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Handmade Tea Gift Set| Premium Brass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser for Loose Leaf Teas| Handmade Antique, Vintage Design to Suit Modern and Traditional Home Decor Themes| 25 ounces or 750ml by Teaveli

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Brass, the distinctly timeless alloy of copper and zinc oozes style and modernity without losing a sense of classic character. The most common use of the Teaveli brass teapot with Infuser:

- As the title suggests, infuse your black, green, oolong, chai and other loose leaf teas

- Store water overnight before consuming it the next day. Water stored in brass pots absorbs the medicinal properties of copper and zinc

- Use as a part of your traditional or modern home décor theme. People who want their homes to feel warmer and more relaxing have found brass to have a soft color with a sense of inherent quality. Brass introduces a warmer, richer tone and softer reflections into a room

- Brass as an alloy of copper and zinc benefits from the best of both the metals. Copper is anti-bacterial and germicidal. It has the intrinsic ability to kill a variety of potentially harmful pathogens. Zinc aids in improving immunity and an increased rate of healing for acne. Several of the aforementioned bacteria are responsible for a large portion of the nearly two million hospital-acquired infections contracted each year in the United States.

- Brass is stronger than most metals including copper aluminium and stainless steel and hence lasts for years.

- Like gold, brass has a distinctly timeless feel and gives an antiqued look to your home décor Please make sure you follow the instructions accompanying the product to ensure the product retains its looks for long. Feel free to post any questions you may have about the product here.

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SKÖN Cast Iron Teapot & Matching Trivet (34-Ounce; Black & Gold Floral) by SKÖN

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Product Description

Enjoy an authentic Japanese style tea experience with our Cast Iron Teapot; Cast Iron Teapots enable an optimal distribution of heat which enhances the flavor of the tea while also infusing nutrients into the brew.

SKÖN Cast Iron Teapot is made of High Quality Cast Iron which allows for years of rust free usage. Enameled Interiors make it easy to clean. Cast Iron prevents heat from escaping and keeps tea hot for extended periods of time. Stainless Steel Infuser Basket is included to hold your tea leaves.

SKÖN Cast Iron Teapot comes in a beautiful Golden Floral Design that evokes a feeling of freshness symbolized by Japanese Cherry Blossoms. The package includes a matching Black/Gold Cast Iron Trivet.

Exquisite packaging of this product makes it a perfect gift item. The package includes a well-designed tea preparation book titled 'SKÖN & Art of Tea Brewing' covering benefits and preparation methods of all popular tea types.

Our mission at SKÖN is to complement your healthy lifestyle with products that are eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing.