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Fruitea Tea Infuser - 4 Silicone Tea Strainers. Tea filter for Loose Leaf Tea in shape of fruits by J&Z (strawberry, pear, lemon and orange). Perfect Tea Set for tea cups and teapot. by Janazala

  • A 4-senses experience with every cup of tea! Perfect tea flavor...
  • 4-Pack of cute tea infusers shaped as fruits. Perfect loose leaf...
  • 100% GUARANTEE: Each purchase includes a set of 4 tea strainers...


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Product Description

Fruitea - A 4-senses experience with every cup of tea! Feel the cup warming your hands.
SMELL the aromatic tea.
TASTE the herbs flavors. SEE the colorful, fruity tea infusers.
HEAR yourself asking for another round of fresh tea...

Introducing Fruite!

The operation is very simple, just load their silicone fruit with loose tea leaves, dip them into cups of hot water, and watch how the taste fills you cups.
The Silicone Tea Strainers / Tea Infusers Fit all mugs - at any size or shape.
Material: Soft silicone rubber
Colours: Strawberry, Pear, Lemon and Orange
Quantity: 4 pieces
General Recommendations For Tea Infuser:

* Infuse regular teas no less than 3 minutes (to allow the taste to come through), and no more than 5 minutes (Steeping green tea too long will result in a bitter).
* Teas generally have different brewing and infusion requirements.
* Fill infusers up to half their capacity, to allow the leaves to expand and release their essential oils and to enjoy the tea at its full potential. If the leaves are able to flow freely, we allow for more of the leaves to be in contact with water-and the more contact the leaves have with the water
* Remember to match the size of the opening of your cup or teapot with the size of the infuser.

Amazing Tea Set Infuser Perfect as a gift.