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Porcelain Butterfly & Dragonfly Teapot Trimmed In Gold by Morning Meadow

  • Porcelain teapot accented with butterflies and dragonflies
  • Holds 32 ounces and measures 7 3/4"H
  • Comes in satin lined gift box



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Morning Meadows Porcelain teapot with botanical design of butterflies, ladybugs, bees and flowers. Includes white satin lined gift box.

7 3/4"H X 2 1/2"Opening. Holds 32 oz.

Large Teapot Blue and White Porcelain 64 OZ by Festcool

  • Made of fine porcelain blue and white^Hand-crafted high...
  • 7"H
  • 5.5"Dia^64 ounce 8 cups^Lead free


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Product Description

Made of fine porcelain, it is good both for daily use. It is made in Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain in China, with a history of making blue and white porcelain over one thousand years.

SIMON LEACH - Making a large tea pot - 1

Learn Live with me Online. http://www. com/classes/simon-leach-pottery www. com Time for tea folks.

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Carolines Treasures SB3088LCB Teapot Welcome Glass Cutting Board - Large by

Features Design - Teapot Welcome Type - Cutting Board Material - Glass Size - Large These unique cutting boards are some of your favorite artists prints. They will beautify and protect your counter top. Heat resistant, non skid feet Dimension - 12 x 0.15 x 15 in. Item Weight - 6 lbs.


Pillivuyt 334215 Plisse Teapot - Large - 6 Servings, 1.5 qt. by

Our PlissT collection is distinguished by the pleated design on plate rims and dish exteriors. The collection complements the Pillivuyt Sancerre Collection by having the same overall form. Like all Pillivuyt porcelain, PlissT is robust for everyday use and perfect for stylish entertaining. The strong and durable dinnerware is stackable for easy storage and display. The pure white, diamond-hard glaze is embedded throughout each piece rather than applied only to the surface. It will never lose its luster, discolor, craze, chip, or crack. PlissT can go from freezer to oven (or microwave) to table to dishwasher.


Shortfic: Hope Like Ash Like Memory

Hope Like Ash Like Memory. There were rules to the Spirit World, Jet learned quickly, and the first one was, humans didn't belong. He had been breaking rules and going places he didn't belong since the day his mama squeezed him out. He had his own rule, don't get caught. The second rule to the Spirit World was that time didn't matter. Back home, in the world with the forest and the freedom fighters, the war and the Fire Nation, Ba Sing Se, and the Dai Li, Jet used to think time didn't matter much either. Days blended together in the forest and the lower ring. Children were children when they could be and adults when they had to be, and it had nothing to do with the passage of days. He had still planned his raids to the Fire Army's patrol schedule, and stocked up on food for the fall and winter. In the Spirit World, time oozed to and fro, doubling back on itself like the tunnels underneath Lake Laogai, and the paths the Dai Li had carved in his mind. The sun rose and set when it wanted to. Sometimes it gave them a week of days that lasted only an hour, only to plunge them into a month long night. Sometimes spring would follow fall, and sometimes winter and summer would hold sway together, so that the blazing hot sun brought forth sprays of fragrant tropical flowers amid flurries of snow. Hunger no longer gnawed at his belly, and sleep never dragged at his eyelids. He ate when he felt like it and never was full. He slept when he found somewhere safe, and never woke up any more rested than he did when he lay down. The rhythm of the sun and seasons, the rhythm of his own body, the rhythm of other people's lives, was gone. He wandered, most of the time, his feet carrying him over mountains and under oceans, through swamps and forests, past the dens of every spirit he had never known about or ever wanted to. He wandered into a library once, and wandered out of it as... He wandered onto the shores of a lake, where when he looked into the water, he could see the Avatar standing with the scared Fire kid from Ba Sing Se, the Firelord's crown in his hair. He wandered like his feet were on fire, because it felt as if they were. They itched when he stopped moving, and burned when he lay down to sleep, and there was nowhere in the whole wide Spirit World for him to call his own. He found a beat up old teapot on a barren plain surrounded by rocky crags. It had come from the physical world, from the human world, and he could feel in it the work of human hands. The years in the Spirit World (centuries. ) had left Jet feeling so hollow, so numb, so insubstantial, that it was as if there was no Jet there to be feeling anything at all. And in the Spirit World, where nothing ever changed, where Jet couldn't grow, or age, or be anything but the boy he had died as, being Jet was all he had. But the teapot was real. When Jet held it, his hands were real around it. So he carried it with him, rubbing his thumb against its bent wooden handle, or cradling it against his chest. It was real, and even more, it shouldn't be there, any more than Jet should be there, and things like that, Jet always thought, should stick together. He had been curled around it like a dragon with an egg as he had napped, and now, the space his body had made for it was empty. He was on his feet before he had even made the decision to rise. A figure squatted next to the fire, and Jet's hands itched for his hook swords, still lying under a lake, a plane of existence away. The figure looked up and smiled at Jet, and took Jet's teapot off the fire. "You," Jet hissed with rage. "Me," said Old Man Mushi mildly. "I noticed you had a teapot. I hope you don't mind me borrowing it. I thought I would make some tea so you could have some when you woke up. ". "You know what. " Jet's mouth stretched open in a nasty grin. Now, are you going to crawl back to whatever hole you came from, or am I. ". He stopped. Mushi was just smiling at him, and when Jet stopped talking, Old Man Mushi picked up a tea cup and poured it full of tea. He held it out to Jet. Jet took it automatically, and brought it to his face to inhale the sweet steam rising from the. Source: attackfish

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  • Review: Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft | Houston Press

    07/21/15 ,via Houston Press

    Like Laocoön (Woman Reading) by Akio Takamori, a large glazed porcelain marvel from 1994. The piece has references to classical mythology, which, like hog gut and the field The Wood piece is a Mad Hatter-esque glazed stoneware teapot, from the

  • Why is Budweiser still mocking craft beer?

