot 18 oz. / 530 ml. item no. 309 ... Stump Teapot 18 oz. / 530 ml. item no. 309

tate teapot
tate teapot
with very good tea,
Photo by sara~ on Flickr
Most of our teaware (a few are in a couple other places, like my yixing teapot and my cast iron teapot), ready and waiting for us. Sorry for semi-crappy quality; iPhone photo. :)
Photo by vociferous. on Flickr
Tea Cosy for the Doctor - finished #2
Tea Cosy for the Doctor - finished #2
Side view of this tea cosy. The teapot is a FORLIFE Bell in the 41 oz. size.
Photo by spiritinaphotograph on Flickr
For Life Stump Teapot Lime
For Life Stump Teapot Lime
For Life Stump Teapot Lime Green
For Life Stump Teapot Lime Green