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The Miko teapot is classic in its design and practical for sharing that perfect brew with others. This glass is EU certified as hygienic and has a pore free surface. What does this mean? Because this glass has a pore free surface it does not retain smells therefore eliminating odors left behind other glass types. This kettle can make enough tea for approximately six to ten cups (depending on serving size).

Heat Resistant
Holds 2.0 L (68 oz)
Glass Strainer
Glass Ball lid
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Made in Germany

Jenaer GLOBO Tetera Jena Glas Teekanne Glass Teapot Tea Pot Museum by Jenaer Glas

  • showcases the beauty of tea
  • built-in infuser filters all leaves
  • made in Germany


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Add a bit of cool style to your daily tea routine. Recipient of the prestigious IF design award, the Globo Teapot is surely a teapot for the new millennium. Yet it is very simple. To infuse tea, the pot is stood on its handle, with infuser fully immersed in water. Once complete, a simple tilt onto its front leg will lift the infuser out of the water. Allowing you to enjoy a great cup of tea without attending to spent leaves. These are now safely out of the way. And may be dealt with when it is more convenient. Now that is progress. Made in Germany. 30 oz. (1.0L)

gonfu ceremony with white tea in my new teapot ))

my new yixing teapot, tea used: Bai Hao Yin Zhen (white tea) --- I know that it is not perfect ceremony at all, but I just tested my cam Sony NEX-3 with old 50mm .

Planets on display at start of July - Austin Herald

By Deane Morrison, University of Minnesota. July opens with Venus and Jupiter forming a close pair low in the west after sunset. As usual, Venus outshines Jupiter. The two planets took months to get together, and now they uncouple and sink into the sun’s afterglow. Relatively sluggish Jupiter drops because Earth is leaving it behind in the orbital race, but our sister planet is speedier than Earth and has plans of its own. In the second half of July, Venus dives into the sunset as it hurtles toward its next passage between Earth and the sun. By month’s end, both planets will be all but lost in the sun’s glare. Try looking for the planets about 50 minutes after sunset on the 18th, when a young crescent moon appears with them. You may even spot Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, above Venus. July evenings are great for enjoying Scorpius and the Teapot of Sagittarius. Sinuous Scorpius rears up from the south, extending its claws westward toward Libra while the scorpion’s red heart, Antares, glows softly. Just east of Scorpius, the spout of the Teapot is poised to pour its contents onto the scorpion’s tail. Moving east again, we see the handle of the Teapot and the little Teaspoon of stars hanging above it. This year July has two full moons. The first comes at 9:20 p. m. on the 1st and rises, round and beautiful, approximately half an hour before sunset. The second arrives at 5:43 a. m. on the 31st. look for it in the west around 5:30 a. m. The second full moon in a calendar month is sometimes called a blue moon. The term was originally used to mean the third of four full moons in a season, but the two-in-one-month phenomenon is easier to notice and celebrate. For another morning treat, look eastward before the sky starts to lighten on the 12th to see a waning crescent moon near Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus, along with the lovely Hyades and Pleiades star clusters. On the 14th, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will perform a flyby of Pluto and its five associated bodies. Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld, and though it has been demoted from planet to dwarf planet status, Pluto turns out to have quite a retinue. Its large companion, Charon, was the boatman who ferried souls across the river Styx into the underworld. Four small moons have also been found: Styx. Kerberos, the Greek form of the name of the dog that guarded the underworld. Pluto is now among the stars of the Teaspoon. We can’t see it, but when New Horizons sends back images we’ll have our first close-up view of this distant and mysterious corner of the solar system. The University of Minnesota offers public viewings of the night sky at its Duluth and Twin Cities campuses. For more information and viewing schedules, see:. edu/planet. Twin Cities, Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics (during fall and spring semesters): www. Check out the astronomy programs at the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum ExploraDome: www. Contact: Deane Morrison, University Relations, (612) 624-2346,morri029@umn. Find U of M astronomers and links to the world of astronomy athttp://www. Source:

