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Hario Cha Cha Kyusu "Maru" Tea Pot, 700ml by Hario

  • 700 ml Capacity
  • Imported from Japan
  • Easy to use



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Product Description

Beautifully crafted Hario glass teapot is perfect for the perfect brew of loose tea. In Japanese, Hario means "King of Glass".

Hario Cha Cha Kyusu "Fukami" Tea Pot, 700ml by Hario

  • Design enables to pouring until the last drop
  • Heat resistant glass body and stainless steel filter
  • Practical Capacity of 700ml



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Product Description

In order to serve truly flavorful tea, we made the tea strainer as large as possible. By using a finely meshed tea strainer, you can now also serve "fukamushi" green tea with flavor. The structure design enables to pouring until the last drop.



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    07/13/15 ,via The Guardian (blog)

    Just make sure you weigh the beans. Pour Over Coffee with a Hario V60 at Fourteen Eighteen Cafe in USA. Pour-over coffee with a Hario V60: 'This has the best flavour of all the brews, rich and rounded. Before we go any further we preheat the

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  • 15 Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas Under $25 That Won't Break The Bank — Or Your Friendship

    05/26/15 ,via bustle.com

    A good teapot can be hard to find if you’re a tea-lover. Glass teapots from Hario are all the rage among specialists, so you’ll get major points from tea-mad wedded couples if you nab them this fancy-looking pot. Get it here. This is a lovely and ...

  • Hario Chacha Glass Teapot

    02/26/13 ,via apartmenttherapy.com

    Maxwell left teaching in 2001 to start Apartment Therapy as a design business helping people to make their homes more beautiful, organized AND healthy. The website started up in 2004 with the help of his brother, Oliver.

  • World Tea Expo Report: Cutting Edge Teapot Technology

    05/06/09 ,via LA Weekly

    You push the round tipped lever at the apex of the cone, and the receptacle drops into the glass pot. When brewing time is done, pull up the lever to remove the tea. Ingenious. And space age. The Hario teapot would have looked perfect in Captain Jean Luc ...

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HARIO is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware company which was founded in 1921.

Amazon.com | Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot, 700ml: Glass ...

Dechunxian®tea Tools, Tea Tumbler Infuser ,Tea Strainer, Tea Pot ,Tea Bottle, ... Beautifully crafted Hario glass teapot is perfect for the perfect brew of loose tea.

Hario Chacha Glass Teapot | Teapot and Kettle

Buy from Amazon. The Hario Chacha Glass Teapot is perfect for watching the tea as it steeps and changes color. It has a mesh basket for tea leaves and is perfect for ...

Amazon.com: HARIO Hand-made Japanese Glass Teapot, 1-2cup: Home ...
Amazon.com: HARIO Hand-made Japanese Glass Teapot, 1-2cup: Home ...
Image by pinterest.com
HARIO Glass Teapot
HARIO Glass Teapot
Image by pinterest.com
Hario Chacha Glass Teapot
Hario Chacha Glass Teapot
Image by pinterest.com

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