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Tealyra - Glass Kettle 60-ounce - Stove-top Safe - Heat Resistant Borosilicate - Pitcher - Carafe - Teapot - No-Dripping - Great For Tea Juice Water - Hot and Iced - Bamboo Lid - Filter Spout - 1800ml by Tealyra

  • Smooth surface and detachable fitted bamboo lid make cleaning...
  • Can be used to both prepare and serve hot or cold beverages
  • Ergonomic handle, integrated handle and drip-resistant pour spout


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Our modern minimalist glass pitcher; Teapot and Kettle, is gorgeous and versatile. Teapot and Kettle is stove-top safe, which makes it ideal for boiling water for steeping your favorite teas. Effortless for making and serving hot tea, iced tea and cold-steeping tea! Our simple yet modern large capacity glass jug will elegantly display your beverage of choice- a pitcher that is both stylish and practical.

Teapot and Kettle is made with the highest quality heat-resistant glass, it features a comfortable rounded handle and a drip-proof spout. A coiled stainless steel filter prevents large leaf tea particles from getting in your cup (such as oolong tea). Our eco-friendly tight fitting bamboo lid keeps your beverage fresh longer. Our Teapot and Kettle is an excellent pitcher for everyday use and entertaining alike!

Design features:

- Gas and Electric Stovetop safe
- Heat-Resistant Glass
-Dishwasher safe
- Eco-friendly bamboo lid
- Drip-proof spout
-60oz / 1800ml capacity

Mueller Ultra Cordless Electric Kettle Fast Boiling Glass Tea, Coffee Pot 1.8 Liter Cordless with LED Light Inside High Quality Borosilicate Glass BPA-Free by Mueller Austria

  • MAXIMUM SAFETY - Built with a Heat-Resistant Anti-Slip Grip Handle,...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Made with the finest quality Borosilicate Glass...


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The Mueller Ultra Kettle is one counter-top appliance with limitless options and versatility. Designed in Germany and equipped with up to 1100 watts of power for Ultra Fast heating, the Mueller Ultra Kettle brings up to 1.8 liters of water to a rolling boil in a matter of minutes. Other highlights include a stay-cool nonslip handle, an "open" button for lifting the lid, a LED back-lit water window with measurement marks, a concealed heating element to prevent mineral buildup, a drip-less pour spout, and boil-dry protection with auto shutoff for safety. The perfect kettle for all your needs.

grosche Indigo Glass stovetop Kettle review with infuser teapot by Jessica W.

a review by a customer of the glass stove top indigo kettle, this customer is using it with an infuser (which is optional and can be added in), and using it as a .

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BonJour 53408 Zen 42-oz Glass Teapot by

Zen 42-Ounce Glass Teapot The perfect fusion of strength and beauty. Elegant hand blown glass design accented by a classic bamboo handle and an elevated bamboo base.


BonJour 53108 Prosperity Teapot with Shut-Off Infuser by

Prosperity Teapot with Shut-Off Infuser Built in coaster and comfortable handle 5-cup capacity Patented shut-off infuser seals the hydrated tea leaves in a solid chamber, stopping the brewing process and givingyou more control over flavor and freshness Comfortable stay-cool handle and built in coaster Borosilicate glass for superior heat retention and clarity



Pink Ribbon Faith Teapot

The purpose of the pink ribbon is to remind women of the potential dangers of breast cancers and make them take preliminary precautions. It reminds them of the need of a self checkup, and take the requisite measures before it is too late. By wearing this ribbon, you are sending out an important...

Obamocracy Obama Teapot

This modern and fun teapot is perfect for enjoying a relaxing cup of tea while at work or at home. Also good for serving coffee during dessert when you have guest over. This teapot is sure to look lovely with any décor. Makes a great gift for weddings, birthdays, mother's day, any occasion.


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Hot sale 500ml Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot Flower Tea Set Puer kettle Coffee T 09/07/15, @BrookeJaynell
#Fall is coming get your #teapot now for those cool mornings and evenings and enjoy your favorite #teareaceipt 09/07/15, @PlanetKitchenwa
Hot sale 500ml Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot Flower Tea Set Puer kettle Coffee T 09/06/15, @arthur_kirbya


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  • Award-Winning German Glass for the Kitchen

    03/23/15 ,via Yahoo Shine Canada

    The company's teapots, SIGN 0.6/1.2, won the 2013 iF design award. Above: The German Glass Water Kettle is $49.90 from Kaufmann Mercantile. (Margot reports that her brother and sister-in-law love their present, but that the handle gets very hot.)

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Menu Tea Pot Kettle Glass with Tea Ball 1,5L

The Glass Kettle Teapot grants a visual experience of the tea with a true Scandinavian touch. As a fine design detail the tea egg is placed in the centre of the pot.

Fancy - Glass Kettle Teapot by Menu

Glass teapot with tea infuser that hangs by a silicone string, serving as a stylish teabag in the middle of the teapot. ... Glass Kettle Teapot by Menu. $65USD.

Electric kettle as the water 'otter, a big brown Brown Betty, and the glass-and-green French Press for that Other kind of tea (yanno, the kind made from the toasted and ground seeds of the caffia arabica cherry).
Photo by RuTemple on Flickr
Turkish Tea
Turkish Tea
How to make good Turkish tea 1. Tea must be stored in closed packages in such a way that it is not affected by humidity and external odors. 2. For brewing, lime-free water and a porcelain teapot are recommended. 3. One spoonful of tea for each glass is put into a clean teapot and it must be rinsed with lukewarm water. 4. Boiling water in the teapot is poured into the tea-kettle. 5. The flame under the tea-kettle turned down and the teapot is placed onto the tea-kettle so that boils. 6. The tea must brew for 10-15 minutes and the brewed tea must be drunk in 30 minutes.
Photo by dimi on Flickr
Tea Party
Tea Party
I'm a little teapot Short and stout Here is my handle Here is my spout When I get all steamed up Hear me shout Tip me over and pour me out I'm a very special pot It's true Here's an example of what I can do I can turn my handle into a spout Tip me over and pour me out I'm a little teapot Short and stouts Here is my handle Here is my spout When I get all steamed up I just shout Tip me over and pour me out I'm a very special pot It's true Here's an example of what I can do I can turn my handle into a spout Tip me over and pour me out Lyrics grabbed from here:
Photo by StephenZacharias on Flickr
Norm Glass Kettle Teapot
Norm Glass Kettle Teapot
Home > Products > Menu Kettle Teapot Glass with Tea Egg
Home > Products > Menu Kettle Teapot Glass with Tea Egg
Glass Kettle Teapot – Stylish Life by MENU @ £42.62
Glass Kettle Teapot – Stylish Life by MENU @ £42.62