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Teapot with Infuser (1100 Milliliter 37 Ounce) Loose Fruit Flower Hibiscus Tea Strainer Pot Set Made of Tempered Borosilicate Glass Novelty Handmade Kettle for Afternoon Tea - Grace Unihom by Unihom

  • Aesthetics: While You May Have Seen a Variety of Teapots, This One...
  • Reusable and Recyclable: Glass is The Most Environmentally Friendly...
  • Safe: Withstand Instant Temperature Stock Between -20 To 150...


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Product Description

Simple Way to Make Tea
How does this lovely teapot work? Like a normal teapot. Except the clear, Lead-free glass lets you watch as your tea steeps. And when you're ready to sip, just place the infuser right on the lid. Easy and Clean. Then, when you lift the pot, enjoy your tea. Oh, you can also warm your drink by heating the teapot directly on candle or stove.
Better Taste of Tea There's a reason wine and spirits are stored in glass: purity of taste. Metel can impart various "flavors" into the liquids it comes into contact with. The glass used for food and beverage containers doesn't leach chemicals. Glass teapots are also easy to see when they are sufficiently clean - something that's not always clear with ceramic or metal containers.

1100ml capability is enough to serve about 5 to 6 regular cups of tea.

You can use this teapot to serve:
  • Loose Tea
  • Flower Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • Blooming Tea

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  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1 year free spare parts (exc. postage)
  • Free replacement if damaged during delivery

Product Specification
  • Max. Diameter: 160mm
  • Height: 130mm
  • Capacity: 1100ml / 40 oz.
  • Material: High Borosilicate glass
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 150 centigrade
  • Manufacture: Mouth Blown

Product Features
  • Lead Free
  • BPA Free
  • Heat-resistent
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Stove Safe (open flame)
  • Mircowave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Refrigerator Safe (above -20 centigrade)

Camellia Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser, Borosilicate Glass, Modern Design Tea Pot - Holds 5 Cups, 40 Ounce. by Camellia

  • HIGH QUALITY - Heat Resistant: This exceptionally good-quality tea...
  • BREWING EXCELLENCE -- Full Flavor: Made to extract the full flavors...
  • ELEGANT FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Satisfaction Guaranteed: Beautiful...


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Product Description

This teapot was designed based on traditional Chinese teapots with a modern twist. The glass heat resistant technology is designed to be functional as well as decorative and modern. Whether you use it as a teapot centerpiece for dining room décor, for brewing individual cups or multiple cups, for blooming, loose leaf or pre-bagged tea this is a multi-functional teapot for your every use.

With its elegant design, this teapot makes an excellent gift for various occasions, friends and family members. An excellent choice for tea lovers and connoisseur everywhere. Allows you to indulge in a good cup of tea, properly brewed to its full flavor. The teapot's well-sized infuser allows you to mix and match loose leaf tea with dried fruits to create your own customizable tea.

Glass has been tested to maximum efficiency regarding stove and microwave use, as well as its capacity to retain heat for long periods of time. The high-quality materials allow you to be confident in the teapot's durability and resilience. To use in microwave or stove, simply remove stainless steel infuser, fill with water, and allow to boil. Once the water has reached desired heat, remove from stove or microwave and place infuser with preferred tea into the pot. Strength of tea is dependent on time left to steep.

Money back guaranteed.

Carve A Teapot Fruit Centerpiece - How To With The Icing Artist

This is my very first fruit carving. I wanted to do something special for my mom, and I decided to share it with you guys.

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BonJour 54521 Teapot by

Make tea time an elegant affair with the heirloom-quality BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Porcelain Teapot. The beautiful teapot is perfect for serving piping hot Earl Grey tea while spending time at the breakfast table with family or for offering fragrant jasmine citrus blossom tea to neighbors during an afternoon by the fire. Features Graced with soft aqua borders encircling elegant floral and hummingbird motifs Crafted from durable microwave and freezer safe-porcelain to be enjoyed for years to come Ideal for both everyday use and special occasions Dishwasher safe for convenience


Azimport PS98B Metal Teapot & Cups Kitchen Play Set - Fruit by

We are very pride to provide the innovative and creative model toy which everyone can enjoy. We provide toys and games to create a new dream world. We are designing, developing and manufacturing high quality, innovative toys and games around the world. We offer the highest quality products that bring people together to learn and create. Features Metal Teapot & Cups Kitchen Playset Make every day a happy day! This 14 piece tea play set makes for the best welcome gifts for children Tray 9" x 6" Plates 3.5" diameter Teapot 4.5" long, 3.5" diameter Teacups 2" diameter Saucers 2.5" diameter


