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Franz Porcelain Long Tail Hummingbird Design Teapot by Franz Porcelain

  • Porcelain
  • 8-1/4 x 4-1/2 x 7-1/4 "


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Franz Porcelain is created using the finest Chinese clay and glazes. The beautiful colors are created by it's under glaze decorating techniques; the quality of which is measurable by the fluid shading and reflective depth of color on each item. The sculptured accents of delicate butterflies, fragile flowers and other motifs superbly illustrate Franz Porcelain creators' intricate skills. Franz Porcelain is uniquely notable for its successful combination of traditional Chinese character with styling inspired by classic Art Nouveau designs.

Kelvin Chen Enameled Miniature Tea Pot - Hummingbird by Kelvin Chen

  • The Artist name and item number are inscribed on the bottom....
  • Beautiful copper teapot trinket with hand painted hummingbird and...
  • Measures 5 3/4W"x1 3/4"D x 3"H.


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Product Description

Beautiful copper teapot trinket with hand painted hummingbird and flowers. Lid lifts off to hollow interior. The Artist name and item number are inscribed on the bottom. Limited production. Measures 5 3/4W"x1 3/4"D x 3"H. This Enamel miniatures piece is entirely handmade and hand painted. 23 processes are executed during many days of work. In addition, no less than five firings are necessary to solidify the enamels and give them the bright luminous color. As with any handmade craft, minor imperfections are part of the charm. Born of fire, labor, and tradition, this unique piece will surely bring many generations of enjoyment. Trinket Box comes in a green padded, linen lined box and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Butterfly and Hummingbird

The Nectar of Life Love is like a humming bird. If you try to cage the humming bird it will die. Love can not be one way.

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BonJour 54521 Teapot by

Make tea time an elegant affair with the heirloom-quality BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Porcelain Teapot. The beautiful teapot is perfect for serving piping hot Earl Grey tea while spending time at the breakfast table with family or for offering fragrant jasmine citrus blossom tea to neighbors during an afternoon by the fire. Features Graced with soft aqua borders encircling elegant floral and hummingbird motifs Crafted from durable microwave and freezer safe-porcelain to be enjoyed for years to come Ideal for both everyday use and special occasions Dishwasher safe for convenience


BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Porcelain Teacup and Saucer Set by

Tea for two is even more enjoyable when served with the beautiful BonJour Dinnerware Fruitful Nectar Porcelain Teacup and Saucer Set. Crafted from durable porcelain to provide years of dining and entertaining, this heirloom-quality tea set includes two teacups featuring elegant silver and bronze floral and hummingbird motifs and two saucers graced with soft aqua borders. Pairing perfectly with the Fruitful Nectar teapot, the tea set is ideal for serving hot English breakfast tea during brunch with the family or for presenting fragrant lemon yerba mate tea at an afternoon social gathering. Blending exquisite style with contemporary convenience, the teacups and saucers are safe for the microwave and dishwasher. This lovely porcelain tea set is the perfect complement to the sugar and creamer set and other BonJour Fruitful Nectar dinnerware and serveware pieces.


