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Japanese Design White Cherry Blossom Ceramic Tea Pot and Cups Set Serves 5 Beautifully Packaged in Gift Box Excellent Home Decor Asian Living by Gifts & Decors

  • This set is Japanese designed and Made in a state of the art...
  • Measurements: Tea Pot: 4.75"H by 7.25"L Tea Cup: 2"H
  • Dishwasher Safe (remove wooden handle)


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ZENS Matte Finish Smooth Texture Gray Ceramic Teapot 800ml/28oz, with Nature Bentwood Handle, Ceramic Pebble Shape Lid, and Stainless Steel Strainer for Flower Loose Leaf Tea Steeping by ZENS

  • 304 Stainless Steel Infuser: The infuser is made of 304 food-grade...
  • Large Capacity: 800ml/28oz Ceramic Teapot with Lid is inspired of...
  • Certified safe: This tea set has been passed SGS certification with...


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Why do we use porcelain teapot
Making tea is essentially the process of breaking down the cell structure of tea leaves to release their flavor. Using the traditional method of Chinese tea-making, called Gong-Fu Cha (Tea With Great Skill), the teapot is perhaps the most important element in this process. The tea-maker must match the right size and shape of teapot, the type of clay and firing temperature with the right type of tea and the number of people being served. And since a teapot is something that may be used every day, it should be something that is comfortable to handle, long lasting and pleasing to the eye.
Porcelain teapots are adequate for making white and green teas. Their walls are often thinner than those made of ceramic, and they have low heat transference compared to other materials, so also maintain the temperature of the tea liquor quite well but not as long as ceramics. Since white and green teas are brewed at lower temperatures, porcelain teapots will be most appropriate to use
Porcelain teaware offers higher heat retention than many other materials. Also, glazed ceramic teapots don't absorb flavors, so you can brew various teas with a single teapot.
Product Dimensions:183*144*74mm, 800ml pretty ceramic teapot
Please contact Seller through Amazon email for any questions or concerns to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Tokoname Master Craftsman - Hokujo (Genji Shimizu)

Photos: http://goo. gl/k4EMgi Genji Shimizu (artist name Hokujoh) Full member of the Japan Arts Crafts Association Master of traditional Crafts.

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    "Made in Japan" and "A.C. Bosselman & Co." are printed on its The company's souvenir merchandise included glass pictorial paperweights, shot glasses and ceramic items as well as metal trays, plates, spoons and trinket boxes related to such

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    Houston is the last tour stop for this exhibition, organized by the Arizona State University Art Museum and Ceramics Research Center in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. All the pieces are drawn from what is clearly a marvelous ASU

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    The Japanese in their reverence for the unexpected and accidental effects of wood-fired ceramics have aided us in seeing the very special nature of these surfaces. This aesthetic reveals itself in tea bowls used for the Japanese tea ceremony. Special


  • Japanese Onion Soup

    mushrooms, beef bouillon granules, carrot, celery, chicken broth, ginger, onions, water


  • Japanese teapots

    Kodansha America. 1981. 65 pages.
  • Japanese and Oriental Ceramics

    Tuttle Publishing. 2013. ISBN: 9781462903856,1462903851. 337 pages.

    Japanese and Oriental Ceramics was first published in print form by Tuttle Publishing in 1971. This comprehensive and profusely illustrated work tells how to distinguish Japanese porcelains from Chinese, and how to recognize modern reproductions of genuine old wares. It is completely indexed, contains a lengthy bibliography, and lists Chinese dates important in any discussion of Oriental ceramics. Crammed with information on the history, esthetics, and technical aspects of the ceramics of Japan and the Orient, the book is an invaluable guide to scholars, collectors and dealers. It is in fact a work of art in itself.

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  • AT THE GALLERY: I spy with my little eye ... art that appeals to kids

    Characters from Storm Boy and Alice in Wonderland appear in works, as does Dame Edna Everage as a ceramic teapot. One of the most popular ... and regional galleries all over the country, and in Japanese, American and UK collections. Now in the 21st century ...

  • Australian Woodfire: Curator's Choice is diverse

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    teapots, vases and platters, there are many free form sculptures that lend themselves to the more extreme fired effects of texture and encrustation. The Japanese in their reverence for the unexpected and accidental effects of wood-fired ceramics have aided ...

  • Landmark Exhibition at MFA Boston Explores Asian Influence on the Colonial Americas

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    include folding screens made in Mexico (that imitate Japanese and Chinese screens), blue-and-white talavera ceramics (copied from Chinese porcelain) and luxuriously woven textiles (made to replicate fine silks and cottons from China and India). These works ...

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Motoko Araki Ceramics
Motoko Araki Ceramics
Photo by Andurinha on Flickr
Japanese Porcelain Teapot Small blue and white porcelain teapot with a dragon and wooden bamboo handle. This three toed dragon is shown flying among clouds as it chases a flaming pearl. More info: www.silkroadcollection.com/vb9047x-japanese-porcelain-tea...
Photo by Silk Road Collection on Flickr
Vintage Dragonware Porcelain Teapot Early 20th century Japanese dragonware porcelain teapot. The piece was molded with one dragon winding up the side and onto the lid where the dragon head becomes to finial. A second dragon forms the handle and spout. It is hand-painted brown with gold and white accents and three brightly colored figures and the side. No cracks and one small paint chip at the bottom of the spout where it is not visible during use. Asian Decor: Satsuma Dragonware Porcelain Teapot from Kyoto, Japan More info: www.silkroadcollection.com/vb9012x-porcelain-dragonware-t...
Photo by Silk Road Collection on Flickr
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Japanese Ceramic Teapots http://aneducatedpalate.wordpress.com/2011/04 ...
Japanese Ceramic Teapots http://aneducatedpalate.wordpress.com/2011/04 ...
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teapots tetsubin ceramic our products accessories japanese teapots ...

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