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  • Planets on display at start of July

    06/27/15 ,via Austin Herald

    July evenings are great for enjoying Scorpius and the Teapot of Sagittarius. Sinuous Scorpius rears up from the south, extending its claws westward toward Libra while the scorpion's red heart, Antares, glows softly. As a bonus, Saturn shines above the

  • Paul Thomas Anderson Reveals Secrets of Stoner Odyssey 'Inherent Vice'

    01/15/15 ,via

    Paul Thomas Anderson likes to take his time. Ask the 44-year-old director of Inherent Vice about adapting Thomas Pynchon's 2009 stoner-noir novel – in which a hippie-dippy private detective (played by The Master's Joaquin Phoenix) tangles with all

  • Top of the class

    11/02/14 ,via Rapid City Journal

    Anna Burbank's piece is “Paper Crane Teapot,” Diane French's piece is a self-portrait oil painting, Shalayne Mowry's pencil sketch drawing “Immersed” is a self-portrait and Jenna Kessler's piece “Painted Sunlight” is stained glass. Kylene Baker


"Wow this Ariana Grande song doesn't make me wanna throw up." "J, that's the teapot whistling" It sounds the same. 08/05/15, @Jena_Brigid


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • Bon Appétit

  • Jena of Atlantis, the Finger of Power

    AuthorHouse. 2004. ISBN: 9781418452629,1418452629. 420 pages.

    D..W. Anthony’s Atlantis Discovery series offers this forth book of explorations and humor in the ruins. We follow the spunky Jena as she travels with a converted assassin and an old palace guard to uncover the strange and mysterious ends of intrigue in a plot to put away the first emperor ever, sixty five thousand years ago. This is a comic tale of ultimate survival at sea, and among the cavernous misty hallways and temples of those in power. She learns what power is, and how it is used. The heroes are flawed, as usual. It is impossible for her to keep her glasses clean, and they are always short on weapons, but not action. For all ages.

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  • Collab: Four Decades of Giving Modern and Contemporary Design At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

    07/16/15 ,via CBS Philly

    Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gift of Collab: The Group for Modern and Contemporary Design at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2000. See R & R for copyright Teapot, Lid, and Infuser from a Tea Service 1930-31 Designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Made by Jena ...

  • Myth-busting chocolate teapot developed in UK

    09/10/14 ,via Zee News

    London: British experts have managed to produce a chocolate teapot that held boiling water for two minutes to make a drinkable brew, busting a long-held myth. The York-based experts were challenged to prove the sarcastic phrase "as useful as a chocolate ...

  • Dear Queer Diary: Let the Moleskine Wars Begin

    02/27/14 ,via Autostraddle

    The time has come, my dear queer diarists, for this column to address an extremely controversial subject. Prepare yourselves for the ferocious arguments that will take place in the comments, and the relationships that will founder on the rocks of ...

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月島で。 (MZ-3 + CZJ MC Sonnar 135/F3.5 + Centuria100 + GT-X970[V750] w/SilverFast)
Photo by Nam2@7676 on Flickr
Brown teapot
Brown teapot
Voigtlander / Cosina Bessa-R 35mm rangefinder with collapsible pre-war Carl Zeiss Jena 2.0 / 50mm lens, 800asa Fuji
Photo by fortinbras on Flickr
Teapot. Quick setup. Classic Bokeh from a Carl Zeiss
Photo by WIDEANGLE@108dB on Flickr
Jena Schott Glass Teapot
Jena Schott Glass Teapot
Teapot SOMA with lid and plastic strainer, 600 ml (trendglas Jena)
Teapot SOMA with lid and plastic strainer, 600 ml (trendglas Jena)
... blown boroscilicate glass in three parts: teapot, diffuser and lid
... blown boroscilicate glass in three parts: teapot, diffuser and lid