The final episode of the complete and utter vividness etc of Matilda Maricella

Matilda maricella had got herself into a bit of a pickle. She was cycling across france on her very vivid and colourful yellow bicycle. That year though was different. She was on a sort of pilgrimage of the self. A kind of search for her vividness which she felt had slipped a bit due to the severity of a certain illness, the savagery of the necessary surgery and the tedious treatment that followed. You see Matilda had been diagnosed many months before with a not very great form of cancer. Whether her vividness had caused her cancer (Oh how she loved those sunny days and who could blame her, there wasn’t a lot of them around in Ireland). Or her vividness had cured her, she was not sure. But she was now on the mend and almost back to her alkazeltery self. It was her leg, groin and tummy that got the brunt of the surgeon’s knife and she sported a long zigzagged scar which she referred to, when asked by curious swimmers (Matilda also loved to swim) as her shark bite. (She would snigger to herself when they would lose interest in the odd appearance of her leg and make hastily for the shore). But it wasn’t the appearance of the scar that worried her. It was the thought of not being able to cycle. When she voiced this fear to her surgeon, a merry man, almost as vivid as herself and also a lover of the bicycle, he reassured her, telling her that cycling was the best way to recover but adding that maybe she should drop the scarf. ‘After all’ His blue eyes danced nearly as brilliantly as hers, ‘I have not carried out my knifely skills and you have not gone through a year of harrowing treatment only to be lost to an Isadora Duncan style death. So there she was without her scarf, toiling up and over the hills of the Montagne Noir to the gates of the old Abbey, her scarred leg skillfully hidden under a bright flowing skirt. Now, while she was ill, she hadn’t really given men or love much thought and it was not her intention to do so on this trip. So when she gazed into the eye’s of Le Monsieur as he opened the gates of the old abbey she became confused. And his closeness to her at breakfast the following morning as he fed her various flavored pumpkin jams only added to her confusion. Back in her bedroom, Matilda paused from gathering her painting equipment, and looking at herself in the mirror, proceeded to give her reflection a good talking to. ‘Well you ARE in a pickle’ She addressed her flushed face ‘This trip is about you... It’s a pilgrimage to the self. Not a holiday romance with some bossy french man telling you what to do and what to eat’. The memory of him feeding her the cointreau and ginger pumpkin jam, his shining brown eyes so close to hers, his white toothed smile almost blinding her, came flooding back and she sank down on the bed. Out of sight of the telltale mirror she smirked to herself and smoothed her dress feeling the shapely lines of her body. She had lost a lot of weight on the treatment, two stone nearly and all that cycling had left her as fit as a fiddle. There was a piece of green pumpkin skin caught between her two front ones. ‘I have been waiting’ he said impatiently. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had been impatient for her company. She smiled coyly at him in what she imagined to be an alluring way but he just turned on his heel and made his way across the dewy lawn. As she passed the fig tree she saw the yellow bicycle was missing. ‘I locked it away’ He said airily when he saw her frantic look. ‘The bird poop from those silly birds would ruin it. Look at them. They are really just like a bunch of dowdy women all pale and uninteresting and noisy. ’ He smiled charmingly at her ‘You are so vibrant and strong and anyway’ He added taking her hand and smoothing it with his own large one ‘You. Source: The woman on the Yellow Bike

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Fitz & Floyd Hummingbird Teapot Vintage Collectible 07/05/15, @mcr1241
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Hummingbird Teapots - Hummingbird Tea Pots | Zazzle

Fast shipping on most orders. Completely personalizable Hummingbird teapots from - Select your favorite design for your custom tea pots.

hummingbird teapot | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...

Find great deals on eBay for hummingbird teapot paul cardew teapot. Shop with confidence. | Portmeirion Botanic Hummingbird Teapot: Teapots

Features a pair of Hummingbirds, Morning Glories, Butterfly and the Portmeirion green leaf design around the bottom. Makes a perfect gift for Easter, Mother's Day ...

Hummingbird Teapot
Hummingbird Teapot
Photo by TammieKaye on Flickr
Hummingbird Teapot3
Hummingbird Teapot3
Photo by TammieKaye on Flickr
The Garden Society - Crystal Chapter: Scene 1 - Lulu’s Garden
The Garden Society - Crystal Chapter: Scene 1 - Lulu’s Garden
Photo by dancelilsister on Flickr
18 Oz Hummingbird Teapot by Cardew
18 Oz Hummingbird Teapot by Cardew
Hummingbird teapot
Hummingbird teapot
Image by
Portmeirion Serveware, Botanic Hummingbird Figural Teapot - Serveware ...
Portmeirion Serveware, Botanic Hummingbird Figural Teapot - Serveware ...
Image by

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