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Hiware Good Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser & Lid, Borosilicate Glass Tea Pots Stovetop Safe, 27 Ounce / 800 ml by Hiware

  • 27 oz ultra clear glass teapot with stainless steel infuser
  • The new released edition comes with delicate lid and infuser made...
  • This teapot is purely hand crafted, made from heat resistant glass....



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Product Description

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 3.9 Inches, Diameter: 5 Inches

Infuser Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2.4 Inches, Diameter: 2 Inches

All Hiware teapots are made of heat-resistant glass produced from main materials, such as silica, borax and boric acid refined from 100-percent natural minerals. With a generous size stainless steel mesh strainer any tea can be brewed to a great taste, black, green, white, oolong, or herbal. Stylish appearance.

Drop your desired amount of loose leaf tea into the infuser and gently pour boiled water through the infuser into the teapot. The tea will gain color and expand comfortably in the infuser giving you an elegant and high class tea experience. This teapot is a must for anyone that loves gourmet loose leaf tea!

The Hiware is made from heatproof borosilicate glass which is the perfect material for handling hot liquids like boiling water as it is very similar to test tube glass. The Hiware is dishwasher safe, but to avoid being knocked around or getting hit or damaged in the dishwasher, we recommend gently rinsing it out after use with some soapy water to keep it like new. The JOLIETTE uses only high grade stainless steel for the lid and filter system. The premium borosilicate glass is guaranteed against becoming cloudy even after years of use.

Please contact Seller through Amazon email for ANY questions or concerns.

Hiware Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser, 45oz Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea Pot, Microwavable and Stovetop Safe Tea Pot and Tea Strainer by Hiware

  • Specially designed with non dripping spout and perfect shape handle...
  • This teapot is purely hand crafted, made from heat resistant...
  • Borosilicate glass body has been optimized to be more thicker for...


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Product Description

Product Details: High Quality Materials Meet Elegant Design

Made of borosilicate glass materal, heat resistance, transparent glass, Large enough for brewing 4-5 cups of tea it's the perfect kitchen accessory for hosting guests or brewing up custom cups.

A removable high-grade 304 stainless steel mesh infuser is rust-free and allows you to steep any type of loose tea leaves and brew your tea to any desired strength by lifting on the small handle. Lid can be used without infuser

Spout is designed for effortless pouring and precise control, so you can get every last drop into your mug without dripping

The teapot is widely used in the hotel, teahouse, restaurant and other places, an essential goods in your life, it is a perfect companion in the morning, afternoon and in the evening

A transparent glass teapot to show off the beautiful color of your tea, you can see the boiling tea directly, also an excellent vessel to display the blossoming of art tea when the infuser is removed, very interesting

Dishwasher Safe and Stovetop Safe

Capacity: 1400 ml
Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 5.3 x 3.1 Inches, Diameter: 5.3 Inches
Infuser Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x 3.5 Inches, Diameter: 2 Inches

Package Contents:
1 x Clear Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser and Lid

grosche Indigo Glass stovetop Kettle review with infuser teapot by Jessica W.

a review by a customer of the glass stove top indigo kettle, this customer is using it with an infuser (which is optional and can be added in), and using it as a .

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Primula Glass Teapot W/infuser by

Primula Primula 40 oz. Glass Tea Pot, made of hand blown borosilicate glass, provides the ideal window to view flowering teas. This crystal clear design with a large secure handle, a glass lid and rounded spout is elegantly crafted to effortlessly pour 5 cups of tea. Enjoy brewing beautiful flowering teas or use the included glass loose tea infuser for loose tea brewing. Borosilicate glass is more thermal resistant than other types of glass, extremely durable, and is dishwasher and stovetop safe. The set includes a blooming tea sample so you can start brewing beautiful flowering tea the moment you open the box.


Teaology Azzurro Borosilicate Infusion Teapot by

From Teaology comes an incredible new line of tea accessories that make a bold statement. Made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, the Azzurro is perfect tea brewing. Our design is popular with flower blossom tea such as chrysanthemum blooming tea. Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass. It is shatter-resistant and resitant to high heat. It is the same glass used in making beakers, test tubes and other chemistry equipment. Avoid the aftertaste and flavor you get from plastic and metal kettles. The Azzurro comes with an included stainless steel tea infuser to make gourmet loose leaf tea. It can be used on gas, electric, and coil type stovetops. It is lead free glass. The teapot is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Measures 8" wide with handle and spout x 5.75" and 4.75" tall. 700ml/24oz volume.


automatic electric kettle: Electric Kettles Uk

Two thousand people from all over the UK were asked what Seventy per cent said putting the kettle on for a cuppa was their top priority. Electric kettles started to You might think that buying an electric kettle is a pretty simple business – but For more information on kettles, visit www. uk/kettles. ' magazine for £3, call 01992 822800 and quote INADVICE Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue said in a statement: “Fire Control received a call from an occupant in Shelly Reach in Exmouth stating that she had had a fire in her kitchen involving an... “A fire appliance from Exmouth During that match, the UK National Grid experienced a spike of 2,800 megawatts when everyone heads to the kitchen to turn on electric tea kettles or grab a snack from the fridge. “It must be one of the few jobs where watching World Cup matches The incidents have included the inappropriate use of the microwave, putting hot water on an electric kettle base, and all kitchen utensils are in a locked cupboard due to a past... he has demonstrated Kettles, electric shavers and irons can now all be recycled under a new system. Croydon council have set aside special containers for the disposal of small electrical items across the borough. The nested chambers seen inside this prototype electric water kettle by designer Guillian Graves are 3D-printed, their geometry inspired by nautilus shells—giving the project its name, Nautile. The designer's intent was to create an appliance that would Cyber criminals are planting chips in electric irons and kettles to launch spam attacks, reports in Russia suggest. State-owned channel Rossiya 24 even showed footage of a technician opening up an iron included in a batch of Chinese imports to find a "spy The general manager of Westfield Lodge Apartments on Penistone Hill near Haworth, was the first... Kettle on, TV blaring, kids on the Xbox Phone, laptop, tablet on charge, and from the digital clock in the bedroom and the electric toothbrush to the fridge and microwave, we’re powering up. It’s only when we stop and think of how many appliances. Source: automatic electric kettle

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Bodum Clara 59-Ounce Glass Stovetop Whistling Water Kettle
Bodum Clara 59-Ounce Glass Stovetop Whistling Water Kettle
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... Glass Infuser Teapot 1200 ml 41 fl oz. capacity stovetop safe for
... Glass Infuser Teapot 1200 ml 41 fl oz. capacity stovetop safe for
glass teapot stovetop
glass teapot stovetop