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Star Wars Teapot Ceramic/R2-D2 by Underground Toys

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Materials: High-quality ceramic
  • Capacity: 36 oz



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Obi-Wan may not remember ever owning a droid, but we bet that if he had, that droid would have had a built-in tea dispenser. That British-esque accent tells us that he comes from the type of planet that does afternoon tea. Or maybe the accent comes from being brought up within the Jedi Order. Bet they had some ritualistic tea ceremonies within the Jedi, it being a more civilized age and all. Headcanon, with regards to Obi-Wan and tea, accepted.

No need to build a tea dispenser into your existing astromech droid (there could be tea and oil mix-ups if his wires get fried), because there's this R2-D2 ceramic teapot to the rescue! No superfluous special features to speak of: it holds tea and pours tea. Or you can use it to hold and pour other liquids, if you're not a tea person. We won't judge. Either way, it's an adorable addition to your kitchen, and a flat-out necessity for a Jedi tea party.

Blue Sky Ceramic Beacon Teapot, 8.5 x 5 x 9" by Blue Sky Ceramic

  • Made of ceramic
  • Great gift for family & friends
  • Perfect for entertaining or everyday



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Blue Sky Ceramic 8.5"x5"x9" Beacon Teapot. Blue Sky Ceramic offers high design trend-right ceramic designs for over 14 years. We design our own collection of trend-forward items, as well as individual and exclusive products. With this extraordinary design and a large array of talented artists and stellar in-house design team delivers a wealth of trend forward and innovative products.

LightHouse ตอนที่ 2 ณยศ มังคโลดม Teapot studio

รายการ Lighthouse By RightCG รายการที่นำพาเพื่อนๆไปพบนักออกแบบในสายงาน CG , VFX , Animation , Illustrat.

童年的紙飛機現在終於飛回我手裡 / a very, very long post

Last Sunday, I returned from my 12-day trip to Taiwan with my friend, Angie (if you are reading this, hiiiii. It was my first time going there without my family, and my final taste of motherland before I leave for the windy and exciting city of Chicago in September. Our first stop was Tainan, 台灣的美食之都 (Taiwan's culinary capital) and also my hometown. Two days there were enough for me to realize how much had stayed the same - and all that had changed. 孔廟(Confucius Temple) still has its place in the center of the city, although the surrounding walls have now come down. The 國立台灣文學館(Museum of Taiwanese Literature) remains a welcome shelter for people to 避暑 (avoid the heat) and read about Taiwan's literary past, although the former seems to be the preferred option these days. Most surprisingly of all, the newly-revamped 奇美博物館 now looks like Versailles/The White House/something you'd find in Rome. Day 2 was a whirlwind tour around the city via 台灣好行, a travel-bus-package that lets you take any bus in the city (including the 台灣好行 tourism bus) and stop at various destinations throughout the day for just 88 NTD. We first took a nearly-90-minute bus ride to 七股, where we climbed the famous 鹽山 (the salt mountain. a blindingly white spectacle in the middle of nowhere) and began to feel the palpable heat that would pursue us throughout the day - indeed, throughout the entire trip. From there, we travelled back to the heart of Tainan, stopping at the 安平樹屋 (Anping treehouse. we didn't go in, though) and then to the desolate-looking 安平老街 that had been bustling the last time I visited during high season. We ate chocolate and vanilla ice cream from a U-shaped cone (you guessed it, one flavour per tip), the legendary 臭豆腐 (stinky tofu. ah, the smell of home) but saved space for 渡小月, where the most authentic 擔仔麵 (danzai noodles) of Taiwan is served. Time stretched that day as we hopped on and off a number of buses and strolled countless streets. I have never explored my hometown without my family, but I realize at the end of the day - with an almost childish sense of fulfilment - that I have what it takes to do it. We left 台南 on day 3, catching an early train to 台東, where our biking... I was so nervous about missing the train that when we finally boarded and put our bags down, I didn't even fully realize I was speeding away from family friends I have known for more than a decade, the hospital where I was born, my 故鄉. Not knowing... (We'd later be biking at around 1/15th that speed). When we sped past 屏東, however, I was fully (and guiltily) aware. This was probably the first time I had returned to Taiwan and not stopped by 屏東, my parents' hometown. To be truthful, there is nothing left for me there anymore, apart from a childhood-defining meal of 涼麵 (cold noodles with sesame sauce and cucumber), my uncle's family, my mother's cousins and memories that I've recorded in my diaries and poems. Ah, I must admit: 屏東 will always be the one place in 台灣 that has the greatest bearing on me. Nonetheless, I remain seated on the train that flies past it. Biking began steadily and the stubborn heat seemed to bike with us. I fell off my bike at... By the time we got to our hotel in 成功 at 6pm, 55 km (we suspect more) had been conquered. We had biked up unexpected hills, admired breathtaking sea views and begun to earn the beginnings of what would later become full-fledged bike-short-tans. Mine have yet to fade completely, reminding me that - yes - the past is real. Alas, the same can be said about biking this 7 km stretch. draining as it may have been, it seemed hours away by the time I had sped downhill (going at nearly 40km/h). I had a madeleine moment-ish at lunch when 黑豆 (black soybeans) was served on a plate with something else that was completely overshadowed by its beady companions. The last time I ate sweet black soybeans was yeaaarsss ago, in 屏東, and my tastebuds have missed it. At the end of the day,. Source: Miles to go before I sleep

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Lighthouse Nautical Teapot Tea Pot Coffee Kitchen Decor

Lighthouse Nautical Teapot Tea Pot Coffee Kitchen Decor

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The Photographer
The Photographer
"Do take photos, but be sure to enjoy the view." Full screen that is. Hahah! This was taken near the coast by St. Ives, during the fabled 'golden hour', when all lighting is naturally perfect. And the sunlight at the time, setting and in combination with the particles in the air had created very good conditions. The blob and streak you see on either side of the photo is because I took this from behind a raised clump of grass (Mendhak patented stalking technique #14) - I didn't want that guy to turn around and see me. He was there in the same position for about 5 minutes. I think this guy may have had the same approach to photography as me - take 20 photos of the same thing, then go home and delete 19.
Photo by mendhak on Flickr
Baltic Sea Warnemuende Lighthouse Teapot
Baltic Sea Warnemuende Lighthouse Teapot
Warnemünde Teepot
Photo by fotogake on Flickr
Warnemünde old Lighthouse and Teapot
Warnemünde old Lighthouse and Teapot
Photo by edwhitaker on Flickr
Lighthouse Teapot
Lighthouse Teapot
Lighthouse Teapot
Lighthouse Teapot
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