    07/18/15 ,via Fortune

    But everyone expected it was little more than a tempest in a teapot. In the months since, however, Budweiser has seemingly doubled down on its marketing Craft brewers now make up 19.3% of the total consumer spend on beer in the U.S.. Still, the gap

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    Adler's Brigitte chair, one of his favorite designs, resembles a big comfy hand. You can have it in a spectrum of tasty hues including a Creamsicle-like orange and a navy as rich and dark as a blueberry. Lime-green upholstery brings extra drama to


RT @GRANDFINERY: ~ Large Antique Wedgwood Jasperware Teapot Cobalt Blue 1903 ~ #pottiteam #Edwardian… 07/21/15, @ShopWithAdam
RT @GRANDFINERY: ~ Large Antique Wedgwood Jasperware Teapot Cobalt Blue 1903 ~ #pottiteam #Edwardian… 07/21/15, @juanitamart47


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • I'M a Little Teapot Large

    1984. ISBN: 019554983X,9780195549836. 9 pages.
  • Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2012 Price Guide

    Krause Publications. 2011. ISBN: 9781440219016,144021901X. 800 pages.

    The Warman's Advantage As the longest-running guide and the most trusted name in antiques and collectibles, the 45th edition of Warman's Antiques & Collectibles features more than 1,500 images and 6,000 listings. It brings a fresh, 21st-century perspective that honestly assesses the market and looks at the best categories for investment - everything from glassware and toys to early flags and maps. "Future of the Market" reports share what's hot, and where the experts are putting their money. Top names in the trade weigh in on key categories: Writer Andrew Myers looks at 18th - and 19th-century French furniture. Toy expert Andrew Truman shares insights on "Door of Hope" dolls. Tom Deupree and Morrow Jones reveal the secrets to finding great vernacular photographs. Collector Forest Poston...

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  • Aldo Bakker takes over Amsterdam museum with just five jugs

    07/20/15 ,via

    Made from porcelain, the design includes two branches with a large opening at the top of one and a smaller hole in the other. Pipe Also in porcelain but coloured cream, the Pot design looks like a squished teapot. It features a spout, a handle and a lid as ...

  • Harding home chronicles 29th president

    07/19/15 ,via

    One-hour guided tours of the house begin on the large front porch, from which Harding delivered ... Although his administration was marred by corruption, including the Teapot Dome scandal, Harding’s election victory and presidency were characterized ...

  • Jogging for fun, for health and to help others

    07/19/15 ,via Vietnamnet

    As SRC has a large number of members who have received formal training ... Along with the programme, "jogging for meals for the poor," the club has also installed a free iced teapot at Yet Kieu swimming pool and donates VND200,000 a month to the other ...

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This photo is not mine, public domain photo created for: Photoshop Contest Week 448 teapot photo by: Robert Lynch
Photo by jaci XIII on Flickr
A large yixing teapot
A large yixing teapot
A large yixing teapot. Yixing teapots are considered the best , but this one pours terrible.
Photo by chadao on Flickr
Blue Earth Teapot, Teapieces by Leroy Von Glan, Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery, WSC
Blue Earth Teapot, Teapieces by Leroy Von Glan, Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery, WSC
Artist Statement The teapot – in the historical procession of all ceramic vessels – has had a very short time of existence. Tea head been brewed for several thousand years in large cauldrons or individually by the cup, but it wasn’t until the 1500s in the vicinity of Yixing, China that the first evidence of teapots were made (by Buddhiist monks, no less). Even at the onset, teapot design wasn’t taken seriously. The earliest examples had a trompe l’oeil feel to them; looking like a melon, a wood stump, a bundle of bamboo or tied-up sack. The legacy of the teapot was not to be just a beverage brewer, but also have a sculptural and presentational presence while doing it. The present-day teapot has evolved into a ceramic artist’s subject, very similar to what a landscape or a portrait is to a painter. The function must be recognized for the form’s aesthetic to be revealed. I treat the creation of a teapot as a design project; a form-follows-function invention with self-imposed...
Photo by ali eminov on Flickr
Artistic Ceramics > Teapots > Large teapots 1.2L > Large teapot 1.2L
Artistic Ceramics > Teapots > Large teapots 1.2L > Large teapot 1.2L
... Artystyczna > Teapots > Large teapots 1.2L > Large teapot 1.2L
... Artystyczna > Teapots > Large teapots 1.2L > Large teapot 1.2L
... Artystyczna > Teapots > Large teapots 1.2L > Large teapot 1.2L
... Artystyczna > Teapots > Large teapots 1.2L > Large teapot 1.2L