Planes, trains, tuk-tuks, and a meeting with the Malingas -

August 10. Flights from Bangalore to Colombo appear to land in a time zone known around the world as TrST (Taxi rip-off Standard Time). If I was a taxi driver, 11pm to 7am is the only shift I'd work, welcoming passengers landing bewildered in a new city, disoriented, sleep-deprived, grumpy and ready to hand over their wallets. Colleague Arya Yuyutsu and I head to Galle, picking Andrew Fidel Fernando up from his home. Colombo is stirring awake, the light towers of the Premadasa go past, and on the walls of the mighty Welikada prison is this noble sign: "Prisoners are also human beings. Galle Fort is a world - a UNESCO-heritage-site, slightly Eurocentric, gentrified touristy world - by itself separate from what is outside its walls. We're at the Secret Palace guest house in the Muslim quarter, which feels like a normal home. An early-morning walk is a reminder that while the tsunami wrecked much of the Sri Lankan coast, the walls of the Dutch Fort, built circa the 17th century, stayed intact. "Buses were being tossed around like matchsticks" says a fellow morning walker, a hairdresser and masseur by profession. One of the stalls in the fish market just outside the fort's walls is offering what looks like a 100kg tuna. The man grins and offers a familiar word of communication, leading to big grins all around among buyers, sellers and onlookers. The word is "Tendulkar". The media have been divided by nationality and segregated, with the scorer sitting in the "right-wing media box", meant for Sri Lankans. He will communicate with the Indian media via a PA system. The Indians are housed in the "left-wing media box", a complete breakaway from the politics currently being tried out by Lanka's jumbo neighbour. Near the left-wing media box is Galle cricket kingpin Jayananda Warnaweera 's office. Technically he is the secretary of the Southern Province Cricket Association, but he's also the curator and general boss. His office is a visual feast: not like Paris but in its own way. It contains three fish tanks, two giant TV screens and a third, smaller one near his desk, 11 pairs of shoes - five black, one brown, one pair of cricket boots, and two pairs of loafers among them. On the walls are three pairs of cricket trousers, 11 cricket shirts and 14 kinds of hats (I counted). Three other hats with Oakley-type sunglasses sitting on their brims. Oh, and two tea sets: one Sri Lankan porcelain and one Pakistani onyx. You cannot fit it all into a single photo frame. Sri Lanka's traffic policemen wear gloves and their motorists give pedestrians right of way at zebra crossings. Apparently you can get fined for jaywalking in parts of Colombo. Better to be fined than run over, say I. Water can be drunk from taps. Watch an hour's play from the ramparts of the fort. Sri Lankan wickets are falling, but at one point nearing lunch, an outburst of heightened drama. Arms are flung about, teapot poses are adopted, and a player resembling R Ashwin goes alarmingly close to an umpire. At lunch, the three umpiring bloopers are explained, replays watched. The Galle scorer, Thushara Cooray, allows himself a bit of a joke every time he announces the fall of a wicket. He calls the time of dismissal " rahukaalam ", a word from Indian astrology that is meant to describe an "inauspicious" hour, when the rogue planet Rahu is not up to any good. As Indian wickets start to topple, Cooray's voice calling out the rahukaalam sounds more and more upbeat. India's batsmen stagger around directionless. It is Sunday morning, and Galle is awash in wedding parties freshly arrived for their photo shoots. First, a group with men dressed like the kings of Kandy on the fort wall. Half a kilometre ahead, two groups: men in army and naval uniforms, little boys carrying cardboard swords. In the court-house square, a vast population of the soon to be betrothed. Walkers and joggers are huffing past, sweating buckets, but in the wedding groups everyone holds their pose and looks gorgeous. In the evening, Rathgama, and the home of Lasith Malinga 's unsuspecting parents. The house is tucked away off a lane, single-storeyed, and surrounded by fruit trees - coconut, belli , jackfruit - reaching what seem like rainforest heights. Source:

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    Flights from Bangalore to Colombo appear to land in a time zone known around the world as TrST (Taxi rip-off Standard Time). If I was a taxi driver, 11pm to 7am is the only shift I'd work, welcoming passengers landing bewildered in a new city

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  • Fruit Salad from Heaven

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    Giuseppe Mariotti. 6 pages.

    Teapot with Fruit High resolution Image for Fine Art print. Create your own Museum-quality Reproductions with this beautiful image of still life. Download the file (76 MB) for printing in large format. File CMYK color 32 bit. Use your printer to print the image on paper or canvas, or bring the file to a professional copy center to get a high quality art print identical to the original. Size of the final print up to 80 cm x 60 cm.

  • Teapot and Fruit, Charcoal, Rog Lawson, Age Thirteen, Male, Stouffville, Ontario, 1974

    1974. 46 pages.

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