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PURE ACUA Double Wall Insulated Glass Bottle-Travel Teapot comes with Two Highest Quality Stainless Steel Filters and a Carrying Sleeve. Perfect for Large or Small Leaf Teas, and Fruit Water by PURE ACUA

  • ARTISAN HAND-BLOWN BOROSILICATE GLASS possesses strength to...
  • ENJOY YOUR SPECIALLY BREWED TEA at work; coffee or tea can be made...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 12 oz insulated bottle, two infusers for coffee &...


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Product Description

Tea, coffee, and fruit-infused water are great choices for health conscious people. What do they have in common? Aside from being delicious, these drinks all contain antioxidants - compounds that help prevent aging and chronic illness! Here to help you enjoy them, even more, is the Pure Acua bottle - functional, attractive, lightweight, easily portable, and particularly suitable for hot and cold tea, coffee and fruit-infused water. To your health!

Neoprene sleeve has shock-absorbing properties, and will help protect to your Pure Acua bottle, making it easier to take with you. In addition, the strap allows you to hang our lightweight bottle from your wrist, freeing up your hand to hold the leash while out walking the dog, for example. It fits in most car holders, and is suitable to take along while you're on the go. It's a perfect choice for lovers of "shinrin-yoku" or "forest bathing."

Borosilicate glass tolerates temperature transitions more smoothly than ordinary glass, largely because of its low thermal expansion. That's why it doesn't break when hot liquid is poured into it. The Pure Acua bottle should still be treated like a teapot & be prepped for temperature changes. Just as you might "cozy" a teapot, fill the Pure Acua with hot tap water & let it sit for a few minutes before making hot tea in it. Likewise, prep it with some cold tap water before filling it with ice. Prepping the bottle will also help keep your drink hot or cold longer.

Care: Hand wash the Pure Acua bottle in mild dishwashing soap. To prevent the possibility of water from seeping between the bottle's two walls, dishwashing is not recommended. Please be gentle when cleaning the interior with a brush.

Dimensions : Diameter - 2 5/8 inches; Height - 8 7/8 inches; Weight - bottle & cap: 15.1 ounces, with small infuser: 15.4 ounces, with large infuser: 15.7 ounces.

iRSE Tea Infuser Bottle tumbler glass with plastic housing and stainless steel strainer for loose leaf tea maker travel thermos teapot filter ice drink fruit water herbs spices detox 14 oz (Black) by iRSE

  • Borosilicate Glass, it can be resist temperature from -20 degree to...
  • Protective case is made from food grade PC. It will reduce the...
  • No-rusty for the lid or strainer , durable for long time using,...


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Product Description

iRSE Tea Infuser Bottle is a sleek modern and sophisticated design, created specifically for the tea connoisseur. Our tea tumbler is well designed and a must have for any tea drinker.


The bottle may contain very hot water, careful when use and keep away from children when filled with hot water.
The Plastic housing is a thin basic plastic that only reduce the heat from hot water, the plastic housing will not fully prevent the heat.
Make sure to securely screw the top lid when not in use and filled with hot water, to reduce the risk of spilled hot water.

To Disassembly:

For regular cleaning no need to disassemble the bottle just clean the glass container only. For deep cleaning please follow the below steps.

1. Hold tight the thin plastic bottom lid and twist it to the left to unscrew.
2. With your fingers or using any proper tool like a tweezer, unscrew the second thick bottom lid.
3. Take the glass bottle out from the bottom.
4. After Clean/Wash, make sure to dry the plastic housing well before putting the pieces back together.

Using instructions:

Fill the stainless steel infuser strainer with your favorite loose tea or herbs and then fill the bottle with hot or cold water. OR Fill the bottle with your favorite loose tea or herbs and then fill the bottle with hot or cold water and use the infuser as filter.

Package Includes

* Glass Bottle with plastic housing case and top lid
* Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Infuser

iRSE promise an enjoyable experience using our tea infuser bottle, and we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied, please get back to us for any question, problems or inquiries.