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Green Tea Kettle with Infuser - Tempered Glass Tea Pot - Teapot with Filter and Lid - Loose Leaf Tea Maker with Strainer - Stovetop Microwavable Borosilicate Glass - Perfect for Black Blooming or Flowering Tea by LeBaux

  • TEA KETTLE GLASS - GREAT GIFT IDEA. This tea maker/infuser teapot...
  • BEST TEA KETTLE ON THE MARKET - This 40 oz glass teapot with...
  • TEAPOT WITH FILTER AND LID - Made from heat resistant borosilicate...


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Green Tea Kettle with Infuser - Perfect choice for your tea!

Tea kettle keeps your tea warm and fragrant for a long period. Glass tea kettle by LeBaux is made of exclusively heat resistant, durable and high quality borosilicate glass. Also it has a stylish, modern design. The combination of usability and aesthetics makes it a perfect accessory to your pamper hamper.

Benefits of LeBaux's glass clear teapot:

- Tempered glass teapot is made of optimized thicker glass which makes it more durable than other tea pots.
- Clear teapot can easily be used on the stove, in the microwave and dishwasher
- Glass kettle has non-drip spout
- Loose tea maker can be used without tea pot infuser
- Tea pot lid fits tightly, no need to hold while pouring
- Lightweight tea kettle, comfortable handle
- Tea infuser pot withstands up to 30 brews a day

Making your favorite tea:

1. Swill glass tea kettle with hot water before using.
2. Drop the desired amount of your favorite loose leaf tea into the stainless steel infuser.
3. Pour boiled water through the teapot infuser into the tea pot to a level just below the spout.
4. Allow your tea to steep to your taste.

40 oz blooming teapot, large enough for brewing 4-6 cups

Note: Handle with care while using in dishwasher!

Teapot Set Teapot Pink Butterfly 24 Oz and Stainless Steel Tea Warmer Alex for Flowering Tea Green Tea Black Tea Puer by Tea Beyond

  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIAL-Gift for a better health! Special...
  • EASY TO CLEAN-Dishwasher top rack safe. Handle with care. Teapot...


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Product Description

This set includes 1 glass teapot Pink Butterfly 24 oz and 1 stainless steel tea warmer. Designed by Jane London, owner of Tea Beyond. Beautiful Pink butterfly on top means change to be better. The water wave crystal-like dots on the teapot body and handle represents passion and energy for life. Tea Beyond is inspired by Jane's personal story-She simply wanted to improve her health condition, but couldn't find good quality tea in the US. So Jane created Tea Beyond to share her passion and knowledge about tea and tea-wares. Drinking tea often will make you look better, feel more energetic and live happier. Jane really hopes this teapot does the magic, like the transformation of butterfly, in everyone's life, and brings you positive changes, thus a happier and healthier life. Teapot Butterfly is made of special lead free glass that can handle temperature shock. This glass material allows to pour in directly boiling water or iced cold water without breaking it. Handle has an anti-slip feature. Non Drip design at the spout. Dish-washer top rack or hand clean. Microwave safe. Handle with care. Love is to share. The stainless steel tea warmer is made of stainless steel. It comes with a tea light. It keeps your perfect tea warm and create great tea drinking atmosphere. Dishwasher safe. Hand clean is recommended. Not Microwavable. It fits for most of regular single serving teapots. Tea Beyond won the 2009 World Tea Champion and is a AKA stamp recipient (Ashley Koff Approved).The AKA stamp of approval is a trusted sign that the product, menu, recipe or gadget has been evaluated and approved by Celebrity Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff to be better quality and a healthier choice. Tea Beyond believes Better quality tea for Better Health. All tea Beyond products are made of materials from nature, such as glass, stainless steel, tea, herbs, etc. No plastic parts. No GMO. No Artificial flavors or artificial addictive added. Our glass tea-wares are made of 20% recycled glass.

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Old Dutch 1012MO Moss Green Cast Iron Osaka Teapot 20 Oz. by

Unity Cast Iron "Osaka" Teapot - Moss Green finish. An elegant, distinctly shaped cast iron Tetsubin teapot named after the beautiful and ancient city of Osaka, Japan. Inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black porcelain enamel interior coating that helps prevent rust Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation for brewing and serving tea. Not intended for stovetop use. 20 oz. capacity. Hand Wash Depth: 5 .75" Height: 6" Width: 6 1/2"